December 27th, 2020

Dear Readers, as we wind down what's been quite an unbelievable year for mankind as a whole yet music is always there to calm us down and uplift our spirits when we need it. There were countless songs released this year that captured the attention of the Telugu audience. Let's take a trip down memory lane and recap the Best songs of Telugu Cinema in 2020. 

Aakasame Nee Haddu Raa Title Song from Aakasame Nee Haddu Raa: Powered by Ramjogoyya Sastry's inspiring lyrics and catchy tune, Anurag Kulkarni and Dhanujay make for a great singing duo that elevates the title song of Aakasame Nee Haddu Raa.   

Sara Sari from Bheesma: Composed by Swara Sagar Mahathi who is musical genius Mani Sharma's son, Anurag Kulkarni delivers yet another memorable melody from Bheesma.

Nuvvu Naatho Emannavo from Disco Raja: Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam's last Telugu song ever, this instantly catchy song written by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry was pure delight to our ears beautifully composed by Thaman.

Dilliwala from Disco Raja: Another catchy song from Disco Raja, Adithya Iyengar, Rahul Nambiar and Geetha Madhuri all lend their voices to this sort of techno fusion song with a thumping beat.

Freak Out from Disco Raja: A medley of various compositions and noises featuring Raviteja's voice, Freak Out is a knock out punch from Thaman in a song that was instantly catapulted to fame in the film's rocking teaser.

Singles Anthem by Bheesma: Anurag Kulkarni and Sid Sriram visit our ears every month to reminds us of our romantic problems and this song is the same. The Singles Anthem rendered by Anurag Kulkarni is super fun and instantly relatable to all the single people out there.

Manasu Maree from V: Amit Trivedi and Shashaa Tirupati sang this song from V which is used in the worst way in the movie. But audio wise, it still makes for a very catchy song with a good beat.

Ranga Rangeli from V: With a beat that's scintillatingly catchy, the song was once again disappointing on screen, but Yazin Nizar and Nikitha sing this absolute banger from V that will definitely be remembered much longer than the movie.

Vachestunna from V: Shreya Ghoshal's voice is the icing on the cake for this melody from V. Amit Trivedi gave his best as usual but the video song didn't live up the hype. Lyrically however it's still nice to listen to. 

Ee Maya Peremito from Orey Bujjiga: This song composed by Anup Rubens was just one of 8 songs Sid Sriram sang this year. As usual, Sid Sriram is reliable as ever and makes the song catchy and soothing to listen to.

Neeli Neeli Akasam from 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela: This song by Sid Sriram and Sunitha gives you an earthy feeling and has amassed a whopping 213 million views and counting. No small films' songs have ever garnered such recognition in Telugu and anchor Pradeep got the big guns to support his acting debut. Music by Anup Rubens and Lyrics by Chandrabose.

Dhak Dhak Dhak from Uppena: Devi Sri Prasad always gives his best if director Sukumar is associated with the project. Uppena marks the directorial debut of Buchi Babu Sana who worked as an assistant director on Rangasthalam and Dhak Dhak Dhak is a superb short song that has a beat tuned a heartbeat. The composition is outstanding. Lyrics by Chandrabose.

Arere Akasam from Colour Photo: This song sung by Anurag Kulkarni and Kaala Bhairava and composed by Kalabhairava is one of the breeziest songs to come out in recent times. An instantly catchy song with meaningful lyrics, Colour Photo proved Kaala Bhairava is here to stay and deliver many more memorable albums just like his father MM Keeravani.

Tharagathi Gadhi from Colour Photo: Sung and composed by Kaala Bhairava himself, this song comes at a crucial time in the movie and once again has very meaningful lyrics from Kittu Vissapragada. A very timely and well composed tune.

Manasa Manasa from Most Eligible Bachelor: Gopi Sundar and Sid Sriram combine once again for Ayyagaaru Akhil's 3rd relaunch in a song that's adequate but still a hit due to Sid Sriram's reliable vocals.

Ay Pilla from Love Story: This deeply romantic song from Shekar Kammula's upcoming film is sung by Haricharan and has a combination of contemporary and ancient Telugu lyrics. The tune itself is fantastic and puts you in the feels.

No Pelli from Solo Brathuku So Better: Armaan Mallik and Thaman S is one of the best combinations in contemporary Telugu music and they teamed up for another instantly catchy song about being single. The only negative is that it's too short.

Hey Idi Nenena from Solo Brathuku So Better: Thaman gives another amazing tune and composition for Sid Sriram once again. The only complaint is that it sounds like Sid's voice has been autotuned to sound a little lighter than it actually is. The relatable lyrics help big time in connecting with the song.

He's So Cute from Sarileru Neekevvaru: This is basically the Male version of an item song but that's a topic for another day. Rashmika literally wants to do "something" to Mahesh Babu in this teasing song by Vachinde fame Madhu Priya and it was definitely an earworm and was a massive hit on Youtube as well.

Ranguladdukuna from Uppena: Devi Sri Prasad once again gives best with an amazing tune for Uppena. It was also nice to see Yazin Nizar back with his soothing voice along with Haripriya for the female vocals. Both the singers excel in making the song a certified banger. Lyrics by Sreemani. 

