Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. A name is that is synonymous for the most famous Telugu person to have ever lived, Jr. NTR made his debut in Ninnu Choodalani in 2001. The grandson of the legendary Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao garu, son of the late Nandamuri Harikrishna, and nephew to Balakrishna, Jr. NTR is known for his amazing diction, versatility in acting, and flawless dance moves that have been entertaining us for years.
Here's a look at his top 10 movies.
10) Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava: NTR's first venture with Trivikram saw him return to the genre that made him famous in faction dramas. As the titular Raghava, Tarak showed amazing range as a subtle yet ferocious killing machine. Despite his best efforts and performance overall, Aravinda Sametha seemed like a sequel to Mirchi and missed the trademark Trivikram stamp apart from a few scenes here and there.
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9) Janatha Garage: A philosophical yet routine movie at its core, Janatha Garage was an average movie from Koratala Siva. Watching Tarak and Mohanlal on screen together was a feast for the eyes and of course the GMHC office scene which was the highlight. Tarak had a very subtle performance and excelled in the climax, but overall this garage definitely needed some repairs to be fully functioning in the end.
8) Baadshah- Sreenu Vaitla was a brand name during this Tarak starrer fresh off of Dookudu's blockbusters success. As with any Vaitla movie, he had his formula and it worked for the most part but gave Tarak one of his career worst looks as Baadshah. However the movie was fun overall and Tarak was entertaining as a Telangana accent speaking wedding planner along with Brahmanandam as Padmanambha Simha who carried the movie in the 2nd half
7) Temper: This might be higher on the list for some people, but I personally didn't connect to the movie overall. Temper saw tarak reunite with Puri Jagannadh for a powerful tale of a corrupt cop whose heart changes when he learns of a girl who was tortured and raped for 40 days by the villain's brothers. Tarak's performance in the climax was the icing in the cake with a superb twist and Puri's dialogues were sharp as ever. But he was unnecessarily shouting half the time in the first half.
6) Yamagonda: Tarak's third movie with SS Rajamouli was basically a remake of Sr. NTR's Yamagola in present day. Featuring Mohan Babu as Yama, this movie was loads of fun  with Tarak finally shedding all of his weight and unveiling a brand new avatar. His mischievous antics throughout and of course the famous rendition of the iconic Yemantavi monologue was magic on screen with his amazing diction. And who could forget the unreal steps in Nachore.
5) When you think of family entertainers in present day, Brindavanam is definitely on the list for most Telugu movie fans. This movie directed by Vamshi Paidipally saw NTR take on a rich kid who agrees to help a girl named Bhoomi from a problem in her village. Inadvertently he gains the respect of her entire family but little does he know that his current girlfriend is also part of Bhoomi's family. It was a cakewalk of a role for Tarak doing an urban role with mass undertones and with beautiful visuals, awesome action sequences, good comedy, relatable emotions, and an awesome album by Thaman, Brindavanam makes for wholesome family entertainment.
4) Rakhi: This 2006 sister sentiment drama saw Jr. NTR play a caring brother to a helpless sister who gets burned alive by her in laws for dowry. A powerful tale of women's rights and the morals of the law from a vigilante, Rakhi makes for one of Tarak's best movies from a content and performance standpoint. His performance in the graveyard scene and the climax were simply world class. Unfortunately the movie has become unlimited usage for trolls for his ridiculous expressions in the song Rakhi Rakhi.
3) The movie that made Jr. NTR a star was Aadi. Also the debut movie for VV Vinayak, Tarak stunned the entire industry at the age of 19 and was simply outstanding in this faction drama that would go onto to set the tone for the path of all of his following movies for the next decade.
2) This movie needs no introduction but a fact check for fans is that Simhadri was not an industry hit and rather something Tarak fans love to brag about despite there being no proof. But it was still a mega blockbuster and the emotions and action in the 2nd half and NTR's performance once again proved to be another huge break for both NTR and SS Rajamouli.
1) After Krishna, VV Vinayak shifted his genre from mass action to comedy entertainers and Adhurs showed why NTR is arguably the most versatile actor in the industry. Content wise, it's a routine story and has a very poor climax, but Tarak's career best performance as Chari, the Brahmin priest was massively entertaining. Be it the diction, mannerisms, or dialogue delivery, everything was on point. His chemistry with Brahmanandam's Bhattacharya was the highlight of the movie and their combination scenes carried the movie. The dialogue that will always stay with me is "Ilage Bamma, maa guru gaaru ni santham gaa naakesaaru!"