Rating: 2.5/10 (Trollfest)
Cast: Ram Charan, Kiara Advani, Vivek Oberoi, Prashanth, Aryan Rajesh, Sneha, Chalapathi Rao, Hema, Prithvi, Mukesh Rishi, Harish Uthaman, Salim Baig, GV Sudhakar Naidu, 
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Boyapati Sreenu
Dilaogues: M. Rathnam
Producer: DVV Danayya 
Banner: DVV Entertainments
After the record breaking success that was Rangasthalam, actor Ram Charan is back with his latest movie Vineya Vidheya Rama. Directed by mass movie specialist Boyapati Sreenu, VVR is the only action film to release this Sankranthi. Does the movie live up-to the expectations and can Charan deliver another hit? Let's find out in this review
Plot: 4 orphans save a baby and adopt him as their brother. This boy turns out to be Rama (Ram Charan). Rama sacrifices his education and becomes an awaara so his brothers can study and get good jobs.
Cut to some 20 years later and his brothers are all happily married and they all have wives and kids.
When Ram's brother Bhuvan Kumar (Prashanth) locks heads with Pandyam Parasuram (Mukesh Rishi), Rama saves him and tarnishes Parasuram's reputation.
Bhuvan is transferred to Bihar where another don by the name of Raja Bhai (Vivek Oberoi) rules the town with his army of goons and wreaks havoc on the public life. What happens next? Watch this movie to find out
Performances: Ram Charan doesn't have much to do except fight like a beast and dance like a dream. However post Rangasthalam, one can clearly see the ease and comfort in his acting. His presence is merely consolation for the ride this movie takes you on. Saving grace isn't even a possible term to use.
Kiara Advani is very attractive and Boyapati makes sure you know it as well with a repulsive introduction scene highlighting her curves and body during a workout. She looks her glamorous best but has nothing to do except appear in 3 songs and 2 scenes.
Vivek Oberoi is decent as the main villain but his character is absurd. We'll get into that part later. Watch out for the snake scene for it's a classic.
Prashanth gets a fantastic role as Charan's brother and does very well.
Former heroine Sneha goes over the top with ridiculous dialogues in the climax such as I'm a destroyed mother and destroyed wife. Whether she was trying to copy the famous dialogues from Gladiatior we do not know. Nor do we care as it sounds funny and not serious.
Ravi Verma and Aryan Rajesh do their part. Hema and Prithvi offer some laughs but the comedy is so bad that you will laugh at it, not with it. The rest of the cast is more than adequate and some of them make you question why they even accepted a role in the film in the first place
Direction: Oh where to start?! Boyapati, take a bow. What a film. Kya bhaat hai. Adaragottesav. If you like Boyapati Sreenu movies, then you know what type of films he's capable of making. If you've hated Boyapati Sreenu since Bhadra, then this movie will have you in splits. Forget if you're a mega fan or not, this movie will have anyone in splits. IT IS THAT BAD. But shockingly the film has no boring moments. Yes the film is a rod from start to finish, but nowhere will it ever make you look at your watch. First off, the movie doesn't have a script. The title cards claim the screenplay was written by Boyapati but in reality they must have burned it on the first day of shoot. Vineya Vidheya Rama is essentially an amalgam of scenes of whatever Boyapati felt like shooting that day and they used it in the final edit. No scene makes sense. From beginning to end. starting with the opening of the 4 orphans scene, the child actors test your patience and first 15 minutes is insane with amount of cringe-worthy moments available for people. Does it stop there? Nope. It continues throughout the whole movie. This movie is a classic Boyapati movie. Hero lives with his extended family in a huge house, has no job but gets a sizzling hot girl, and a bloodthirsty villain hellbent on revenge while plucking everybody elses guts out. The film then moves into flashback mode with the election in Vizag. The flashback comes to a close. But then we are treated to another flashback for the majority of the 2nd half! Why are there two flashbacks? And was Prashanth actually around in the first half? What is the present and what is the past? A film like Inception can make you wonder what is real and what is not. But when a film like Vineya Vidheya Rama makes you question what is going on, that's when you know you have messed up royally. Not only the narrative but the actors expressions are also atrocious. The film is nothing but a series of illogical and violent sequences that come one after the other with no proper correlation or emotion. And the action sequences only add to the pain.  They're nonsense and way too over the top. The 2nd half is the funniest 2nd half I've ever seen in a movie in a long, long time. It's unintentionally hilarious. Overall, Vineya Vidheya Rama is an insipid action film and easily the worst movie that director Boyapati Sreenu has ever made. Think Jaya Janaki Nayaka or Dhammu were bad? This takes the cake.
