February 28th, 2022

Rating: 10/10 (Hilarious Classic)

Cast: Venkatesh, Katrina Kaif, Balaiah, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Naresh, Ahuti Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Mallikharjuna Rao, Chalapati Rao, Sunil, CVL Narasimha Rao, Devdas Kanakala, Chitram Seenu, Benarji, Ganesh, Prabhu, Raghunadh Reddy, Gowtam Raju, Chitti Babu, Poosala, Lakshmipati, Sudarshan, Rajya Lakshmi, Rajitha, Sana, Padma Jayanth, Priyanka, Hema, Baby Greeshma, Gajala (SA) & Smita (SA

Story - Dialogues: Trivikram Srinivas

Screenplay - Direction: K Vijaya Bhaskar

Music: Koti

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy

Editing: A. Sreekar Prasad

Art Direction: Bhupesh R. Bhupathi

Producer: Daggubati Suresh Babu

Banner: Suresh Productions 



In today's nostalgia review, we will be talking about the hilarious classic Malliswari. Released 18 years ago on February 18th, 2004 the film stars Venkatesh and Katrina Kaif in her film debut who was paid an record 75 lakhs at the time. Also starring Brahmanandham, Naresh, and Sunil in hilarious roles, it's directed by K Vijaya Bhaskar, the story and dialogues by Trivikram, Music by Koti and Cinematography by Sameer Reddy. Produced by Suresh Babu on Venkatesh's home banner Suresh Productions, let's delve into what makes this film so good. 



Unmarried banker Tatineni Veera Venkata Vara Prasad (Venkatesh) is well past the age of getting married. Eventually he falls in love Malliswari (Katrina Kaif), the princess of Mirzapur who's the heir to 750 crores. What happens next forms the next of this comic caper. 



It's Venky mass all the way in this movie from start to finish. Malliswari is tailor made for him and he excels in the role of "Pellikani Prasad". The role is so entertaining and likable and all of Venky's punches from the sharp pen of Trivikram makes you laugh so hard throughout the movie. His impeccable comic timing is on display the entire film and his entry montage itself has you in splits. His trademark energy and screen presence are at the forefront here and Venky delivers another flawless comedic performance with such ease. All in all, Venkatesh is amazing as always and proves why he's the most loved actor in Telugu cinema once again. Watch out for the dinner scene as it's probably the funniest scene in the movie. 

Katrina Kaif as Malliswari has great screen presence. She's very attractive and acts decently but there was nothing to take home in her film debut. 

As with any K Vijaya Bhaskar movie, the comedians are always given iconic roles and Malliswari is no different. Brahmanandham as the driver Balu is hysterical. All of his scenes except the pre climax conversation with Venky bring the house down and all of his dialogues are hilarious. The thread between him and Ahuthi Prasad is perhaps one of the underrated highlights of the movie and his reactions to Venkatesh in the iconic dinner scene is a sight to behold. 

Sunil as the driver Padhu is equally as hilarious in all his scenes. All his lines much like Brahmi are iconic and downright funny. The dog scene in the 2nd half is an absolute laugh riot and the idea of a dude locking his car due to fear of insurance is also very funny. 

Mallikarjuna Rao is hilarious in his scene and it's always an entertaining time whenever he is in a film. Lakshmipati as the ice cream vendor, Gautham Raju, and Gundu Sudarshanam are all very funny in their roles. 

Dharmavarupu Subramanyam is hilarious as the bank manager in all 3 of his scenes. The dialogues about when he would visit the graveyard just to visit a girl like that was too funny. 

Naresh as Venkatesh's brother is very good. He has a lot of funny lines and his frustration generates a lot of comedy in the 1st half. Kota as the villain is adequate. He's more a comedic villain than a seruous villain and also gets some comedic lines which make you laugh. 

Hema is entertaining as Prasad's irritating colleague Krishnaveni. Chitram Seenu is brief but entertains as Seenu and Bandla Ganesh is hilarious in his cameo with two scenes on a boat. Banerjee is also very funny as a professional killer who fails at every attempt to kill Malliswari. 

The film has a huge star cast with Devadas Kanakala, M.Balaiah., Tanikella Bharani who's among the funniest characters in the movie and Ahuthi Prasad wjo play their roles very well. 

As you can see there are so many characters in the movie and the majority of them except Kota make you laugh hard from start to finish. 



Direction by K Vijaya Bhaskar is perfect. Once again, he proves he can write the most engaging screenplay with the thinnest of storylines. The intro of Prasad is brilliant with him visiting all the different religions and praying and the character itself is pure genius. The direction of the film is so good and there's not a single boring moment at all. The first half is hilarious and the 2nd half is equally as hilarious except the last 20 minutes which become emotional and sentimental. Vijaya Bhaskar always gets the best out of his actors utilizing their impeccable comedic timing to his liking and gives Venky another classic memorable role just like Nuvvv Naaku Nachav. He's crafted another family entertainer that's as good as Nuvvu Naaku Nachav which is something that's incredibly hard to do. Credit to Trivikram as well for writing the dilaogues as the razor sharp comedic punches have you gasping for breath in almost every scene. All in all, Vijaya Bhaskar stamps his authority over the family genre once again and delivers another all time classic with unlimited repeat value in Malliswari.


Technical Aspects

Songs and BGM by Koti is decent. Perhaps the music is the only area where this film feels inferior to Nuvvu Naaku Nachav. Nontheless the pick of the lot are Janma Janamala, Nee Naavule, and Cheli Soku Chiguraaku. Janma Janmala is absolutely hilarious on screen with all the different Venkatesh's and Gajala's and all the expressions the sons give to the father in the hospital. 

Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is excellent. The visuals are very homely to the characters which is needed for a film like this. 

Art Direction by Bhupesh R. Bhupathi is good. The bank set created for the film is very realistic and well made. The interiors for the  various houses are also well designed. 

Editing by A. Sreekar Prasad is perfect. There's no lag at any point in the movie. The two fights composed by Stun Siva are well choreographed and perfectly placed in the narrative. 

Production Values by Suresh Productions are good. Malliswari is technically sound in all departments and looks visually appealing enough to the eyes. 





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Analysis and Final Take

After the resounding success of Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, the combo of Venkatesh - Vijaya Bhaskar - Trivikram - Koti teamed up once again for Malliswari. Most people probably questioned could they repeat the success of NNN and deliver a film that's as good or better. Well Malliswari is as good as the former and within the same level of quality cinema. 

Malliswari is one of those movies that never gets boring how many times you watch it. Vijaya Bhaskar and Trivikram are known for creating movies with unlimited repeat value and Malliswari is one of them. It's hilarious from start to finish. 

There's not much to analyze here but here it goes: the 1st half is amazing and the 2nd half is equally as good. The film has a funny climax and resolution which only adds to the entertainment. There's not a single boring or dull moment at all. 

Overall Malliswari is a hilarious classic. Venkatesh's performance, Trivikram's classic and iconic dialogues, Vijaya Bhaskar's masterful direction and screenplay, i Brahmanandam and Sunil's iconic roles and comedy all add to the experience that makes this incredible movie so good.

A movie with unlimited repeat value and so much entertainment, Malliswari ranks among the best of the timeless classics of modern Telugu cinema. 


Signing off -

Teja Rao - Die hard Telugu Cinema fan.