Mass Maharaja Raviteja is loved by every Telugu movie fan. Known for his legendary comic timing, incredible energy, and always honest performances no matter the content, Raviteja is an actor whose movies are usually entertainment guaranteed with hilarious comedy throughout.
Here's a list of his top 20 movies.
20) Khatarnak: A movie that's as ridiculous as this poster, Khatarnak was directed by Amma Rajashekar, a choreographer turned director which makes you realize how much dance masters understand about filmmaking. About a grown ass man who's forced to go to back to 10th grade, Khatarnak is so ridiculous yet has a hilarious comedy track like every Ravi Teja movie. Ileana's glamour was another massive asset to this unbelievably bad movie.
19) Bengal Tiger: Directed by Sampath Nandi, Bengal Tiger was another routine fare from Raviteja featuring an obnoxiously loud background score by Bheems Cecireleo. An honest performance from Raviteja, some well done action sequences, and a hilarious spoof track featuring Prudhvi and Posani made it watchable yet it once again wasted the ever talented Boman Irani as the main villain.
18) Bhageeradha: A movie that I saw ages ago and can't really remember what exactly happened, but Raviteja plays a the son of a man who was cheated by Prakash Raj who promises he will build a bridge for their village but never keeps his word. Raviteja then takes it upon himself to teach him a lesson and make sure he does it. Featuring Shreya as the heroine, this movie was adequate.
17) Raja the Great: Anil Ravipudi is one commercial director who knows how to project a star the way his fans want to see him as. Definitely among his weaker films, Raja the Great saw Raviteja play a blind man who was essentially Superman and could do no wrong. With a routine story, insanely crass comedy, and illogical sequences throughout, Raja the Great was frankly a big disappointment despite Raviteja's honest performance.
16) Power: The entertaining debut of director Bobby, Power saw Raviteja don the Khaki once again in this commercial entertainer that had undertones of Vikramarkudu. Featuring Raviteja in dual role, a twist toward to the climax and hysterical comedy tracks involving Sapthagiri and Brahmanandam, Power was a fun movie but definitely just a mix of all of Raviteja's successful movies. Credit to director Bobby though in the port fight sequence which was absolute fire and brought unlimited goosebumps.
15) Balupu: A return to form after almost 6 flops at the time, Power saw Raviteja reunite with Don Seenu director Gopichand Malineni for Balupu. Another fun action entertainer, the 2nd half flashback, rocking album, and another classic comedy track between Raviteja and Brahmanandam made Balupu another timepass entertainer. It eventually ran out of steam after the flashback despite a really funny Jumping Japang climax bit.
14) Bhadra: The debut of director Boyapati Sreenu, Bhadra told the story of Bhadra played by Raviteja who falls in love with his best friends sister played by Meera Jasmine. His friend hails from Kurnool and in typical faction movie fashion, the rivals want blood. In a movie that's very similar to Mahesh babu's Okkadu, Bhadra was action packed and filled with violence and gore throughout. The songs by DSP also helped and some of them are still catchy today.
13) Anjaneyulu: The 2nd movie of director Parasuram, Raviteja plays the titular character who's a news reporter at a TV station. When his boss gets replaced by Brahmanandam, Raviteja does everything he can do turn his world upside down. Featuring a parallel track about his parents and a bus accident by a don played by Sonu Sood, Anjaneyulu went from comedy movie to revenge drama real quick with some disturbing action sequences showing broken bones. The songs by Thaman were also just passable but the comedy quotient makes it a funny watch anyday.
12) Naa Autograph: A remake of the Tamil movie with the same name, Naa Autograph was basically the prequel to Premam. Hard hitting, realistic, and emotional, Raviteja gave an honest performance that really showed his range as an actor and was a nice welcome change from the continuous masala entertainers he was doing at the time.
11) Khadgam: Directed by Krishna Vamsi, Khadgam was another honest movie and featured Srikanth as a cop, Prakash Raj as a Muslim, and Ravi Teja as an aspiring actor, this movie was the one that brought star comedian Prudhviraj his infamous "30 Years Industry" tagline. Raviteja's performance in that scene alone was one of the many highlights of this excellent patriotic entertainer.
10) Don Seenu: In what seemed like a perfect tribute to Raviteja's favorite actor Amitabh Bachchan ji, Don Seenu was the debut of Gopichand Malineli which told the story of a youngstern named Seenu who aspires to be a famous gangster like Big B in Don. Featuring another classic comedy track where he convinces Brahmi that he's a mute and can't speak, Don Seenu was the perfect mix of entertainment and tribute for its lead actor.
