Rating: 5.5/10 ( Decent One Time Watch)

Allu Sirish is well known cause of his surname Allu. His father and brother are well known personalities in the TFI and are very successful. Sirish has already tried his luck with two films and both of them couldn't make a name for him. He teamed up with Parasuram and Lavanya Tripathi for this family drama. Does it work out? Find out in my review

Story: This story is as old as the hills but here it goes. Sirish (Allu Sirish) is a jobless Stanford MBA graduate who is on vacation in Kashmir. He sees a girl Anu(Lavanya Tripathi) and falls head over heels for her and he saves her after she loses consciousness. But she leaves soon after and Sirish travels all the way to find out who she really is.

Sirish's fathers' (Prakash Raj) older son marries a middle class girl and he hates her because he has a one minded philosophy that middle class girls marry rich men only cause of the money and nothing else and they want to live off of them. And what is Anu? A middle class girl! Viola and there you have the story. Sirish challenges his dad that he will win her over without using his status or wealth and make him realize his mistake. So he stalks her everyday at her college and harasses her until she gives in.

Meanwhile Anu's father(Rao Ramesh) arranges her marriage with their family friend. What happens to Sirish and Anu? Who is the guy she will marry? Does their love succeed? Watch this family drama to find out.

Performances: Allu Sirish has come a long way since his debut. He is a lot better this time around but still has a lot to work on. Lavanya Tripathi is the highlight of the movie. Not only does she look beautiful, but she also gives her best to the performance. Rao Ramesh steals the show once again as Anu's father. He is superb. Prakash Raj, Tanikella Bharani, and the rest of the experienced cast are adequate.  Ranadheer is ok. Prabhas Sreenu, Subbaraju, and Ali try to keep you entertained in the midst of everything on either side of each half.

Techincal: Music by Thaman is good. But one feels that the background score could have been better. Dialogues by Parasuram are excellent. The ones he wrote for the middle class lifestyle scene for Rao Ramesh and Sirish are the highlight in the movie and the best scene. Cinematography by Manikandan is rich and elegant. Art is fine. Production Values by Geetha Arts are superb. Every frame looks rich and vibrant

Analysis: Where to start on this one? The story is so old and the taking is average. The middle-class to rich barrier has been done to death in TFI and this film is no different. Had Parasuram written a different 2nd half, the film would have been better. But he chose the formula style where hero enters heroines house as a stranger amongst her family members in order to to win her back and convince her family members that he's the right guy. This isn't based on reality and I'm surprised they still use this template to win the girl over.

The 1st half takes off slowly and builds until Sirish finds Anu. But he stalks her and harasses her and this is supposed to be called romance which is ridiculous. Also why Anu starts to like Sirish is never explained. If you've seen enough movies you knew the twist between Tanikella Bharani and Rao Ramesh was coming. The interval bang is nice but the rest of the movie really isn't. The pre climax scene between Rao Ramesh and Sirish is the best scene in the movie but the climax is over the top and way too dramatic. Also the would be of the bride turns bakra once again. It's high time directors try to find different ways of romance and stop using the house entering formula.

On a whole despite it's flaws and ridiculousness, Srirastu Subhamastu makes for a decent one time watch. Performances, Dialogues, Interval and Pre Climax are the highlights of this done to death family entertainer.