Rating: 3.5/10 (Jaya Janalni Himsinchadam)
Cast: Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas, Rakul Preet Singh, Pragya Jaiswal, Jagapathi Babu, Tarun Arora, Sharath Kumar, Nandu, Chalapathi Rao, Suman, Vani Viswanathan, Shravan, Catherina Tresa (SA)
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Boyapati Sreenu
Producer: Mirayala Ravinder Reddy
Banner: Dwaraka Creations
Actor Bellamkonda Sreenivas has not yet proven himself as a bankable hero in the Telugu film industry. Having gotten the opportunity to work with mass entertainer specialist Boyapati Sreenu, he now has a chance to prove his worth to the audience. Do they succeed in the film Jaya Janaki Nayaka? Sadly not. Let's find out why
Plot: When Sweety (Rakul Preet) gets entangled in all sorts of trouble with her family issues and wedding, Gagan (Bellamkonda Sreenivas) comes to her rescue and vows to fight for her. How Gagan solves all her problems and how Aswith Narayana Varma (Jagapathi Babu) and Arun Pawar (Tarun Arora) are involved in this forms the rest of the story.
Performances: Bellamkonda Sreenivas has improved from his first two movies. But despite building up his physique and looking macho, he still fails to deliver when it matters the most in emotional and serious sequences. His facial expressions must improve a lot as well as his dialogue delivery. Despite not scoring on the acting front, he delivers in dances and the action sequences. His dance steps are decent but they feel rigid as there is no fluidity in his movements.
Rakul Preet Singh looks gorgeous and performs well but her character is highly irritating as all she does is cry starting from the 2nd half. Pragya Jaiswal sizzles in Chill Boss song but has a minuscule role lasting less than 10 minutes.
Jagapathi Babu more or less does what he did in Legend and is probably the best performer once again. Tarun Arora is good as Arun Pawar.
Sharath Kumar gets a dignified role and does justice while Nandu is competent and shows off his dance moves in the Sangeeth song.
Lastly, Vani Viswanathan makes a comeback in a small yet pivotal role and Catherine Tresa's item song is a huge waste of time
Direction: When the Telugu film industry is making films like Ghazi and Baahubali to boast of, Boyapati Sreenu is still making films like Legend and Sarrainodu.  Jaya Janaki Nayaka ranks among his weakest works in my opinion. Usually in Boyapati films, we get to see mass elevations and amazing action sequences along with good emotions. Jaya Janaki Nayaka has elevation scenes but they contain artificial emotions. Unlike Simha or Tulasi where we could sympathize with the characters, we can't in this film. There is just too much logic missing in fight sequences and too much logic missing overall. While he succeeds in getting the action sequences right, he has made Bellamkonda Sreenivas look like god or Superman and effectively killed the proceedings. A better lead actor and a better story would have done wonders to this film. He should also stop casting Rakul in his films because he apparently loves to see her cry in his movies. Overall, Boyapati Sreenu disappoints this time and delivers an awful product with zero content whatsoever.
Technicalities: Music and BGM by Devi Sri Prasad are ok. Cinematography by Rishi Punjabi is excellent. It's one of the only lifelines of the movie. He has done a flawless job and each and every frame looks rich and grand. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is ok. Dialogues by M.Rathnam are good. Art by Sahi Suresh is fabulous. The house sets and the beach set for the fight are outstanding. Fights by Ram Lakshman are very good but they defy all logic. Production Values by Miryala Ravider Reddy are extravagant. Almost 40 crores have been spent on the movie and it clearly shows on the screen.
+ Production Values
+ Cinematography
+ Hamsaladeevi Action Sequence
- Story
- Emotions
- Logic
Analysis and Verdict: After reading the reviews on all the sites, I have to say they were biased and paid. For the first time, the reviews had lied to me so I decided to write my own. Jaya Janaki Nayaka in all honesty, is pure nonsense dished out at the expense of the audience and promoted as a commercial entertainer. With a hero who's expressionless, a weeping heroine, a bland story, and logic defying sequences, the film makes for a painful watch.
Usually Boyapati films have unbelievable sequences that are made believable. But this film is just too ridiculous to comprehend and defies logic in almost every sequence. In one scene, Jagapathi Babu cares about his honor so much he asks his daughter how she can uphold his honor after a video of her and some other guy kissing was leaked. She proceeds to take the gun and shoot herself while her father is ok that his daughter just committed suicide. In another scene, he shoots his own hand and starts bleeding excessively to make a point to his family that he's gonna kill Rakul Preet.
While the much hyped Hamsaladeevi fight is well done, the amount of logic defied is just too great. Bellamkonda is shown to fight at least 100 goons all armed with swords and pistols and not a single one of these goons can shoot a bullet and kill him. They're all reloading or just running with the pistol. And then Sharath Kumar and Nandu enter the scene, give Bellamkonda a sword, and then he starts hacking everyone with his sword, beheads a villain, and then comes out unscathed and not a single cut or scratch on his body! Speechless!
If you like the scene I just described, then by all means please watch Jaya Janaki Nayaka. If you don't think you'll be able to handle such an illogical sequence, then do yourself a favor and save your time and money and don't watch the movie. We as Telugu audiences encourage good films with good content and encourage good acting. To say that Jaya Janaki Nayaka has any of those 3 components mentioned above would be a huge lie. And I don't like to lie to the audience.
Overall, Jaya Janaki Nayaki is a nonsensical film from Boyapati Sreenu. No logic and just ridiculous sequences all over the film make this movie a painful watch. Barring great production values and flawless cinematography, the movie has nothing to offer to the audience.
Watch it only if you're a hardcore fan of Boyapati Sreenu and his movies.