Prabhas. The only Pan India superstar post the massive success of Baahubali, the Rebel Star is one of Telugu's most likable actors. A gentle giant who's fame never got to his head, he's fondly called Darling by his fans. With incredible screen presence, amazing physique, excellent comic timing, and good looks, Prabhas is an international force to reckon with and arguably the biggest star in India today.
Here's a look at the top 10 Prabhas movies.
10) Munna: The extremely stylish debut of Vamshi Paidipally, Prabhas was seen with a new straight hair look which didn't really suit him and featured Ileana as the heroine. While the first half was excellent, a ridiculous flashback in the 2nd half sunk the movie to no return. Nonetheless, the stylish presentation, amazing fights, and another classic album in Telugu by Harris Jayaraj has made it last the test of time.
9) Chakram: A movie that I don't remember too well but an experimental film, Chakram saw Prabhas as a cancer struck patient trying to make the most of his final days. Directed by Krishna Vamsi, it was too much for Telugu audience to accept a sad ending but remains a appreciated effort by most fans.
8) Bujjigadu: My favorite Prabhas movie ever, Bujjigadu tells the tale of two friends who try to reunite with each other after 15 years or something. Prabhas's performance was world class and his dialogue delivery was easily the highlight and his hilarious way of saying things along with Puri Jagannadh's dialogues made it so entertaining. Also featuring Trisha and Mohan Babu, the underrated album by Sandeep Chowta is catchy even today.
7) Darling: This sweet love story was the last good movie romantic specialist Karunakaran made. Featuring Prabhas as Prabha, a jobless youth who roams around with friends, he gets into a tricky situation when a girl who likes tries to commit suicide due to his rejection. Her criminal father demands answers and he narrates his love life with Nandini played by Kajal Aggarwal. A hilarious twist towards the end of the 1st half along with Sivanarayana's punchline of Tinnara, Darling allowed Prabhas to showcase his comedic chops and resulted in a movie that was funny and entertaining for the most part.
6) Mr Perfect: Another nostalgic movie for me which I saw for my 14th birthday celebrations, Mr. Perfect is easily one of the best movies in Prabhas's career in terms of a content standpoint being his first true family entertainer. About an egotistic guy who understands the value of making adjustments in his life, the movie was a beautiful feel good movies despite a lagging 2nd half and of course blockbuster songs by DSP.
5) The scintillating debut of director Koratala Siva, Mirchi weaved a new take on the age old faction stories featuring a love thy enemy ideology. Prabhas's weight fluctuate throughout the movie due to the prep for Baahubali but his performance, the writing, dialogues, amazing action sequences and his career best look made Mirchi a spicy entertainer for sure. Also featuring Anushka, Mirchi had another blockbuster album by DSP featuring the incredible Pandagala by Kailash Kher.
4) Varsham: The movie that made Prabhas a star, Varsham featured Trisha as the heroine and Gopichand as the villain. The rain was like a thematic symbol throughout and the movie was very entertaining with an exciting story and natural romantic track from what I remember. Once again, a classic album by DSP have made the songs last the test of time and shot both Trisha and Gopichand to new heights.
Chatrapathi WP 25
3) The first combo between Prabhas and SS Rajamouli was the iconic Chatrapathi. Featuring the familiar theme of oppressed vs the oppressors, Chatrapathi saw Prabhas as a slave worker who years to be reunited with his mother. Prabhas's performance remains one of his top 3 career best and the interval bang is the BEST, if not one of the best intervals ever in TFI. The emotion, intensity, and violence that it carries was another level. In fact, it leaves on such a high that the entire 2nd half seems like a drag for how amazing that sequence was. And all of the fights are a delight throughout the movie.
2) Baahubali The Beginning: I remember waking up the day after Senior Prom and waiting hours to watch the trailer and I just remember the massive smile on my face and the unlimited goosebumps that I had. Baahubali 1 tells the tale of Sivudu, a man whose heritage is related to the mythical Mahishmati kingdom far away from his home. The first part of India's biggest franchise, the flashback and climax of this movie made it a never ending wait and left you on an epic cliffhanger wanting more and more. Prabhas was amazing as Amarendra Baahubali and decent as Sibidu and the rest of the cast were superb as well along with great direction by SS Rajamouli.
1) Many people will disagree but I frankly don't care because this is arguably my favorite Telugu movie ever, Prabhas's career best performance and his best movie ever is the Pride of India and Indian cinema's biggest hit, Baahubali 2. Prabhas was world class as Amarendra Baahubali exuding such class and chivalry throughout the movie. His performance in Why Katappa Killed Baahubali spoke testaments to his improved acting abilities. Also featuring the career best performances of both Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty, Baahubali 2 The Conclusion was unlimited goosebumps throughout and SS Rajamouli's masterpiece that made Bollywood scared of Tollywood and made every Telugu person around the world proud of their heritage.