Nee Neeli Kallu Samudram: The first song to be released from Uppena way back in February and a massive hit on Youtube as well, Javed Ali's instantly recognizable voice made this song a true romantic delight. The composition is outstanding from DSP and it's a Telugu song infused with Qawwali instrumentation and lyrics. Telugu Lyrics by Shreemani, Hindi Lyrics by Raqueeb Alam and Hindi Vocals & Aalap by Srikanth Chandra

Balega Tagilavey Bangaram: This teasing song is in classic Raviteja style and is an instantly hummable song sang by Tamil composer Anirudh Ravichander. The classical lyrics in the beginning along with the funky beat makes it very catchy despite the clear inspiration and rip off from the song El Neon by Selva. Music by Thaman and lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry. 

Aarambame: This soulful melody from Puneeth Rajkumar's upcoming Telugu-Kannada bilingual Yuvarathnaa is so soothing and pleasing to listen to. Sung by Butta Bomma fame Armaan Malik and the legendary Shreya Ghoshal, you'll be listening to this on repeat within no time. Music by Thaman and lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry


Top 10 Countdown

10) OMG Daddy from Ala Vaikunthapurramlo: This insanely catchy song seemed very silly at first and not upto to the mark for the other two songs released before it but it's one of the most unique hero introduction songs in recent years. Whether it be the rap in between or the relatable lyrics throughout, seeing OMG Daddy on screen actually helped a lot with connecting to the song and was a hysterical treat to watch on screen. Credit to the singers Telugu Rap - Roll Rida, English rap - Rahul Nambiar, Female rap - lady Kash, Singer - Rahul Sipligunj, and the Additional singer - Blazee. Lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya and composed by Thaman S.

9) Sarileru Anthem from Sarileru Neekevvaru: This is easily the best song in the underwhelming album from Devi Sri Prasad. The orchestration and emotional feel from the instruments is pitch perfect and Shankar Mahadevan's vocals put you in the feels and carry you through a song that's sure to make you feel patriotic and respect soldiers. Lyrics and Composed by Devi Sri Prasad. 

8) Maguva Maguva from Vakeel Saab: The best gift for International Women's Day way back in March. Sid Sriram and Thaman deliver another memorable song which speaks about the greatness of women in society and in our lives. An instantly hummable starting tune and Sid's singing makes it a true delight to listen to. Lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry.

7) Bhalegundi Bala from Sreekaram: Penchal Das is slowly making a name for himself as the best Folk singer we have in India. Another insanely catchy song with a thumping beat, Bhalegundi Bala is Penchal Das mass all the way along with a goosebumps ending verse from the female singer Nutana Mohan. Lyrics by Penchal Das himself and composed by Mickey J Meyer.

6) Sitharala Sirapadu from Ala Vaikunthapurramlo: The climax fight song from AVPL, it did seem odd and forced at first but after repeat listens, it's another very catchy and meaningful song. Sung by Bada Suranna and Saketh Komanduri and Lyrics by Vijay Kumar Bhalla.

 5) Mind Block from Sarileru Neekevvaru: This song was a certified ROD on the first listen and was trolled left and right for the terrible tune and sexual sounds in between but after some thoughts fans and audience alike figured that it might be a MASS FEAST on screen and that's exactly what it was. Featuring the career BEST DANCING by Mahesh Babu, Mind Block might be a terrible song to listen but on screen taking and visualization was next level. We can safely say the audience's minds got blocked while watching this song getting lost in the hype and euphoria it brought.

4) AVPL Title song from Ala Vaikunthapurramlo: It seems if you enter a house in Trivikram's movies there must be a classical tune to accompany it. Sung by the talented Priya Sisters in the beginning with beautiful lyrics to give a classical feel, Srikrishna takes care of the rest in the title song which takes off with a bang midway with soaring guitars bringing a heavenly feeling to your ears which results in a foot tapping song in the end yet it's criminally cut short in the movie by a good minute. Original runtime is 3:12. 

3) Raamulo Ramulo from Ala Vaikunthapurramlo: Can't say enough about this song. In the film they saved the best for last possibly and this song was PURE GOOSEBUMPS on screen. Sung by the ever talented Anurag Kulkarni and folk singer Mangli, Kasarla Shyam's lyrics made for the one of the catchiest songs ever in Telugu music. The beat and lyrics will make you want to dance all over you house doing the world famous "Dosa" or half coat step by Allu Arjun. Certified banger and classic all the way.

2) Samajavaragamana from Ala Vaikunthapurramlo: This song is a masterpiece. You've probably gotten sick of listening to it given the fact that it's been out for 1.5 years now and because it was so good, you already exhausted all your repeats waiting to see it on screen in the movie. Sung By Sid Sriram and being the catalyst for Ala Vaikunthapurramlo's massive success, Thaman S delivers a song that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Only negative is that the picturization of the song was not upto the mark on screen.

 AND NUMBER 1 IS............................................................................

1) Butta Bomma from Ala Vaikunthapurramlo: You ever seen a class song that can give you goosebumps every single time you listen to it. I don't know about you but that's what happens to me when every time I listen to this song. The most watched Telugu song of ALL TIME with 487 Million views, Butta Bomma is a visual MASTERPIECE sung by Armaan Mallik that's aided by the screen presence of Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde, AS Prakash's masterpiece set, PS Vinod's flawless visuals, Jani Master's smooth choreography, and lastly the lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry. There's only one problem with the song. IT ENDS. Hoping that it gets to 1 Billion views eventually. Thaman and the entire musical team take a bow.