Rating: 7/10 (Good)

Prabhas's last film Rebel was a dud at the box office even though he delivered a very good performance. He teamed up with well known writer now turned director Koratala Siva for Mirchi. How spicy is this film? Find out in my review

Story: Jai (Prabhas) is an architect in Milan. He saves a girl Manasa (Richa) from a couple of goons and slowly their romance builds. After an long day of partying, Manasa reveals that she wishes she could be like Jai her whole life and enjoy it without any restrictions but it's her family that it always in the back of her mind and they essentially never her let be happy in any way. She tells him to never see her again or try to look for her. Jai then goes back to India and becomes friends with Poorna and as a result of their bonding, he decides to take Jai to his native village and let him stay in his house. Twist is that Poorna is none other than Manasa's brother.

In the meantime,  Uma(Sampath) who is Manasa's and Poornas uncle has a long lasting enmity with a rival family in Palnadu whose leader is Deva (Satyaraj) and is constantly looking for ways to kill him. As romance slowly starts building between Jai and Manasa again, their families like their chemistry and decide to get them married. But Uma plans an attack on Deva and is subsequently saved by Jai in the process. Who is Jai and why did he actually come to Manasa's house forms the rest of this action drama.

Performances: Prabhas is excellent as Jai. This is not the most complex character but you can see various contrasts in his character from the first half to the 2nd half. He's nice as the cool and suave man in the 1st half and is absolutely superb as the fiery and hot blooded killing machine in the 2nd half. This is his most stylish role and he also does a great job in the sentimental scene that ends the flashback. Really good stuff from the Rebel Star and he carries this film on his shoulders.

Anushka is better when compared to Richa who still can't act. Anushka's role actually has some meaning but can't say the same for Richa. They are ok as the heroines.

Sampath Raj is the new villain in town. This guy can actually speak Telugu and is extremely intimidating as Uma. He puts in a good performance as the villain.

Nagineedu plays a justified role which perfectly suits him.

Satyaraj is apt as Deva and fits the bills perfectly. Adiyta Menon shouts too much and is wasted. Nadhiya looks gorgeous as Prabhas's mother but too young to actually play the character.

Subbaraju plays a comical character for once and Brahmi entertains to an extent with his homesick dialogue.

Technicalities: Music by DSP is good and background score is very good. Cinematography by Madhi is excellent. This man is a talent to watch out for and can seriously give our own cameramen a run for their money. His visuals in this film are breathtaking. Dialogues by Koratala Siva are very good and philosophical. Art by AS Prakash is amazing cause of the way he has designed Uma's house set. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao is fine. Fights by Anal Arasu are excellent but a bit superficial. Screenplay is engaging. Productions Values are UV Creations are superb. This film looks stylish and colorful and the big bucks have clearly been spent on this film.

IMG_9466 (2)

Analysis: Two warring families, Rayalaseema, two children in present day from the families wanting to marry, and some stranger coming from nowhere disguising himself as someone else and brings about a change in the families and all ends happy. Doesn't this formula sound like it's been there done that formula? That's cause it is.

Starting from Kalisundam Raa all the way to Brindavanam, every successful family entertainer in the recent time has used this formula and come out on top but Koratala Siva has taken the age old story and given it a new wrapping. The film starts off in Italy and after some silly romance between Jai and Manasa, the film comes into it's senses and the story progresses. This film really doesn't engage you in the first half but a pulsating interval block leaves you with goosebumps and an expected twist.

The film being a faction film, has a lengthy flashback (cause come on, what's a Seema film without a flashback?) and this is the best part of the film as the whole plot is explained through this film and why the families are constantly at war. The action sequences and sentiment take the cake here and the best scene of the film is shunning of Prabhas by Satyaraj which may make you shed a tear or two and it is very emotional. The fight after and the climax seem a bit rushed but by that time the film is already 155 minutes long. Koratala Siva has taken this age old story and has presented it in a fresh way and gives out the message to stop these wars and start loving. His screenplay in the first half is decent and in the second half is very good. This guy could go a long way in TFI if he keeps writing message oriented movies.

On a whole, Mirchi is a well made action drama that is an old wine in a brand new bottle. Prabhas's performance, the action sequences, dialogues, and the 2nd half are the highlights of this film. I'm going with 7/10.