Rating: 6/10 (Hilarious and Touching Buddy Comedy)

Cast: Tejus Kancharla, Tej Kurapati, Abhinav Madhisetty, Dinesh Tej, Priya Vadlamani, Rahul Ramakrishna, Fish Venkat and others

Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Shree Harsha Konuganti

Music: Sunny MR and Radhan

Producers: Bekkam Venugopal

Banner: Lucky Media

Format Watched: Amazon Prime

I watched Hushaaru long back in March and this a review that's been in the cans for a long time. The film stars newcomers and it's a story on friendship. The film ended up becoming a super hit due to the low budget back in December 2018. 

Plot: The experiences of 4 friends and Raj Bollam (Rahul Ramakrishna) and how one incident brings them together is what Hushaaru is all about.

Performances: Tejus Kancharla is apt as Aarya. Dinesh Tej has a good physique and the looks to have a  long career in Telugu movie. He is natural. Abhinav is good and endearing with his performance.

The highlight though is Tej Kurapati who plays Bunty. He brings the house down with his hilarious antics and dialogues.

Lastly, Rahul Ramakrishna is hilarious as Raj Bollam and carries the movie till the end in the 2nd half.

Priya Vadlamani as one of the heroines is good. The rest of the cast is all adequate.

Direction: Sree Harsha Konuganti picks an old theme for this debut movie in friendship. However films prove that you can make the same story over and over again if the execution is different and right. He has the ability to write good comedic situations as some the episodes throughout the movie are a laugh riots in regards to the friends. The characterizations for each hero is apt and never at any point does one dominate the other as it should be in a friend group. The emotional twist seems a little artificial given the context of things and the plot wanders in the 2nd half until Rahul Ramakrishna comes and saves it. Overall, Hushaaru is a decent debut for the direction and he does an adequate job in making it appealing to this target audience which is the youth.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Radhan and Sunny MR is alright. Cinematography by Raj Thota is adequate. Dialogues by Sree Harsha Konuganti are very good and modern. They are very relatable to today's youth. Editing is ok. Since the movie is made on a very tight budget, most of the Production Values are very substandard.


+ Performances

+ Comedy 

+ Rahul Ramakrishna


- Emotional Angle 

- Adult Scenes and Jokes at times

Analysis and Final Take: Hushaaru is a movie that knows its audience and doesn't try too hard at doing anything else. And it succeeds in that goal. The film is pretty funny overall and there's not much to complain about other than some things here and there.

One thing is that this is definitely not a family friendly movie and there are definitely some scenes and jokes that are only meant for a solo viewing.

The first half is fun with some solid comedy and hilarious situations. The 2nd half drags a bit until Rahul Ramakrishna's episode which is a complete laugh riot.

The film ends on a happy note. It's a movie to remember and celebrate all the dumb things that you did or still do with your friends. It appeals more to males than females in the end.

Overall, Hushaaru is a hilarious and touching buddy movie about friendship. Celebrate the behavior and enjoy. Watch it if you like friendship movies or buddy movies.