There's nothing like a good old Telugu movie without famous house sets. Each set brings a certain ambience and feel to the movie and the grand sets of Tollywood movies have always left viewers stunned by the visuals and architecture.
Many of you are are probably wondering where is this place located and how did they built it? In this exclusive and deep dive exploration article, let's take a look at some of the most famous sets in Tollywood that have always piqued our curiosity and been the highlight of many movies over the years.
1) Maryada Ramanna house set - Location: Kokapet, Hyderabad
This set was the highlight of SS Rajamouli's Maryada Ramanna where half the movie takes place. Designed and built by Art Director Ravinder Reddy who also worked for movies like S/O Satyamurthy, Magadheera, and Bhagamaathie, the house was built in an open lot in the outskirts of Hyderabad in Kokapet and has been manipulated many times before our very own eyes in countless Telugu movies.
Jayaprakash Reddy House in Kandireega (2011)
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Sampath House in Mirchi (2013)

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Balayya's house in Adhinayukudu (2012)
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Satya Prakash House in Ragada (2010)
Maanikya (2014) - Mirchi Kannada remake starring Sudeep
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Aha Naa Pellanta (2011 Allari Naresh version)

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Ra Raa Krishnayya (2014) - Jagapathi Babu's House

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2) Brindavanam House Set - Location: Bachupally, Hyderabad (Destroyed)
The highlight of Brindavanam was easily this sprawling house set designed by Anand Sai for NTR's Brindavanam.
Anand Sai states in an article "The sprawling house set should resemble Lord Krishna’s Brindavanam. In fact color combination played vital role. We used peacock and other innovative colors. I sat with the director for a month and half to draw the sketches. Vamsi works on minute details. Most of the movie was shot in this house set which was erected in an open place in Hyderabad suburbs near a lake in Bachupally.
It was a four-acre plot and the set was created using one acre! For the flooring we used Italian black marble. The furniture was brought from Delhi. Since the director was very particular that the set should be used only for this film, it was dismantled once the movie was completed."
It's very sad that such an iconic house was destroyed after the movie, but I guess we'll have to keep the memories that the visuals gave throughout the movie.




3) Dhammu House Set - Location : Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
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What do the houses in Nippu, Vikramarkudu, Dhammu, and Seema Sastri all have in common? They're all the exact same house just been manipulated countless times which located deep with RFC in Hyderabad. Many people wonder where directors go to film big village houses and wala, it turns out that all of them are the same one.
4) Son of Satyamurthy House Set - Location: Kokapet, Hyderabad


In S/O of Satyamurthy, Upendra's house in Reddiarpatti in which the majority of the 2nd half takes place in is shown in some village in Tamil Nadu. That's where the movie magic comes in. The actual house is located in a set in Kokapet which Art Director Ravinder Reddy created for the film.
He states in an article "In S/O Satyamurthy, starring Allu Arjun, the second half is shot at a big house. “In the film, the house was supposed to be near the Chennai seashore. We did find one but it was very congested, so we then chose to build a set in Hyderabad,”  “We brought big trees from Kadiyam village near Rajahmundry and wood from Delhi to build the house,” he says. The cost of this set was nearly Rs 1.5 crore which was, in fact, far less than what it would have cost the production house to go and shoot in Chennai.
The house was later seen once again in Subramanyam for Sale as the house that Sai Dharam Tej and Regina take refuge in the 2nd half of the film.
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5) Athadu House Set - Location: Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad
IMG_9475 (2) The iconic house set where the majority of Mahesh Babu's classic Athadu takes place in shown in some remote village where Nandu hides from the police. The set was actually constructed in Ramanaidu Studios and became just as famous as the movie itself. With all the amazing and memorable scenes in the house, it's safe to say that name of the house became the Athadu house after movies resounding success over the years.
It was seen once again, repainted in Krishna Vamsi's Chandammama
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6) NTR House in Dhammu - Location - N/A
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The house where NTR's family stays in Dhammu was a massive house and became one of the highlights. While the location is unavailable, it's more or less assumed that a house like this would be built in RFC. Featuring stunning decor and grandeur throughout, I guess actor Suman liked it so much in the movie that he decided to hide behind a secret door and resurface 25 years later when he got bored.
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7) Nithin's House in A Aa - Location - Annapurna Studios
The reality of A Aa is that movie was actually filmed in Pollachi in Tamil Nadu for all the greenery you see in the opening 30 mins. The house set where most of the 1st half takes place was noticeable though, featuring typical Andhra architecture of a village house. The house was seen again in Nithin's Bheesma, when Nithin and Rashmika visit Subhalekha Sudhakar about a problem in the village and the Pollam fight that follows.
8) Vaikuntapuram House Set - Location: Road no. 29 - Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
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The grand palatial house of Allu Arjun's family in Ala Vaikuntapuram Lo was probably one of the biggest houses sets we had ever seen. But that's the twist. The house actually exists and is located on Road no. 29 in Jubilee Hills, two houses away from Jr. NTR's house in Hyderabad.
An article explains that only the exterior of the house was used and the interiors were recreated by AS Prakash in a separate set.
"It is the house of NTV Chairman Chowdary's daughter Rachana's in-laws. They are relatives of Harika Hassine Creations owner Radha Krishna and on his request they agreed to shoot from the outside for a couple of days. The estimated cost to build this mansion is around Rs. 100 Cr"
"It was tough to get a house with interiors that match the exteriors of that mansion. Hence, art director AS Prakash erected a set in Annapurna Studios with Rs. 5 Cr budget that was so perfect as the interior for Trivikram's Vaikunthapuram."
You can find the google map location here:
9) Srihari's House Brindavanam - Location - Ramoji Film City
Srihari's stunning blue mansion in Brindavanam was another highlight of the family entertainer. While the location in unknown, the sprawling set and the design just add to the list of Telugu movie houses that have become recognizable.
Look familiar? That's because it's the same house that Trisha lives in Namo Venkatesa!
10) SVSC House - Location: RFC, Hyderabad
The house of Relangi Mamayya in SVSC is shown in a beautiful village somewhere in Andhra. But the truth is the house was constructed in Ramoji Film City itself and the majority of the family scenes are shot within this house.
Producer Dil Raju said "“When I made Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, I couldn’t go to a village with two big stars along with hundreds of artistes, technicians and helpers. So I opted for a set and the house still exists at RFC."
The house was later seen once again as Rajendra Prasad's house in Aagadu.
Other famous house sets are Attarintiki Daredi house set from the movie which was resused in PRabhas's Rebel as the climax fight house. It is located within Ramoji Film City.
Hope you all enjoyed this fun little article and hope you're staying safe and healthy as always.
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