Rating: 2.5/5 (Ok)

After the smash hit Veeram, Ajith and director Siva join hands once again for Vedalam. This action film was released for Diwali 2015. How does it fare? Read on to find out.

Story: Ganesh (Ajith) lives in Kolkata with his sister Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon) and works as a cab driver. However, there's more than meets the eye to Ganesh and he secretly goes around doing awkward things during the night. A girl named Swetha (Shruthi Hassan) and her brother meet Tamizh and then her brother ends up liking Tamizh and asks Ganesh to marry her. The night that Ganesh is arranging for everything, Shwetha witnesses Ganesh brutally murdering Abhinay (Kabir Singh) and is shocked. In a huge flashback, it's revealed that Ganesh was actually Vedalam, a dreaded gangster in Chennai but certain circumstances forced him to change his identity and lives as a common man. The rest of story is who Tamizh actually is and how Ganesh kills the rest of the villains.

Performances: If you're gonna watch Vedalam, then Thala Ajith is obviously going to be the reason. We've seen it all before and Thala does his job sincerely and his ever realize screen presence is once again on full display. He is simply incredible in both roles and it's Vedalam who takes all the honors. His dances in Alamaa Dolumaa will make his fans go berserk and it's his one man show from start to finish and he's almost in 95% of the frames.

Lakshmi Menon is good as Tamizh. Shruthi Hassan doesn't have much to do but looks hot in Don't You Mess with Me.

Thambi Ramaiah plays a blind man and does a good job. Soori and Motta Rajendran are alright.

Kabir Singh, Rahul Dev, and Aniket Chauhan as the villains don't have much to do other than getting murked by Ajith.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Anirudh is so disappointing and when has someone ever said that? Sadly this is Anirudh's weakest work till date. Except Aaluma Dooluma, none of the songs ring a bell and are worthy of repeat value. Cinematography by Vetri is good. Editing by Ruben is ok. Fights by Stunt Silva are very good but unrealistic. There's no way one man could dodge so many bullets. Dialogues are alright. Art is ok too. Production Values by AM Rathman are grand.

Analysis: First things first, Vedalam is a tailor made vehicle for Ajith and his die hard fans. It will only appeal to them and hardcore action movie lovers. Vedalam is masala to the core and throws away so many cinematic liberties that it's not even funny.

Second the story is routine and is predictable. This movie is about the zillionth remake of Baasha and you've seen it all before. Not even a single scene is fresh excpet for the fights a film like this needs comedy. Siva banked upon Ajith's screen presence and performance to carry this one. His direction is plain ordinary and with a weak script, there's not much you can do.

Third and finally, how is this movie rated U? For God's sake Censor Board, wake up and smell the coffee. I could really give less of a **** if the movie needs tax exemption to be rated U. Vedalam is the most violent film I can remember in recent times. Ajith shoots people through their chest, punches their faces into glass, uses a knife and just ruthlessly kills people the whole movie and it's apparently a Universal Rated film. Please, spare me the nonsense. The first half is regular while the flashback is predictable and a bit dragged out. The movie kind of tests your patience after the flashback and makes you wait for the end.

Overall, Vedalam is a strictly average watch and a feast for hardcore Ajith fans. Other than Ajith's one man show, the film has nothing new to offer and predictable scenes, a routine story, plain direction, and excessive violence and bad music ruin the movie experience to an extent. Watch it at you own will and please don't show it to your kids.