Rating: 1/10 (Out of respect for SRK and Kajol)

Shah Rukh Khan or SRK is arguably the biggest star in India. He's teamed up with Rohit Shetty again for a romantic action film called Dilwale. Raising expectations to the sky because of the their all time industry hit Chennai express, it also reunites SRK with Kajol, the blockbuster pair in Hindi cinema who have acted 9 times together. Also starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, can SRK and Rohit Shetty do it again? Nope. Find out why

Story: Dilwale's story is as old as the hills. Raj (SRK) and Meera are the son and daughter of two warring warring families in Bulgaria, SRK belonging to Randhir Bakshi (Vinod Khanna) and Kajal to Dev Mallik (Kabir Bedi). They want to get married and their respective father's accept. When Dev and Randhir decide to meet to talk things out about the marriage, Dev back-stabs Randhir and tries to kill him and does so. But before Randhir dies, he kills Dev also and Raj arrives at the scenes. The gun Randhir used is in Raj's hand and Meera arrives and sees this and thinks Raj killed her father for some reason. She leaves him and then in the present day, Raj is a mechanic working in Goa. His younger brother is Veer (Varun Dhawan). One day he helps Ishita (Kriti Sanon) and love blossoms between them. When Veer asks Raj to talk to her olders sister to help them get married he agrees but the twist is that Ishita is none other than Meera's younger sister. How Raj and Meera put their differences aside and let their younger siblings unite forms the rest of the story.

Performances: SRK is usual SRK as Raj and doesn't have much scope to perform in this film. He looks devilishly handsome with his bearded look in the present day and like a 30 year old man clean shaven in the flashback episodes. But one man can't save a film as bad as this and this is definitely one film SRK will regret that he ever acted in.

Kajol is the true highlight of the movie. Not only does she still look stunning as the age of 41, but dominates everyone with her screen presence and powerful performance. Her chemistry with SRK is as good as ever and the two try to carry the film.

Varun Dhawan doesn't much to do except screw around in this multi-starrer and maybe he just did it cause he got to hang out with SRK.

Kriti Sanon is wasted and doesn't put in half the performance she put in 1 Nenokkadine.

Rohit Shetty films are usually hilarious. Dilwale is devoid of any entertainment. Varun Sharma, Johnny Lever after a long gap, Mukesh Tiwari, and Prakaj Tripathi are all wasted and don't have any scope to showcase their comic abilities.

Boman Irani is irritating with his "villain" role as King. Sanjay Mishra is also criminally wasted as Oscar Bhai.

Last but not least, Kabir Bedi and Vinod Khanna do the usual good father, bad father fare and it's boring.

Technicalities: Music by Pritam is the saving grace for the movie. The songs are very good. Gerua deserves a special mention with out of this world visuals. Cinematography by the always reliable Dudley is magnificent. He has captured some amazing visuals in Bulgaria and Iceland. Dialogues by Sajid Farhad are awful. Not even one line is memorable from the film. Story is terrible. Screenplay is the main villain of the film. Editing by Bunty Nagi is not good. At 154 minutes, Dilwale is painful to sit through. Production Values by Gauri Khan and Rohit Shetty are amazing but the film doesn't live up to the money spent on it. Direction by Rohit Shetty is below average.

Analysis: This film is very similar to Tollywood film Aagadu. Huge hero, director who makes hilarious action packed masala film, great music, amazing visuals and a top heroine and a combo reuniting in hopes of recreating a magical blockbuster success from the first time. And what cpud go wrong. Well in this case, everything for Dilwale.

When Rohit Shetty announced that he was teaming up with SRK again, die hard SRKians were enamored by the sheer though of another film like Chennai Express. But sadly we are fed to a completely outdated masala entertainer.

Dilwale starts off in Goa with Varun Dhawan and Kriti's romance. But this film is too predictable and lacks neither a plot or entertaining elements. It's hard to believe that this is the same acto-director duo that gave us such an entertaining film last time around and this time, they made a film devoid of any entertainment or logic. If you've seen enough movies, you knew the twist between Raj and Meera was coming. The action sequences are over the top and the film has a banal story that reeks of predictability and is cliched to the core.

Rohit Shetty's direction is not good and his screenplay is horrendous. There is not even a single memorable moment in this big budget film. At 154 minutes long, Dilwale is hard to sit through and is told in a very dull manner and doesn't excite. A film which was expected to create fireworks doesn't blast or even make a sound. SRK tries his best to save the film from sinking and his screen presence is the sole reason as to even attempt to watch this film. And Kajol.

On a whole, Dilwale is SRK's worst film in recent times. Poor direction, terrible story, and a horrendous screenplay devoid of any entertainment or exciting moments are the drawbacks of this masala film. If you're a die hard fan of SRK or Kajol or want to see them back on the screen after 5 years, be my guest and watch it. For others, there's no need to ever watch this film.