9 Krishna The Power of Indrakeeladi: VV Vinayak's foray into comedy entertainers started with Krishna, a pulsating action comedy which had yet another classic comedy track with Raviteja and Brahmi. The comedy throughout, awesome fights, solid songs by Chakri, and the overall commercial appeal made Krishna one of Raviteja's biggest blockbusters in his career.
8) Dubai Seenu: Another blockbuster from the red hot streak of comedy entertainers by Sreenu Vaitla, Dubai Seenu saw Raviteja play a common man trying to avenge his friends death at the hands of Jinna Bhai played by Sushant Singh. Yet another hysterical comedy track with Brahmandham as a travel guide who cheats them, Venu Madhav as a con artist, Sunil posing as a Hindi speaking guy, and the late MS Narayana's iconic cameo as Fire Star Salmon Raju, Dubai Seenu is another classic comedy entertainers that as funny as it is action packed.
7) Idiot: A movie that catapulted Raviteja and director Puri Jagannadh to new heights, Idiot was about Chanti who falls in love with Rakshitha who turns out to be the daughter of the police commissioner played by PRakash Raj. In the familiar love trumps all scenario, Chanti does his best to convince her father that he's the guy for her. The songs by Chakri still slap today especially Choopultho Guchi Guchi by Shankar Mahadevan.
6) Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi: The 3rd combo between Raviteja and Puri, AMOTA told the story of a guy who falls in love with a Tamil girl and fights for her her love in a climactic boxing match. A nice feel good romantic drama, AMOTA was a solid movie from Raviteja and Puri.
5) Neninthe: Arguably the most brutally honest movie ever made in TFI, the 4th combo of Raviteja and Puri was the story about an aspiring assistant director who wants to make a film in Tollywood and the various ups and downs that he faces. An incredibly accurate depiction of the Telugu film industry, Raviteja's performance in the movie won him  the State Award for Best Actor.  A movie that as funny as it was honest, it was unfortunately a flop during it's time. Which proves that if you speak your mind in Tollywood, they'll try and take you down. Nonetheless the film has garnered a cult following over the years for it's content and Venu Madhav's accurate narration of every disaster movie in Telugu.
4) Mirapakay: One of my favorite movies ever and easily one of my favorite Raviteja movies, Mirapakay tells the story of an undercover cop who's sent to a college as a Hindi lecturer. Featuring Richa Gangopadhyay and Deeksha Seth as the heroines, Raviteja's hilarious performance as a Hindi lecturer, Sunil's classic Charukesa act, the amazing songs, and overall commercial viability of the movie from director Harish Shankar made sure Mirapakay was a spicy entertainer in the end.
3) Kick: Another comedy classic from Raviteja, Kick is arguably most people's favorite Raviteja movie. Featuring a sultry Illeana as the heroine and a ROFL laughing comedy track from Brahmanandam, Ali, and Jayaprakash Reddy throughout the movie, Kick's unexpected reveal made the movie from comedy entertainer to a feel good movie real fast. Raviteja's performance was incredible as usual as he made you laugh and cry at the same time. Most notably being the firecracker of debut for now star composer Thaman, Kick's comedy and classic songs will  last the rest of time.
2) Vikramarkudu: Arguably my favorite Raviteja movie, Vikramarkudu was the first combo between Raviteja and SS Rajamouli. As with every Rajamouli movie, Vikramarkudu was a revenge tale that had Raviteja in arguably his career best performance as the ruthless cop in Vikram Rathod, the hero of Devgarh. Repulsive villains in Bavuji and Titia, hilarious comedy between Raviteja and Brahmi, an irresistible Anushka Shetty, classic songs, and my god that freaking interval bang and flashback and fear dialogue scene show why SS Rajamouli is the master of mass movies with his storytelling capabilities that will have you veins rushing with blood from start to finish.

1) Venky: If anybody can name me a more iconic comedy track in modern day Telugu cinema please let me know. It was a very tough decision to make for number 1 but this LAUGH RIOT AND HYSTERICAL train comedy in Sreenu Vaitla's classic will always feel fresh no matter how many times you watch it. Raviteja's constant scolding of himself, Brahmanandam's hilarious punches at Raviteja, and the late great AVS's comedy track made this entire sequence the flawless masterpiece that it is today. The icing on the cake was Venu Madhav playing a tabla and singing Ila Khada Malifiya. What that means I still have no idea. But honestly I don't care.