Rating: 8/10 (Nonstop Entertainment)

Release Date: May 8th 2009

The fist combo between Surender Reddy and Raviteja resulted in the movie Kick being made. How is the film. I loved it. Let's find out why

Story: Kalyan (Raviteja) is a man who will do anything to experience a "kick" or adrenaline rush in life. He falls in love with Naina (Ileana) and after some teasing she eventually falls for him. However, they break up and her marriage gets arranged with a successful police officer named Kalyan Krishna (Shaam). He is looking for a man robbing politicians and bigwigs in India and he wants to know why.

Who is this robber and how is related to the 3 principal characters? Watch the rest of Kick to find out.

Performances: As usual, Raviteja is excellent as Kalyan and his impeccable comic timing and dialogue delivery is superb as usual. Kalyan is a different character as he uses hit wits instead of his brawns to get him out of tough situations.

Ileana is smoking hot as Naina and gives an excellent performance as well. Her svelte physique is highlighted by the cameraman.

Shaam is fabulous as Kalyan Krishna.

Once again, it is Brahmanandham who steals the show as Halwa Raj. His antics as the bakra lover and his thread with JP Reddy is ROFL type stuff.

Jayaprakash Reddy is hilarious as an SI who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ali is a riot as Dr. Bali and brings the house down in the 2nd half. Venu Madhav provides some nice comedy in the opening stages.

Sayaji Shinde is good as Kalyan's father. Kota is hilarious as one of the politicians who gets robbed and his sommu dialogues are something to look out for. Rao Ramesh is competent as Naina's uncle.

Raghubabu and Duvvasi Mohan are hilarious as well as men who are hired to beat Kalyan to a pulp.

All in all, the comedians carry Kick and make it an entertaining ride from start to finish.

Direction: Surender Reddy who was better known for making mass masala entertainers in the past has tried his hand at a heist type comedy thriller this time around. He has penned an extremely entertaining screenplay which results in a lightning quick narrative. The only place he falters is in the 2nd half when the movie takes a huge emotional turn towards the climax and is a bit stretched in the conclusion. Nevertheless, he has extracted superb comic performances from Raviteja and the comedians to ensure that you never feel bored and are laughing more often than not. Overall, it's a good job from him.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by debutant SS Thaman is superb. He is surely a talent to watch out for. Cinematography by Rasool Ellore is excellent and vibrant. He has managed to capture Malaysia in a beautiful way and his splendid camerawork is further accentuated in the songs. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are hilarious for the most part. Art by Narayana Reddy is adequate. Stunts by Vijay are alright. The climax is way too over the top.  Editing by Gautham Raju is ok. Production Values by RR Movie Makers are extravagant.

Verdict: Kick is a superb entertainer from the word go. Surender Reddy immediately establishes the hero's characterization from the first frame and its from that point forward that you know you're in for a fun ride.

The 1st half is flawless with unlimited entertainment until the pre interval where things get a little serious. The interval bang is rib tickling. The 2nd half is extremely entertaining as well until the reveal of the robber's motivation to commit all the robberies. Raviteja and Ileana have excellent chemistry and it is on full display in Kick.

For the common audience, Kick will be a delightful film but for the youth, it will be a feast as Ileana's glamour is on full display here. Kick is a film that shouldn't be taken too seriously and don't look for logic in it or your brain might hurt.

Overall, Kick is a film that provides non stop entertainment. Excellent direction, performances by the cast, and music are the highlights of this laugh riot.

Watch Kick and forget your problems for 3 hours. It's recommended if you're having a bad week.