Rating: 3/5 (Timepass)

Manchu Vishnu has been in some good form recently and arrives with his new film Doosukeltha. Directed by Veeru Potla who is on a hattrick if the film succeeds, how does the film fare? Find out in my review.

Story: Chinna (Vishnu) makes a bet with the family of a girl and the consequences of that bet are catastrophic that the girls family kicks her out of the house due to some misunderstandings. That girl grows up to be Alekhya (Lavanya Tripathi) and she and Chinna's paths cross once again when they grow up. Chinna however is unaware of who she really is becuase he used to know the girl by the nickname Chitti.

In the meantime a politician named Dilleshwara Rao (Pankaj Tripathi) wants to eliminate Alekhya due to some family reasons. How are Alekhya and Dilleswara Rao connected? How does Chinna find out who Alekhya really is and solve all her problems? Watch this timepass flick to find out.

Performances: Manchu Vishnu is the highlight of the movie believe it or not. He is pretty good and his lisp when speaking Telugu only adds to his comic performance in the film. He is great during the fights as usual and carries this one from start to finish. His scenes with Brahmi and Vennela Kishore are hilarious.

Lavanya Tripathi is alright as Alekhya. There's way too much makeup on her and it looks a bit odd at times.

Pankaj Tripathi as the villain is a hit and miss. He does well but his character lacks clarity and logic at the same time.

Kota and Rao Ramesh are nice. The comedians once again take the cake here and are in full form. Posani is good in his role, Brahmi is hilarious and Vennela Kishore is equally as funny. Doosukeltha works only due to them.

Raviteja provides the voice over for the movie.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Mani Sharma is great. The film doesn't have any memorable numbers but it gets the job done. Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is decent. Art is nice for the house sets. Dialogues by Veeru Potla are ok. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is questionable as the movie films runs for 161 minutes which is ridiculously long for a plot like this. Production Values by 24 Frames Factory are good.

Analysis: Ever since Gopimohan, Srinu Vaitla, and Kona Venkat invented their comedy "formula", it's been replicated a ridiculous number of times and many directors have reused this formula and ended up delivering hit films. Even Vishnu's last film, Denikaina Ready has a very similar premise and almost an exact same story. The only difference here is that the two main characters knew each other when they were young but the rest of the film is so predictable and you've seen it all before. God knows when Tollywood will stop this hero entering heroines house in 2nd half and all ends happy. Maybe once or twice it works, but seeing it every damn time makes you cringe. There's no logic and no one in the world, no matter what damn country you live in, would let a random man from somewhere claiming he's your offsprings friend, stay in their house for that long and not find out his real identity in a day or two. Ridiculous.

Anyway talking about the film, the only reason you should watch it is due to the comedy. Despite the ridiculous script, story and length, Doosukeltha provides enough laughs to keep you entertained for most of the movie. Vishnu and the comedians perform well enough to make you forget your problems for 3 hours. Veeru Potla just does the bare minimum and comes out with pass marks but that's a story for another day.

Overall, Doosukeltha is just another formula film that's great for timepass. Watch it only if you have time to kill or are extremely bored.