Rating: 5/10 (Overrated Psychological Thriller)

The combination of NTR and Sukumar has created a lot of curiosity among film goers and they've arrived with a film called Nannaku Prematho. Is the film as good as they claim it to be? I didn't think so. Find out why

Story: Abhiram (Jr. NTR) is the son of a businessman named Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) who will die soon due to pancreatic cancer. He reveals to his son that he has 30 days left to live and he was cheated by a man named Krishnamurthy Kautilya (Jagapathi Babu) and was left for dead by him. Abhiram now makes it his personal mission to take down Krishnamurthy before his father dies. Whether he succeeds or not and how Divya (Rakul Preet) fits into this plan forms the rest of this movie.

Performances: Jr. Ntr is very good as Abhiram. His hairdo and styling this film are excellent and he is as good as ever. Watch out for his performance in the emotional scenes in this film. He has simply rocked it.

Rakul Preet is good as Divya and her dubbing for herself sounds a bit odd but it's nice to see.

Jagapathi Babu is a revelation as Krishnamurthy and is excellent as the villain. Rajendra Prasad does his usual good father role and he is fine. Rajiv Kanakala and Srinivas Avasarala as the brother's of NTR are fine.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Devi Sri Prasad is excellent. Don't Stop and Love Me Again are nice to see on screen. Cinematography by Vijay Chakravarthy is superb. The visuals in and around London are nice to see. Dialogues are alright. Sometimes they can become a little too much to comprehend.Editing is not good as the movie clocks in at 168 minutes and it doesn't need to be so long. Story is ok. Art is alright.Fights are ridiculous and unbelievable.  Direction by Sukumar is adequate. Production Values by BVSN Prasad are rich and grand. He has spent 50 crores on this film and it clearly shows on screen.


  • Fans would say NTR's acting is superb and he has done a great job again and the movie is a blockbuster

  • Neutral moviegoers will say it's good

  • Reviewers and honest movie goers like me will say that it's an ok film and it's a bit much at times. Does it offer anything new? Maybe here and there, but as a whole it just doesn't live up to the hype.

Analysis: If you look at the perspectives I just listed, they're accurate. And when looked at from a movie experience point of view, Nannaku Prematho is just an ok film with emphasis on logics, The Butterfly effect, and mind games.

Sukumar committed a blunder when he made his lat film 1 Nenokkadine too complex and it caused the common man to be unable to understand what was going on and the film tanked but it has garnered a classic following today.

While he has dumbed down on the psychological aspect of things, his fixation and obsession about logics and phenomenons are still intact in this film.

In fact, all of NTR's meeting with Rakul are about these things only. Hearing an explanation for something once is fine, but hearing the same thing 3 times in the same half tests your patience. Also the much hyped mind game doesn't live up to the hype and the hero was always one step ahead of the villain the whole time. Also, a mind game works between two intelligent individuals. But if one person if Einstein and the other is not, then there is no point to the mind game. The hero also knows way too much about things. When Rakul Preet gets kidnapped and is about to get raped by men, the way the hero goes about finding her is just too much to believe. And the scorpion scene is the most ridiculous scene in the film. There is no way the hero would survive and do all of those things before his time ran out. Also the whole Spain sequence is unnecessary and a complete waste of film. The film boasts of many illogical sequences like the aforementioned scenes and that's why I found the film to be overrated.

Overall, Nannaku Prematho is an intelligent but overrated psychological thriller than places more emphasis on logics and phenomenons than it does on it's content.

Watch it if you'd like and keeping the perspectives mentioned in mind.