Rating: 6/10 (1st half Good, 2nd half Phat)

Arguably the most talented star in the Mega family after Chiranjeevi is Sai Dharam Tej. This energetic actor has carved a name for himself and he has the energy levels of Raviteja, the body language of Pawan Kalyan, and the dancing skills of Chiranjeevi. His next film Supreme, directed by Pataas fame Anil Ravipudi has hits the screen today. How does it fare? Find out in my review.

Story: Supreme is about two stories. One is about Jagruthi Foundation was founded by a royal dynasty in Ananthapur, having thousands of acres of land, maintaining so many schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages, old age homes, and many other social service activities and Vikram Sarkar (Kabir SIngh) wants to nab the land and use it for his own purposes and make him filthy rich. Narayana Rao (Sai Kumar) files a case against him and he asks for 1 months time to submit the original documents otherwise Sarkar wins and the original documents are with the heir to the property.

Balu( Sai Dharam Tej) is a taxi driver in Hyderabad and hates if anyone honks at him and literally has a car destroying device in his car somehow and activates it when people honk at him. He has to take care of his father (Rajendra Prasad) who is drunkard but once a dutiful traffic guard. A small boy named Rajan gets rescued by Balu one day and then he and Balu become best of friends. One day someone tries to kidnap Rajan and Balu tries to save him but in the process ends up in the hospital and Narayana Rao comes and explains to him everything that's happened. Who is Rajan? How is he related to Vikram Sarkar's case? And how does Bellam Sridevi (Raashi Khanna) fall into this story forms the rest of this movie.

Peformances: As expected the main highlight of this film is Sai Dharam Tej. He is energetic, dances with grace, fights, and does well in emotional scenes a few times which he is getting better at from film to film. A sincere performance from him. Raashi Kahnna is highly entertaining as Bellam Sridevi but her role lacks complete logic when Balu is trying to woo her. Saikumar gets the dignified good Samaritan role once again and it's getting boring watching him play the righteous man who can't do anything against the villain everytime. The kid Mikhail Gandhi who plays Rajan is adorable and excellent. Rajendra Prasad gets a nice role as Balu's father and gives the film it's emotional moments. Vennela Kishore is hilarious as the sidekick of Bellam Sridevi. It is Prabhas Sreenu and 30 Years Prithvi that steal the show as Tom and Cruise and the zing zing comedy is too good and absolutely hilarious. They are only there for about 3 scenes but you'll laugh more during these scenes than you do the whole film. Raghubabu and company are also hilarious as the Bellam family espcially the guy who calls for coffee as the worst time possible every time. Ravi Kishan and Kabir Singh are ok as the villains. Murali Mohan is wasted as the judge.

Technicalities: Music by Sai Karthik is decent and the songs are well shot. Background score is fine. Dialogues, especially for Vennela Kishore and zing zing are absolutely hilarious. Art is grand as the film has been shot in some stunning buildings and sets. Cinematography by Sai Sriram is good and the visuals during the early stages and 2nd half stand out. Editing by MR Varma is questionable as some scenes in the 2nd half could have been chopped off to make things crisper. Fights are over the top. Production Values by Dil Raju are excellent. He never comprises on the quality of a project no matter how big or small.

Analysis: People say commercial cinema is dying in Telugu cinema because we have been fed with the same template and routine films that are "action" and have the same story and setup. Anil Ravipudi, better known as the writer in Aagadu, made his debut in his first film Pataas starring Kalyan Ram and clearly has a grip on comedy which was shown was a runaway hit and it brought him huge praise from all circles. He's come with his 2nd film Supreme and this film is something which you will enjoy but only for half of it.

Ravipudi has committed a Vaitla error and made such an entertaining first half and then stuffed the 2nd half with fluff and prolongs the narration. The basic story of the film regarding the foundation is good but it is so predictable what will happen in the end because that's how most Telugu movies end with this type of story regarding land or documents. As soon as Sai Dharam Tej enters, the film picks up pace and then Raashi Khanna comes and she, Vennela Kishore, and the zing zing brothers keep you very entertained in the 1st half with their excellent comedy and also the scenes with the Bellam family.

The 1st half is thoroughly entertaining and not for a single moment do you ever feel bored as the action, comedy, and sentiment are all blended nicely here. The interval bang is expected and you wonder how Ravipudi will handle the 2nd half and he doesn't do a great job. We are served with a routine 2nd half with hero going to find Rajan and saving him and the narration is just prolonged and instead of focusing on the story and taking it to it's conclusion, Ravipudi chose to do everything else in the 2nd half and it's quite tedious at times. The climax fight with the handicapped people is way too over the top and stretched out and the film ends with a predictable climax.

On a whole, Supreme is an entertaining film with a very entertaining first half but a routine and dragged out 2nd half which spoils the viewing experience to an extent. Sai Dharam Tej and the comedy in the first half are the plus points of this action comedy. I'm going with 6/10.