Rating: 7/10 (Mass Entertainer)

Actor Suriya has developed a huge fan base in Andhra Pradesh and Telagana over the years from Ghajini and is undoubtedly the numero uno Tamil dubbing star in the Telugu states. Also an established superstar in Tamil Nadu, this film reunited him with director Hari for a 3rd time for the mass action film Singam (Yamudu). How is it? Find out in this review *Note this is mainly for the Telugu version so the names have been changed even tho it's essentially the same film

Story: SP Narasimham (Suriya) is a honest and fiery cop in Thootukudi district in Tamil Nadu and he hails from a business family. On his father's advice he joins the police academy and becomes a fearless cop. One day he saves a girl Kavya (Anushka) from a bunch of goons at a movie theater and love blossoms between them.

In the meantime, Purushottam (Prakash Raj) is a big time extortionist and criminal and runs the mafia big time in Chennai. Narasimham also gets transferred to Chennai and unknowingly locks horns with Purushottam. After a event which causes him and his reputation to be insulted, Narasimham questions whether he can actually do his job properly but Kavya convinces him to be fearless and take down anyone in his path to bring Purushottam to justice. The rest of the film is an entertaining cat and mouse game between them and how Naramisham takes down Purushottam in the end forms the rest of Yamudu.

Performances: If you want to watch this film, look no further than Suriya. If he played an emotional and vulnerable cop in Kaakha Kaakha, then Yamudu flips the script and is a complete change of character. Suriya is simply incredible as Narasimham and breathes fire and soul into this role and he is outstanding. His dialogues, body language, and energy are superb. As usual, he is spotless in the action sequences and puts this film on his shoulders. Watch out for his confrontation scene in the 2nd half with Prakash Raj because that is easily the best scene of the film.

 Anushka as Kavya is ok . Vivek is highly entertaining as the police constable who can never do his job properly.

Prakash Raj gives Suriya a run for his money and is superb as mafia leader Purushottam. He is flawless as usual and gives a commanding performance. Aditya Menon is ok. The rest of the cast is full of Tamil actors who are not too familiar.

Technicalities: Music by DSP in Telugu is ok but the background score is in tact from the Tamil version and is it is awesome. Editing is good. Dialogues for the Telugu version are good in parts especially during the comedy and mass scenes. Cinematography by Priyan is outstanding and the visuals in the film are the film are racy. Screenplay by Hari is entertaining and masala to the core. Fights by Anal Arasu are full of Tamil flavor and are highly entertaining. There are innumerable amount of fights in this film and they come about every 5-10 minutes so you never get bored. Art is nice for the police stations. Production Values by Studio Green are excellent and make this film look rich and grand.

Analysis: When making a cop film in Indian cinema, you need to quake sure that it has enough mass elements, blends the masala just right, has a conflict point, some decent music, and of course a hero who can carry the film. Yamudu checks all these facts and makes for a truly pulsating and entertaing watch. DIrector Hari has made a racy cop film that is surely to entertain the masses and Suriya's carries this film and makes it a winner. In these types of cops film, rarely you look for logic and in Yamudu there is actually a fair amount of logic in the film. And that is because of the strong conflict point between the hero and villain.

Most cop films these days have a wafer thin story line and have such weak conflicts points and hero is literally Superman while the villain can;t even seem to find any kryptonite to harm him whatsoever. In other words, the hero is invincible and the villain has the power of ant against him. Yamudu is different because Prakash Raj's character is powerful and equally as powerful as the hero and causes him to really dig deep and find a way to defeat.An action film is only engaging when the hero and villain are both strong as each other and can are constantly thinking of way's to outsmart each other. The first half is highly entertaining with loads of fights and Vivek's comedy in regular intervals to make you laugh. The 2nd half is even better with the cat and mouse game between hero and villain and watch out for the one mass scene where Narasimham goes to Purushottam's house and challenges him. This is the best mass scene in the film.

On a whole, Yamudu is a racy and engaging mass entertainer that works due to it's well conceived story, Suriya's performance, and the action sequences. If you like action cop films in Indian cinema,then Singam is the king of them when it comes to action. If you're a hardcore fan of Suriya then this film will be a feast for you. I'm going with 7/10.