Rating: 9/10 (Beautiful and Touching)

One of the most awaited films has finally arrived. Sparking curiosity from the first poster itself, Oopiri is an adaption of the French blockbuster, The Intouchables. Nagarjuna and Karthi play the lead roles in this movie directed by Vamshi Paidipally and Produced by PVP. How is it compared to the original? Find out in my review

Story: Seenu(Karthi) is a street rat and unemployed school dropout who has just been released from jail for robbery. After many hassles, his lawyer Lingam (Ali) gets him out and he's granted 3 months parole and has to be crime free. Meanwhile, this mother (JayaSudha) shuns him from the house and hates him because of his actions and believes he will always have a bad influence on his home. When looking for things to do, he finds an ad in a paper for a care taker job for Vikram Aditya (Nagarjuna) who is currently hiring. Using his street smartness and putting it to the test, he is  interviewed by his secretary Keerthy (Tammanah) and he somehow gets hired. He finds the job to be more ridiculous than he anticipated but eventually starts to get used to the process. How Seenu and Vikram bond as best friends and whether or not Seenu takes care of all his family problems and gets Keerthy in the end forms the rest of this touching drama.

Performances: After Bhai, the film that will gain Nagarjuna his respect back is definitely Oopiri. It is extremely difficult to emote without using your hands and Nagarjuna lets his eyes do all the talking in this film. He is simply amazing as Vikram Aditya and one of the the pillars of this film. he has come a long way in the industry and if his father ANR were still alive today, he would definitely put a hand on the back of his shoulder and smile that his son took and performed such a difficult role and passed with flying colors.

When they announced Karthi in the role of the caretaker, I was hesitant to consider whether he would do a good job as the role was originally written for Jr. NTR. After watching this movie, Karthi takes his hand slaps everybody in the face who doubted him and he is undoubtedly the highlight of this movie. His energy, mannerisms, dialogues, expressions, and most importantly comic timing in this film are wold class. You cannot imagine any other actor in this role and you will agree that NTR would have not done half as good of a job as Karthi has done in this film. He is world class in this movie and extremely entertaining.

Tammanah is gorgeous as Keerthy and her scenes with Karthi are very good, especially the one about the surprise birthday party which is an absolute riot. Her dubbing for herself is also well done. Jayasudha has done a good role which carries some weight and emotional impact. It is Prakash Raj who scores the most in the comedy department after Karthi. The painting thread is the best comedy track in this whole movie. He is flawless as usual. Kalpana, Anushka, Shriya, Tanikella Bharani, and Adivi Sesh are all adequate in their roles.

Technicalities: Music and background score by Gopi Sunder is excellent. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are very well written especially in the comedy scenes and sentimental scenes. It is PS Vinod's camerawork that stands out in this film. He has lit up the screen in his film and the visuals in Paris are simply breathtaking. He is superb on this film. Editing is ok there is a big of a lag in the 2nd half and the film is long at about 2 hrs and 40 minutes. Adapted screenplay by Vamshi Paidipally is excellent. Production Values by PVP are world class. He spent his money's worth on this one and for good reason. It is brilliant.

Ananlysis: I have seen the original film, The Intouchables. And whenever you watch a film, then watch it's remake, comparisons are inevitable. Oopiri is no different. But I will say that I definitely enjoyed Oopiri more because our Indians definitely know how to make things enjoyable and entertaining. Oopiri is so entertaining that never for a moment do you feel bored and during the sentimental scenes, the emotion is so meaningful that you can connect with everything going. The original film does not contain the whole Paris vacation episode or the Anushka episode but these are arguably the two most important parts of Oopiri.

Vamshi Paidipally has done a tremendous job of adopting the original and keeping it's soul intact while infusing humor and writing entertaining scenes in his adaptation. He scores full marks with this film and this is easily his best film to date. Right from his first film Munna, the guy has a knack for making stylish films and Oopiri, given it's budget and the way it has been filmed, is one of the most visually rich and stylish drama films we've seen in a long time in the TFI.

Right from the word go, Oopiri will keep you entertained. The first half is excellent and only gets better as soon as Karthi gets the job. The 2nd half is very emotional and well written but still entertaining. Karthi and Tammanah's romance is not realistic but for the sake of the indian audience and the film, it was included into the script. The film has many entertaining as well as beautiful moments which makes it one the best class oriented films in a long, long time.

On a whole, Oopiri is must watch for any film fan no matter what genre. Nagarjuna and Karthi's performances, direction, cinematography, music, and the entertainment quotient are the highlights of this beautiful and touching movie. Don't miss it and if you have missed it, then watch it asap. I'm going with 9/10