Allu Arjun. The son of famous producer Allu Aravind and grandson of legendary comedian Allu Ramalingaiah, he made his debut in Gangotri in 2003. Known for his energetic performances, excellent screen presence, and world class dancing skills, Stylish Star Allu Arjun has emerged as one of Telugu cinema's most popular actors and is the unanimous choice for Gen Z Telugu kids.
Here's a look at his top 10 best movies. * Note I tried to rank all of them based on content and performance if possible.
wp-1bunny1280 10) Bunny: The movie that probably got him his nick name, Allu Arjun gained some serious mass following with action entertainer by VV Vinayak. Featuring a heroine who was never seen again and an amazing Prakash Raj as the villain, Bunny was a regular routine revenge drama that showcased Bunny's skills to the maximum. Add the rocking album by DSP as well and the rest is history.
9) Happy: To be honest, I don't remember a thing about this movie except Manoj Bajpayee's villainy and an impressive negative display from actor Kishore. Apparently people liked the comedy in it and it had a nice romantic feel to it. However Arjun's acting in the climax seemed a little over the top in the end. That's all I'm gonna say about this one.
8) Desamuduru: One of Allu Arjun's most underrated movies, Puri Jagan fully utilized Allu Arjun to the max and extracted a very energetic performance from the Stylish Star. Cringeworthy romantic track and Tamil villains are a bit of a dampener, but Ali as Gudumba Shankar steals the show with hilarious comedy track cleverly placed throughout the movie. Allu Arjun became the first Telugu hero to have a six pack and another rocking album by Chakri makes Desamuduru one of Allu Arjun's most entertaining movies.
7) Son of Satyamurthy: Some people might be surprised that this movie is so far down the list but all I can say is that this was the start of Trivikram's downfall. An overly convoluted story with a poor romantic tracks and the sheer stupidity of Sneha's character who doesn't know her husbands intentions, Son of Satyamurthy just didn't gel well as a cohesive narrative. Allu Arjun was fantastic as usual and another classic album by DSP helped, but even they couldn't save it from the pretty average movie that it is.
6) Parugu: This movie by Bommarillu Bhaskar was another underrated movie that talks about the relationship between fathers and daughters and the concept of eloping. Though not as convincing as one would like, Parugu has a good core point content wise and for the most part it works. Allu Arjun as common man who's reserved and falls for the shy girl did a great job throughout. And once again a superb album from Mani Sharma helped bigtime.


5) A bonafide blockbuster, Race Gurram has nothing content wise. It's illogical to the core and makes 0 sense. But Surender Reddy somehow pulled it off with an entertaining story about two brothers who take on a politician and how their life turns upside down. Allu Arjun was flawless in role that he was born to play and the interval scene is among the best acting of his career. Aided by a hysterical cameo from Brahmanandam in the climax and the absurd yet hilarious characterizations of Prakash Raj's family, Race Gurram is easily one of Allu Arjun's best movies who powers the movie to the finish line.


4) The first combo between Allu Arjun and Trivikram, Julayi made for an somewhat intelligent entertainer. The villains opening sequence is clearly plagiarized from the iconic opening from The Dark Knight, but that aside and everything put together, Julayi was a tailor made for Allu Arjun who brought his trademark energy along with solid comic timing and had trademark Trivikram all over it with hilarious comedy featuring Rajendra Prasad and Brahmanandham.
3) Ala Vaikunthapuram Lo: After the debacle of Naa Peru Surya, Allu Arjun took an extended break which resulted in not having a release for 1.5 years. However he sincerely justified the gap and made a thumping comeback with his all around performance as Bantu in Ala Vaikunthapuram Lo. I disagree with all the sites saying that it's his career best performance. It's easily up there in his top 5 but not his best. But the film itself from an Allu Arjun fans perspective was simply a feast and makes for one of his better movies you could say. Content wise it's nothing new, but logically it makes way more sense than Race Gurram and after a long gap a star hero doing a family entertainer did wonders and proved his mettle once again. The less said about Trivikram's direction and the romantic track the better, and we all know how much Thaman's music helped in the long run.
2) Aarya: The film that made Allu Arjun a star. Heavily trolled for his looks in Gangotri, this movie was also the debut for director Sukumar. The cute love story instantly catapulted both Allu Arjun and Sukumar to massive fame and was the movie that garnered Allu Arjun most of his fan following presently. The amazing songs by DSP and the heart touching climax will always have a place in our hearts. Content wise, it was fresh and the execution was excellent.
1) Vedam: I can't stress how much I love this movie. Just everything about it from the story to the realism, direction, acting, and songs are just so perfect. Movies like Vedam need to be made more often and it's a true gem of a movie. Allu Arjun's performance in a crucial scene where he steals money from an old couple might be the best acting of his career. Content wise and performance wise, this has to be the best work he's ever done in my opinion.