Darling Prabhas. A massive star but a simple and humble man. Back in February 2013, I watched Mirchi and I was shocked as to how many people were watching the movie. I tried getting tickets for the Saturday night show and it was sold out in my area. That's when I knew that Prabhas's star power had finally arrived in America and the Koratala Siva directorial made over 600K in USA, becoming Prabhas's highest grossing film at the time here in the States. Prabhas was then kind enough to attend success meets in America to thank the fans in California and New Jersey. Me living in New York, heard that he was coming to East Windsor NJ and I could hardly contain my excitement. I told my mom and she immediately booked the tickets which was $20 per person.

We arrived early but were shocked to see that nobody was there. The show was at 8:30 but by the time it was 7:45 the entire theater was packed. We were all waiting in the theater until a man came into the room, probably one of Darling's representatives and finally said the moment you've all been waiting for and before I knew it, Prabhas in a red shirt saying Roar, blue jeans, and sandals appeared before my eyes with a heavy beard.

I was shocked and it's truly a different feeling when you meet someone in person. You finally get the realization that it's not just some guy behind a screen, he's actually real and right in front of you. We watched the 1st half of the film and during the interval break, Prabhas interacted with the fans and was really sweet and down to earth. He said some of his famous dialogues such as:

Tipper lorry velli scooter ni guddithe yela vuntadu telusa? Ala vuntadi nenu guddithe- From Bujjigadu

and Dude, Dude, Dude,- From Mirchi

He eventually stopped his interaction and fan questions and then we proceeded to form a line to the right side to take a picture with him. The line was huge was soon enough I got a close glimpse of the actor himself.

Before I knew it, it was my mother and I's turn to meet him. I walked up to the bulky actor and said Hi Prabhas yela vunnavu? And he kindly responded Bagunna. I then kindly introduced him to my mother and he smiled and said hi. Darling then pulled both of us in tightly and took a picture with us and I shook his hand and wished him all the best. The moment was surreal and I was starstruck as I had just met my 2nd favorite Telugu actor in person. He was not arrogant like some stars and he was a simple, humble, down to earth man who was very kind.

In short, Prabhas was a gentle giant. It was after this moment I realized why he's called Darling. To sum it up, it was amazing experience and totally worth spending $20 on a Thursday night 4 years ago to meet a now world famous actor.

As a Prabhas supporter and fan, I could not have been happier when I met him and I'm even happier to see him so successful across the globe with Baahubali.

Maybe one day I will meet him again, if my dream to enter Tollywood becomes a reality. But this is one fan moment and moment in my life I will never forget.