Rating: 3.25/5 (Exciting Thriller)

Nani has once again joined hands with the man that gave him a chance in the industry, Mohankrishna Indraganti for a thriller called Gentleman. Is this hero a gentleman or a villain? Find out in the review

Story: Catherine (Nivetha Thomas) and Aiswarya (Surabhi) are sitting next to each other on a flight and somehow end up striking a conversation about their respective boyfriends. Catherine was wooed by Gautham (Nani) and she is going back to India to meet him again. Aiswarya is supposed to get engaged to Jai (Nani again) who runs her father's company and the two bond in Kodaikanal. The two leave the flight but Catherine is shocked to see that Jai looks just like Gautham. When she returns to Gautham's house, she shockingly finds out that Gautham is dead. Not willing to believe that her boyfriend is dead, Catherine starts to investigate what really happened. Is Gautham dead or alive? How is Jai connected to everything? Who is actually who? And what is the conspiracy behind the whole thing? Watch this riveting thriller to find out.

Performances: Nani gives another brilliant performance in Gentleman and is only getting better with each film. The Natural Star carries the film and he is mischievous and charming as Gautham and ruthless as Jai. Truly an amazing performance yet again.

Nivetha Thomas steals the show with her gorgeous looks and incredible acting skills. If she can choose the right scripts from now, she could easily be the next big thing in Telugu cinema. Surabhi is decent as Aiswarya.

After entertaining you with comedic roles in the past, Srinivas Avasarala plays the villain for once. He is alright. Rohini is good as Gautham's mother.

Vennela Kishore is hilarious with his x button comedy and his youtube video. He brings the house down as Sudarshanam.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Mani Sharma is ethereal. This film shows why he is the master of masters when it comes to background music and it is simply superb. The Melody Bhrama never disappoints and this movie is no different. Cinematography by PG Vinda is pretty good. Art by S Ravinder is alright. Editing by Marthan K Venkatesh is alright as a thriller like this needs a crisp run-time of about 2 hours and no more. Dialogues by Indraganti are good for the most part. Story by R David Nathan is very good. Production Values by Sridevi Movies are decent.

Analysis: A lot of people questioned Nani's decision to choose a thriller after doing comedy oriented films in the past. But the Natural Star stuck to his gut and he and Indraganti have delivered a great film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The film starts off slow but Catherine and Gautham's track is entertaining. Aiswarya and Jai's track is a tad boring and a bit dragged these portions could have been told more effectively. The 1st half is ok with the romance building up and the interval twist is superb. The 2nd goes into complete suspense mode and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Vennela Kishore keeps you entertained with his comedy and the suspense of who Jai is will keep you guessing till the very end. But if you've seen enough movies, then you can already guess the twist which is a little predictable. The last 15 minutes reveals all the suspense and makes for an incredible ride to the finish line.

Nani's performance is the icing on the cake and excellent direction and taking of the story by Indraganti only makes it better.

Overall, Gentleman is an exciting thriller that has a pulsating and suspense filled 2nd half that is bound to keep you guessing and have you on the edge of your seat. Nani's incredible performance, the background score, direction, and Nivetha Thomas are the plus points of this entertainer. Definitely recommended.