Director Teja is one man who is known for his outspoken, no filter nature. He speaks whatever comes to his mind and doesn't give a damn about what others think. He recently made a decent return to form with Nene Raju Nene Mantri but today we are going to talk about the sensational and hilarious comments he made at the Hora Hori audio launch back in 2015.

Here is the video: Watch from 1:30-6:30 


His comments were not only hilarious but they were also vert true. These two formulas have been ruling the industry forever and we as an audience were ok with it. For a quick recap, let's review what he said

1) Babugaaru Formula: A hero comes from another town to this town. When he comes, he takes up odd jobs for money such as cleaning, selling ice cream, driving autos, or some lowlife job. Before the interval he helps a small family. Before the interval, someone recognizes him but he denies his true identity. After the interval, there's a huge flashback which explains that either himself or his father was a bigshot and was a great man and made all these sacrifices and tried to live a better life as a nobody. I will give the list of movies shortly.

2) Gundamma Formula: There's a villain. The hero works in the villain's house. The hero will be flirting or romancing the villain's daughter all the time. The villain is such an imbecile that he doesn't know the hero is trying to get with his daughter. Normal people after knowing such things, will lock the gate and keep their daughter and wife away from them. This guy puts him in his own house. There will be one guy who recognizes everything but he's missing a leg or can't speak. There will be a comedian who knows the truth the whole time but no on believes him. They keep on slapping him. They have made this movie with every hero with the same comedy track and everyone has Bhramandham and all of them are becoming super hits.

Looking back at his comments, Teja garu spoke the truth. We have been making the same story for years with elevated mass moments and a bit of different emotions while the same concept remains the same. I definitely think Teja has the right mindset and really opened up the audiences eyes to what they have been watching. To be honest any movie I watch nowadays, I keep Teja's comments in mind and try to see if he was right. In all honesty the chances are the movie contains shades on Baabugaru or Gundamma formula.  Here are a list of some movies tin the last 15 years that fall into each category

Babugaaru Formula: Baasha, Jayamanade Raa, Bunny, Dictator, Legend, Indra, Simha, Srimanthudu, Baahubali, Rebel, Naayak, Racha, Yevadu, Vikramarkudu, Simhadri, Ramayya Vasthavayya, Oosaravelli, Andhrawala, Lingaa, Pretty much every Balakrishna movie ever, Dubai Seenu, Mass, Ragada, Bengal Tiger, Bhageeratha, Bhadra, Dammu, Power, Bhai, and the list goes on and on 

Gundamma Formula: Dhee, Ready, Baadshah, Dookudu, Aagadu, Namo Venkatesa, Bindaas, Darling, Mirchi, Denikaina Ready, Eedo Rakam Ado Rakam, Cinema Choopistha Maava, Alludu Seenu, Pandaga Chesko, Doosukeltha, Masala, King, Balupu, Loukyam, Soukhyam, Bruce Lee, Akhil, Mirchi, Attarintiki Daredi, and the list goes on and on 

Final Thoughts: Think about Teja's garus comments and see if he was right. But in all honesty, his speech was hilarious and eye opening at the same time. From now on, all I will think about is whether the movie is a babugaaru formula or gundamma or whether it's actually fresh.

As always, thanks for reading and signing off

Teja Rao- Telugu film fan