Rating: 7/10 (Entertainment Guaranteed-Paisa Vasool)

Sai Dharam Tej was convincing in Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham. He has now gotten an golden opportunity to work with Harish Shankar, the man who delivered Gabbar Singh, for a film called Subramanyam for Sale. How does the film fare? Find out in this review

Story: Seetha (Regina) runs away from her house after her relatives arrange her marriage with some guy. She is in love with some guy she met on Facebook in New York and then runs away to meet him. She is caught by Bujji (Rao Ramesh) and is told to never come back and if she does, then her family will face the consequences. Subramanyam (Sai Dharam Tej) is a money-minded youth in New York and all he cares about is making money and works in a restaurant called Avakai. The two end up meeting in Grand Central Station by accident and go their separate ways.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Seetha eventually seeks Subramanyam's help to get back to India. They win a contest pretending to be a married couple and get a trip back to India. How Subramanyam solves all of Seetha's and his own problems and how they eventually realize that they have fallen in love with each other forms the rest of the story.

Performances: After delivering a composed performance in Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham, Sai Dharam Tej is full of mass in this film. He is simply amazing and has incredible energy levels. He is amazing at dances, has great composure in fights, and tries to emote which isn't convincing. But there is too much of Pawan Kalyan's body language in his acting. And of course, he gets to mouth numerous dialogues and references about his family lineage and blood. In fact he's introduced by dancing to PK's Made in Andhra Student from Thammudu.

Regina as Seetha is gorgeous and does a good job of acting. But she cries way too many times in this movie which can get irritating. Ajay as the one of the villains is the same character he's done a thousand times now.

Rao Ramesh is excellent show with his funny expressions and dialogues as Bujji. He's only getting better with each and every movie he's in and is surely making his mark in the industry for villainous and comedic villain roles.

Brahmi entertains as Chintakai and makes you laugh after a long time. The guy who steals the show is Fish Venkat. His butler English and his one liners will tickle your funny bone to the core. His performance in the climax and the end of the film are too good. He is awesome.

Jhansi and Naresh are ok as the parents of the hero. Nagababu is alright. Suman is ok. Adah Sharma has a minuscule role as the 2nd heroine and her characterization lacks clarity.

Technicalities: Music and Background Score by Mickey J Meyer is good. But the film is really loud and he sounds like Thaman in this movie. The film is too loud at times and it's hard to keep your ears safe if watched in a theater. Cinematography by C.Ramprasad is rich and vibrant. The locations in New York could have been a bit better in my opinion. Dialogues by Harish Shankar deserve special mention. Some of the them are really good and entertaining, especially the lines for Fish Venkat and the comedic sequence in the climax. Art by Ramakrishna is fine. Fights by Ram Lakshman are alright. They are a bit over the top. Editing by Gautham Raju is fine. Production Values by Dil Raju are incredible as usual.

Analysis: Subramanyam for Sale is a formula film when simply put. It has simply everything needed to classify it as one. Hero intro, intro song, comedy scene, romance scenes, comedy, romance, etc. You get it by now. But the film works due to it's highly entertaining 2nd half. Sai Dharam Tej is a like a live-wire in this movie with his performance and mouths numerous dialogues about him and his relatives, like Pawan Kalyan. But he really needs to change his body language as it so close to PK it's not even funny.

This movie is a feast for mega fans and a rather routine fare for others. The 1st half starts off with establishing Seetha's problem and then proceeds in a slightly boring track until the two friends decide to become a fake couple. What follows is predictable but after the movie comes back to India, it is so funny and entertaining that you don't care about the rather boring first half. The interval leaves the film on a high and the 2nd half takes the cake by making you laugh all the way till the end. The climax is a bot too dramatic but the pre climax with Rao Ramesh and AJay is highly entertaining. While this may not be a great film in terms of content, if you just wanted to entertained for 2 and half hours, then Subramanayam for Sale is your best bet. And don't forget about Fish Venkat who brings the house down in the 2nd half with his one liners.

On a whole, Subramanyam for Sale is a paisa vasool entertainer that will give you tickets worth of entertainment for 2 and a half hours. Harish Shankar makes a decent comeback after a Ramayya Vasthavayya and succeeds in showcasing Sai Dharam Tej in a great way. His dialogues are also on point.

If you're a mega fan, then it will be a feast for you and if you're not, then the movie is still a watch for it's hilarious 2nd half and Sai Dharam Tej's honest performance.