Rating: 7.5/10 (Hilarious but Ridiculous)

Seth Rogen is one person in Hollywood who doesn't give a damn about proper ethics in Hollywood and likes to make comedy based films that are low budget, full of entertainment, and have ridiculous plots. Joining hands again with most of the cast of This is the End and few new faces, here comes Sausage Party, an R-Rated animated film that is a spoof on Disney and Pixar films. How is it? Ready my review to find out.

Story: This movie is about a sausage named Frank(Seth Rogen) who wants to be with a bun named Brenda(Kristen Wiig) so they can go to a place called the Great Beyond where vegetables and all things that people can eat live happily ever after. The twist is that the Great beyond isn't all that it seems and vegetables and items are actually eaten and killed by humans. They are warned of this by Honey Mustard (Danny Mcbride) who sacrifices his life so the items can know the truth. The rest of this movie is how the food items revolt against the humans and how Frank deals with a Douche (Nick Kroll).

Performances: Seth Rogen is very good as Frank. He doesn't have the best dialogues but he does well within the limitations.

Kristen Wiig is good as Brenda and brings some laughs.

Jonah Hill as Carl is good in the killing scene with the woman. Micheal Cera as Barry brings a sense of realism and calmness to Barry, the dwarf sausage. Bill Hader as Firewater is hilarious with his subdued dialogue delivery. Craig Robinson is ok and really doesn't like crackers. Danny Mcbride was very brief and his presence was missed.

The guy who stole the show was Nick Kroll as the Douche. His changed modulation is excellent and the dialogues given to him are hilarious. After watching this film, if there's one character  you'll remember, it's definitely the Douche. Edward Norton and David Krumholtz are entertaining as the Jewish Bagel and Lavash.

Technicalities: Editing is fine as the runtime is crisp at only about 90 mins. Dialogues are hilarious in parts. Screenplay is good for the most part. Story is absolutley riduculous. Music and Background score are fine. Production values are good and the direction is good.

Analysis: Critics in my opinion are way too harsh on comedy films these days and rip them apart for a not having a cohesive plot or story. Let's be honest in a comedy film, do you really care about the damn plot? No. Cause at the end of the day, you will base the film on how good it was by how much it made you laugh. Comedy films are supposed to be nonsense with wafer thin plots with entertaining moments and not much more. Plus it's a lot harder to write in sync comedy than dirty jokes and double meaning dialogues.

Coming to the point, Sausage Party is just what I described above. It's a comedy film with ridiculous plot that has some hilarious moments. This movie is filled with tons of sexual jokes and literally every dialogue is essentially a dirty joke in a picture of a bigger context. If you've gone to high school, specifically where English is a prevalent language, then you will understand every joke in this film. If not, then it's still enjoyable for it's ridiculous dialogues and funny moments. At the end of the day this movie belongs to Seth Rogen and Nick Kroll. Their comedic talent carries this animated comedy and it is genuinely hilarious and will make you laugh out loud many times.

On a whole, Sausage Party is a laugh riot with a ridiculous plot and is filled with sexual jokes at every junction. The climax though is one of the weirdest and most unnecessary things you'll ever watch and you'll seriously question why the makers decided to end it that way. Nevertheless, watch this one for you may never see something like it ever again . I'm going with 7.5/10