Rating: 3/5 (Action Packed)

Vijay has teamed up with Babusivan for a film called Vettaikaaran meaning hunter. Also starring Real Star Srihari in an important role, how does this action entertainer fare? Find out in today's review.

Story: Ravi (Vijay) is a police wannabe from Thootukudi and aspires to be like DCP Devaraj (Srihari). He idolizes him greatly and wants to be a great cop like him someday. In the process he falls in love with Susheela (Anuskha) and somehow makes her fall for him too. In order to join the academy, he enrolls in a Chennai college and works part time to pay for his bills as an auto driver. In the process he sees atrocities committed by Chella (Ravi Shankar) and picks a fight with him. Chella is the son of the most powerful don in the city Vedanayagam (Salim Ghouse) and he comes into direct conflict with him. The rest of story is how Ravi takes down Vedanayagam and a little flashback featuring what actually happened to DCP Devaraj.

Performances: Vijay is awesome as usual as Ravi and he puts his classic comic timing to full use in the 1st half. He is flawless as usual in action sequences and dances and is incredible in the confrontation scenes with Salim Ghouse. Another one man show from Ilayathalapathy and he carries the film from start to finish.

Anushka is ok as Susheela.

For once, an action film actually has good villains. Bommali Ravi Shankar is excellent as Chella and his voice is a huge asset as always in portaying a character. Salim Ghouse is incredible as well as Vedanayagam and exudes villainy to the greatest extent and pushes Vijay to the limit.

Srihari plays an important and vital role and he is very good as well. Sayaji Shinde is alright as the corrupt police officer.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Vijay Antony is superb. All of the songs are very good and the background score elevates some scenes. Cinematography by S. Gopinath is alright. Art is ok. Dialogues by Babusivan are good. Editing by VT Vijayan is alright as the film is about 166 minutes long and need not be so long. Fights are excellent and are full of Tamil falvor with unrealistic stunts and tons of wirework. Production Values by AVM Productions are grand.

Analysis: Vettaikaaran is an action film and nothing more than that. It doesn't aim to raise the bar any higher than it's needs to and knows it will work with the masses. And the movie is some damn sure fun at the same time. This film is a feast for Vijay fans and action film lovers. It's masala to the core and revisits the age old battle between good and evil.

And Babusivan has actually produced a strong conflict in the routine story he penned for the movie. His direction is top notch and that's what makes th film stand out. The 1st half starts off with some good comedy and then becomes action packed towards the interval. The entire 2nd half is action pakced and loaded with fights. Vijay puts the film on his shoulders and makes it an entertaining watch. The flashback is decent as well.

Overall, Vettaikaaran is an action packed film that has a routine story but is told with excellent narration by Babusivan. The film runs on excellently choreographed action sequences, Vijay's performance, and great direction and decent music. Watch it if you're an action film lover like me.