Rating: 6.5/10 (Entertaining Formula Film)

Release Date: August 12th, 2011

Debutant Sanotsh Srinivas makes his debut with a film titled Kandireega meaning Bee or Wasp. Released in August 2011, how does this Ram starrer fare? It's entertaining.

Story: A jobless youth named Seenu (Ram) goes back to finish his degree in the city and falls in love with a girl Shruthi (Hansika) who catches the eye of the biggest don in the city named Bhavani (Sonu Sood). Right when he takes of care Bhavani, Seenu gets a new problem in the form another girl (Aksha) who happens to be the daughter of one of the most powerful men in Warangal, Rajanna (Jayaprakash Reddy). How Seenu manages to clear all the problems and who he chooses in the end forms the rest of the story.

Performances; Ram gives another electric performance as Seenu. But sadly, Seenu is literally the same guy he plays in ever movie. He should start look for some variety to improve his talent. Nevertheless, he is good as usual.

Hansika is ok as Shruthi and seriously needs to check her weight. Aksha gets a fun role as the 2nd heroine and does a decent job.

The real highlight of the film is Sonu Sood. We have seen him as an Aghora in Arundhati and as a ruthless don in Ek Niranjan, but in Kandireega he reinvents himself as a stuttering mafia don. His performance in the 2nd half is simply flawless and he makes you laugh throughout the whole movie with his antics. He is the real show stealer here and he gets the maximum brownie points in terms of performance.

Jayaprakash Reddy is funny as Warangal Rajanna and does a fine job as usual. Vineet Kumar plays the villain role and it's an awkward one at that.

Brahmandham is hilarious in his 5 minute cameo as the fake Bhavani.

Direction: Santosh Srinivas has chosen a routine story for his debut but has handled the film like an expert. He has a good grip on the entertainment aspect and gives Ram the next best entertainer after Ready. The 2nd half of Kandireega is the life and soul of the film with comedy that's Srinu Vaitlaesque and is simply hilarious. He has a good grip on commercial elements especially comedy and makes an entertaining treat for the audience to enjoy and laugh. He extracts superb performances from Ram and Sonu Sood and keeps you entertained for the most part.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Thaman is pretty good. The songs are catchy and might stay with you for a while. They are nicely shot on the screen. Cinematography by Andrew is very good. The film is colorfully shot for the most part and has a vibrant feel to it. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is alright as the film drags in the 2nd half and makers add unnecessary scene in the name of prolonging the film for no reason and it gets tedious. Art by Chinna is good for the house set in the 2nd half. Fights by Stun Siva are alright. Dialogues by Rajendra Kumar are very good and entertaining. Production Values by Bellamkonda Suresh are grand and excellent.

Verdict: Kandireega is a mix of all the recent entertainers and dished out to the audience in the monsoon season. Nevertheless the film is entertaining to core and the 2nd half is pure entertainment. The film is a kichdi of all the recent films and lacks a fresh story. The only twist is the one at the interval but the problem is dealt with in the routine formula way with the hero entering the villains house in the 2nd half and solving all the problems.

The film has a striking resemblance to Ready in terms of the 2nd half and the confusion comedy but the audience could care less because they will be entertained throughout due to the superb screenplay and direction by Santosh Srinivas. The 1st half is decent. 2nd half is the lifeline.

Overall, Kandireega is an entertaining formula film that is bound to entertain you. Ram and Sonu Sood's performances carry the film and it makes for an entertaining watch.

Don't look for logic though or else your brain might hurt. Leave them at home for this one.