Rating: 8.5/10 (Amazing Superhero Flick)

Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Elena Anaya, Ewen Bremner, Lucy Davis, Said Taghmaoui

Director: Patty Jenkins

Producer: Charles Roven

Banner: DC Entertainment Inc

DC Comics, one of the two biggest comic book franchises in the world, has failed to get it right in their film adaptations of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Besides being commercial successes, the films have have huge critical failures. Can Wonder Woman break the curse and finally give DC that commercial and critical success? Let's find out

Plot: When Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) lands on Themyscara and is saved by Diana (Gal Gadot), she starts to question the world around her and starts to understand the ways of man.

Performances: Gal Gadot is absolutely mesmerizing as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Questions were asked of her casting during Batman vs Superman, but after watching this movie you cannot imagine any other actress in the role. She completely owns the role and delivers a powerhouse performance showcasing empathy, ferocity, and a slight comic touch throughout the film. She is flawless in the lead role.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor steals the show. He is hilarious and superb as the love interest of Diana. His comic timing and jokes carry the film till the end and it's truly a delight to watch. I sincerely hope DC decides to bring him back irrespective of his characters fate.

Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright add the girl power in the film and are good.

David Thewlis of Harry Potter fame is good as the main villain. Danny Huston is decent as Lord Ludendorff.

Elena Anaya is fine as Doctor Poison.

Ewen Bremmer, Lucy Davis, and Said Taghmaoui provide comedy at regular intervals and they're entertaining.

Direction: Patty Jenkins has had the responsibility of directing the first ever female lead superhero film and she does complete justice to it. The use of the slow motion shots and VFX in certain shots give goosebumps and the overall taking of the film is superb. Kudos to her and her team for making a film that DC can finally be proud of and give them some respite from the recent criticism of their last two feature films.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Rupert Gregson Williams is superb. The Wonder Woman theme is sure to give you goosebumps. Cinematography by Matthew Jensen is excellent. The locations of Themyscara and the way certain action sequences have been captured is simply breathtaking. Production Design is marvelous. Dialogues are hilarious especially for the conversations between Steve and Diana during the boat ride scene. Production Values by Charles Roven are magnificent and grand. The film is stunning to say the least. VFX is very good and the post production and editing are good.


Gal Gadot

Chris Pine



Action Sequences


Weak Villain

Dragged Climax

Analysis and Verdict: Wonder Woman starts off in Paris and the city is never shown again because the entire film is a long flashback as to what happened during World War I.

The film immediately introduces Diana at a young age and shows her warrior days in training in Themyscara. The film really only picks up after Chris Pine's character enters the scene and the film is hilarious from that point on.

This film is easily the best movie to come out of DC since they started the new extended universe with Man of Steel and it is funny, entertaining, and has excellent direction.

The only negatives are that you think Danny Huston is the villain the whole movie until a huge twist is thrown as to who the real Ares is and an insanely long dragged climax make the movie a little too long.

Nevertheless, the film is carried by Gal Gadot's mesmerizing looks and stunning performances and Chris Pine's hilarious yet endearing performance as Steve Trevor.

Overall, Wonder Woman is an amazing superhero flick that is bound to entertain you in every aspect. Go for it.