Rating: 7.5/10 (Solid Spy Thriller) 

Cast: Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, Anish Kuruvilla, Supriya Yarlagadda, Vennela Kishore, Ravi Prakash, and others 

Story and Screenplay: Adivi Sesh 

Dialogues: Abburi Ravi 

Screenplay-Direction: Sashi Kiran Tikka 

Producer: Abhishek Nama, TG Vishwa Prasad & Abhishek Agarwal

Banner: Abhishek Pictures 

After the sensational success of Kshanam in 2016, Adivi Sesh is back after a long gap of 2.5 years. Providing the story and starring in the lead role once again, the talented actor is back with a spy thriller called Goodachari. Does the film live upto the expectations? Let's find out in this week's review

Plot: A young man named Gopi (Adivi Sesh) becomes hellbent on joining the Trinetra organization to find out the mystery behind his father's murder.

Performances: Adivi Sesh is more than adequate in the lead role. To be honest, he has the looks but not the arresting screen presence that a spy needs to have. But nevertheless he gives a sincere and honest performance and makes the most of it.

Debutante Sobhitha Dhulipala is good in her role and is voluptuous and seductive with her eyes. She bears a striking resemblance to Radhika Apte in my opinion.

Prakash Raj gets another solid role and he never disappoints. Supriya Yarlagadda is back after 22 years and is excellent in a dignified role as a stern woman as the head of the agency.

Anish Kuruvilla does a good job as a higher ranked official in the Trinetra organization.

A very popular and well known Telugu actor plays the villain and he does a good job but goes overboard at times with his loud acting.

Vennela Kishore gets an unorthodox role and is made to take seriously in this film instead of comic relief. The rest of the cast is fine.

Direction: Sashi Kiran Tikka makes his debut in this film. His job was to direct the story provided by Adivi Sesh and he does a commendable job. The line sounds very routine but the twists in the screenplay are what makes the difference. The brilliance of this film lies in it's unpredictability at times and the massive unexpected twists throughout the movie. He makes an engaging first half and an equally engaging second half. The only problem is that he doesn't explain a certain plot point fully and the romantic track and what happens during it is questionable given the whole premise. But Tikka uses the most of his cast and extracts superb performances and gets an outstanding output for the budget he was allotted and makes a successful attempt of making a spy thriller in Telugu albeit some inspiration at times. Overall, he does a fine job and could be the director for the possible Goodachari franchise if that comes to fruition.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Sricharan Pukala is phenomenal. The Goodachari theme stands out throughout the film and during the end credits. Cinematography by Shaniel Deo is excellent. The visuals of Rajahmundry and Seattle in the climax are breathtaking. Editing by Garry BH is smooth but the film could be at least 10 mins shorter had he trimmed the songs. Fights are excellent and on par with Hollywood action thrillers. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are well written and make an impact. Production Design is very good. The VFX department does a fantastic job as well throughout the film. Costumes are also fabulous. Production Values by Abhishek Pictures are outstanding. The main reason why Goodachari is so appealing is because of the output that was delivered within the allotted budget. Just phenomenal stuff.


+ Performances 

+ Background Score

+ Technical Output 

+ Screenplay Twists 

+ Action Sequences 


- Length 

- Dragged Pre Climax and Climax Episodes

Analysis and Final Take: The question Telugu audiences have always been asking is why can't we make Hollywood action thrillers and films that have good stories with loads of twists and turns like the Mission Impossible or James Bond series. Well Telugu audiences, you have your answer in Goodachari.

Simply put, Goodachari is the story of a young boy who dreams of joining a spy organization named Trinetra to uncover the mystery behind his father's murder. In the middle, there is a love track, and loads of twists and turns that make the film a superbly engaging watch.

The start of the film establishes the mood of the film and it picks up when Sesh gets admitted to the agency. I will say that the whole shop setup, gadgets, and training methods are inspired from a recent spy series that features a mostly English cast and features a similar premise. The first half is pretty engaging that ends with a big twist and then the 2nd half goes full Jason Bourne style with the hero on the run.

Now to the writing. With this film, Adivi Sesh joins the list of best writers in Tollywood along with Koratala Siva, Srinivas Avasarala, Mohankrishna Indraganti, and the late Jandhyala garu. He shows his mark and stamp all over the film with the brilliant twists and turns in the screenplay. And they are placed at the right intervals. Had they been misplaced or not in the script at all, Goodachari would not be the same film. The interval has a massive reveal and then there is another massive emotional twist before the pre-climax which may or may not be well received by everybody. For the most part, Goodachari succeeds with its intelligence and ability to defy and deceit with the technology and methods used by Gopi throughout the film.

Adivi Sesh has also taken care to make sure that this film is universal in a way such that it can be understood by even the B or C center audience despite the heavy usage of English or Hindi at times in the movie. The actions sequences are brilliantly choreographed and adds the realistic value to the spy genre.

The film does have it's fair share of problems though. The first is the romantic track and the secrecy associated with being a spy. When Gopi reveals who he is to Sameera, which is Sobhita's character, the incidents that follow are hugely illogical. Given what transpires, you start to question what the motive of joining Trinetra was in the first place and why Gopi just went through all this training just to blow his cover to some girl he liked.

The other part is with the villain. Neither Sesh or Tikka explain the villain's true roots or motive. Was he an Indian or from another country? This specific plot is not answered properly. Add the dragged pre -climax and climax sequences and the length, it does get tedious towards the end of the film. The final scenes, which showcases the beautiful snowy landscapes of Seattle, Washington, ends of a cliffhanger and makes you wonder whether Goodachari is the start of Telugu cinema's first franchise. All in all, it gets the job done.

Overall, Goodachari is a solid spy thriller and the first of it's kind in modern day Telugu cinema. Excellent performances from the cast, an excellent screenplay filled with twists and turns coupled with a scintillating background score and outstanding production values makes Goodachari a thoroughly entertaining watch. Goodachari's objective was to be an engaging spy thriller in Telugu on par with Hollywood action thrillers and it's safe to say it achieves it's goal. Go for it.