Technicalities: Music and BGM by Devi Sri Prasad is atrocious. Easily one of the, if not the worst output he has ever given to a film. The entire 2nd half has that same sad Thandanae background music for every scene. Cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson and Rishi Punjabi is good but nothing spectacular. Dialogues by M. Rathnam are terrible. The only good dialogue is the Simham vetagaadu one from the trailer. The dialogues in the climax are comical to say the least. The worst dialogues are uttered by Sneha in the climax for sure. Art by Sahi Suresh is decent. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao and Tammiraju is an absolute joke. The flashback sequences are the main reason for bad editing. You don't know when it ends and when it stops. Fights by Kanal Kannan will have Issac Newton spinning in his grave. They're simply shit to say the least. So over the top and these villains need to learn how to aim and one too many weapons are used from a chain of knives, to a spear, to a sword, to ankle bracelets, to a machine gun and a tank or a horse. Production Values by DVV Entertainments are extravagant and grand. The money spent on the film can clearly be seen in every frame but unfortunately it's criminally wasted.
+ Ram Charan 
+ Kiara Advani 
- Story
- Screenplay
- Direction
- Fights
- Performances
- Comedy
- Everything else 
Final Take and Analysis: You ever watch a movie and wonder how someone could accept something so bad? Or watch something and wonder how somebody could actually think of something so dumb? Or watch something and wonder what the **** is actually going on?
If the answer is yes to all those questions, then Vineya Vidheya Rama sums up all of those statements. I've witnessed some bad movies in my days of watching Telugu cinema. But never have I come across a movie that was so bad that it was actually entertaining.
But it really makes you wonder what drugs Ram Charan and Boyapati were on when they shooting this movie and what film Boyapati Sreenu showed to Chiranjeevi to make him compare it to Gang Leader at the audio launch of this film. Either Chiranjeevi has lost mind and saw a different film or Boyapati is slowly going insane by the day. I'm going to bank on the latter. I really don't know what I just watched. But you can be damn sure that I did laugh at multiple parts in the movie.
The film starts off with 4 orphans trying to kill themselves. You wish they died because their acting was horrendous. They find a baby and adopt him and this boy grows up to be Ram Charan. Charan has a magical GPS or a magic ball that always shows him where his brothers are and he can always save them. That's why when he's 5 years old, he finds them being captured by a goon and stabs the goon in the balls with a broken beer bottle and says he will not go to school anymore so his brother can get their education.
Every single character in the movie is a caricature including the hero. The intention of the movie is to make an action film with sentiment but the result is an unintentionally hilarious movie with outrageous and ridiculous sequences. The only decent scene in the movie is the Pandyam Parasuram warning scene but even that ends unwell after Ram Charan proceeds to unzip his pants after Parasuram says he will make him piss his pants. Hema and Prithvi's comedy doesn't help the proceedings at all. The first half moves in an otherwise bearable manner.
But it's the second half where the film takes us for a real ride and assaults our senses. Add a police officer who executes people like some terrorists groups like they are at target practice from 25 meters, 50 meters, and 100 meters. The movie is filled with illogical and unrealistic scenes which will be described:
Scene 1: So pretty much Prashanth gets captured by Vivek Oberoi and is help hostage at a camp surrounded by men filled with artillery and horses. Prashanth races past them, the villains shoot him, he magically dodges all the bullets and calls Charan. Charan is about to enter the security at the airport. The family is headed to god knows where and Charan puts the phone into the box to be scanned. He sees his phone ringing and Prasanth, blessed with the stamina and pace of Usain Bolt, is out-running a horse. Yes, a horse and not one, but multiple mounted horses with armed men. Charan hears Prashanth screaming and then breaks through an airport door and then somehow in the name of god, finds a train going to the Nepal-Bihar border and arrives by standing on top it!!!!!! This scene gives the infamous Palanati Brahmanaidu train scene a run for its money.
Scene 2: Charan is tied to a bunch of chains in the mud and he breaks them by cutting it with a sword after taking down a henchman. Charan then takes the sword and cuts the heads of Vivek Oberoi's brothers which flying eagles take and fly away with. Vivek Oberoi then proceeds to take his shotgun and shoot the eagles to get the heads back!!!!!
Scene 3: Vivek Oberoi wants to show a little kid that he is equivalent to God and that he can feel no pain. A snake bites him not once, not twice, but 3-4 times. You'd expect Vivek to die but then he strangles the snake like a Whoopie Cushion and then throws it aside!!!! And he's perfectly fine!!!
Scene 4: The villains saves Charan's family from a battalion of corrupt cops. Bricks start flying towards Charan's family and Charan saves all of them with his bare hands! Not one, not two, but a good 45-50 bricks!
If you can bear these scene aforementioned above and in this review, then watch this movie by all means. This is one movie Charan and everyone associated with should forget that it ever happened. This film is a huge step backwards for Ram Charan who was looking to build upon the goodwill gained with Rangasthalam and it takes Boyapati Sreenu closer to reaching to what we like to call the shed in Telugu cinema terms.
Overall, Vineya Vidheya Rama is a trollfest and a film that is unintentionally hilarious. This film will be trolled for ages to come and is easily one of the worst films ever made in Telugu. It's so bad that it's funny for it's outrageous sequences from start to finish.
To sum up the experience, there's a scene in the film where Vivek Okberoi makes Prashanth wear ankle bracelets and dance. The expressions of Ravi Verma, Aryan Rajesh, and the public watching sum up the feelings of watching the classic that is Vineya Vidheya Rama.