July 23rd, 2021

Dear Readers, while we may enjoy music and love songs, perhaps its best to realistic and accept the reality that some of our favorite songs were copied. In this article we will delve into artists who were lucky enough to be featured in a Telugu movie for more exposure (this is a joke) and songs that have blatantly plagiarized.

Featured artists:

Rihanna -Shut and up Drive in Mirapakay

Flo Rida- Right Round in Pilla Zamindar

Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger in Mirchi

Plagiarized Songs

Original - 50 Cent in Da Club 

Copy - Po Po Pove from Bhageeradha: too funny to be true. Chakri and nonsensical lyrics makes it one of the funniest songs ever made in Telugu.

Original - Tracy Chapman O mountain of Things and Fighter by Christina Aguilera


Copy - Adaraku from Athadu: for the so called greatest hero introduction song in Telugu cinema history, how many folks know the title track is copied from Mountain of Things by Trachy Chapman and the rap in the song is a straight lift from Fighter by Christina Aguilera

 Original - Cotton Eye Joe: One of the GOAT american songs ever made. 

Copy - Chiraku Anuko from Simhadri 

Original - My Humps by Black Eyed Peas

Copy - Maha from Mantra: Atrocious all around

Original: The Next Episode by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg - All time classic

Copy - Aa Gaganamlo from Khatarnak - All time trash. 

Original - Miss you by Enrique Igelesias

Copy - I Miss you from Neninthe - Yela vundi sir? As it is. They even kept Enrique's voice in the song for the No, No no No chorus. 

Original: Robert Miles - Dreamland - Fable 

Copy - Okkasari Cheppaleva from Nuvvu Naaku Nachav 

Original - Myst IV: Revelation [Music] - Main Theme

Copy - Agni Skalana from Chatrapathi and BGM

Original - Get Buck by Young Buck

Copy - 123 Nenoka Kantiri, Naaku Nene Raju Nene Mantri, By Birthe Vundi Thimmiri Ee pata raasindi nene mantri (Meher Ramesh)

Original - Hit You With The Real Thing by Westlife

Copy - Baga Baga Mande from Munna: the guitar interludes to start off the song are as it is copied. 

Original - Five - If Ya Getting Down

Copy - Kuch Kuch from Sathyam 

Original - Il'amour est bleu - Love Is Blue[Claudine Longet]

Copy - Ee Reyi teeyanadi from Johnny 

Original - Jaleo by Ricky Martin 

Copy - Devudaa from Pokiri


Original- Listen To The Falling Rain by Jose Feliciano

Copy - Gala Gala Paruthunna from Pokiri 


Original - Frozen by Madonna

Copy - Neekosam Vechi Vechi from Itlu Sravani Subramanyam

Original - Rhythm Divine by Enrique Iglesias

Copy - Janma Janmala (Oh my darling Mona Lisa part) from Malliswari

Original - Sawan Main Lag Gai Aag by Mika Singh

Copy - Choopultho Guchi Guchi from Idiot

Original - Sayone by Junoon 

Copy - Meghamai Nenu Vachanu from Nuvvu Vasthavani

Original - Seduction by Tarken

Copy - Chikki Chikki Bum Bum from Aadi

Original - Whenever by Shakira

Copy - I'm Very Sorry from Nuvve Nuvve

Original - Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson

Copy - Padithinammo from Nenu Naa Rakshasi

Original - Amandoi

Copy - Sweety from Race Gurram

Original - Bella Ciao

Copy - Pilla Chao from Businessman

Original - Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Copy - Go Go Go Adhigo from Sainikudu

Original - Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Copy - So Many from Okka Kshanam - One of the worst songs ever made. Hard to believe Mani Sharma composed this crap. 

Original - Yeke Yeke

Copy - Pelli Kala Vachesinde Bala from Preminchukundam Raa

Original - Bolo Hari by Prem Joshua

Copy - Hare Rama from Okkadu - Perhaps this is the one that hurts the most considering this is both one of my favorite songs of all time and my favorite Shankar Mahadevan song of all time who happens to be my favorite singer ever as well. The beginning and the compostion to Bolo Hari is strinkingly similar if not as it is. 

Original - Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake - All time classic

Copy - Bangaram from Pravarakyudu - No words for this trash. 

Original - Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Copy - Cheliya from Dev: Harris Jayaraj sure loves Michael Jackson cause there's at least one copied song in all his film albums.