Rating: 3/5 (Mega Debut)

Ram Charan Teja, the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi is finally making his debut into Telugu cinema with the film Chirutha meaning Leopard. Directed by Puri Jagannadh, how does the film fare? Find out

Story: Charan (Ram Charan) is a prisoner in jail who finally gets released. He swears revenge on Mattu Bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi) because he killed his parents. In the meantime, Charan falls in love with Sanjana (Neha Sharma) who happens to be the daughter of a very rich businessman (Prakash Raj). He stalks her relentlessly and harasses her on an island and she eventually gives in. The rest of the story is how Charan eliminates Mattu Bhai.

Performances: Ram Charan makes a thunderous debut. He has a great voice, dances like a dream, is amazing in stunts and has great eneergy. Only downside to him is the hairstyle and his stone faced expressions which can be excused as it is his first film. His dances resemble his superstar father and he has that same grace and ease in his dance steps. His body language is clearly inspired by his superstar uncle Pawan Kalyan but nevertheless he does his part well. Ram Charan is indeed the next Megastar and eventually will have all the qualities to live up to his gargantuan expectations in the industry.

Neha Sharma is hot but her characterization is really annoying. The dubbing artist only makes it worse. She's more of an glam doll and can't act as of yet.

Ashish Vidyarthi as Mattu Bhai is good and exudes venom with his villainy. Dharmavarupu Subramanyam is hilarious as the travel coordinator in Bangkok.

Ali plays the most vulgar character of his career as a woman and it is truly something else. Daniel Balaji is alright. Venu Madhav is entertaining as the hero's sidekick.

MS Narayana is funny as well. Prakash Raj does well within his brief role and Sayaji Shinde is adequate.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by Mani Sharma is incredible. All the songs are superb on the screen and the intro song and Love U Raa deserve a special mention. Cinematography by Shyam K. Naidu is excellent. Art is nice. Fights by Vijayan are very good. Dialogues by Puri Jagan are superb. Story is decent. Editing is questionable as the 2nd half has no real purpose. Direction by Puri Jagan passes muster. Production Values by Aswini Dutt are world class. He has not compromised on the quality on the debut film of Megastar's son and gave him the best.

Analysis: Chirutha is a debut film and rightfully showcases Ram Charan's strengths and weaknesses. He is a very good dancer and is good at fights and has a certain bass in his voice and sounds like Chiranjeevi a bit with his dialogue delivery and his body language resembles Pawan Kalyan. He will easily be a star for the future and is here to stay for a long time but it will take some time for him to come out of his father's shadow and establish a name for himself.

Coming to the film itself, it is pure nonsense and illogical to the core. Chirutha as a film highlights what's wrong with the current crop of Telugu films. Jobless hero, stalks the girl, harrases the girl, fights everyone without a scratch on him, and kills everyone in a forest in the end. The film really doesn't have a great script or story or anything to base it off of. The romance in this film is misogyny at it's best and is truly vulgar to see in all honesty. Neha Sharma has no role and can't act but has a nice physique and decent looks which makes her pass muster.

After an enticing first half, the film moves into island mode and becomes a bit boring as the second half really has nothing in it. Puri Jagannadh has just passed in this film and it works due to Ram Charan's performance and the productiion values of the film.

Overall, Chirutha is Mega debut for Ram Charan and proves he's here to stay. But in terms of film-making quality and entertainment, the film is a joke. Whether you watch it or not is for you to decide.