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Every Telugu Movie Summed up in Stereotypes

Ah Stereotypes you have to love them. Not only in Hollywood movies but in our very own Telugu cinema, we have so many stereotypes that have become the norm over the years and fit right into the Telugu cinema commercial movie template.

In this fun little article, we will decode every single plot point of a Telugu movie with a list of stereotypes in literally every Telugu movie.

Rich Hero who's Jobless: Chances are the hero in the movie is insanely rich and doesn't have a job. We all wish we could be like that. Oh, I forgot to add that he probably lives in the biggest house in all the land as well.

Dumb Heroine's whose IQ is less than or equal to 0: It's a known fact that the heroines are useless in commercial movies and literally come for 2-3 scenes and 3 songs and go away. And are they smart? Nope. They're the most annoying and obnoxious airheads you will ever see. She always eventually gives into the relentless stalking and harassment done by the hero.

Bloodthirsty Villains from the North: Other than Jagapathi Babu who's had a career resurgence since Legend, all of our villains are from up north and extremely generic. Their job is to scream their lungs out and hack 1 or 2 people and are just out for blood. They have no motive other except getting their asses kicked by the hero in the climax. And you can be damn sure Ravi Shankar will be giving the dubbing 9 times out of 10.

Bickering Parents: The hero or heroines parents are always up their case for no reason and just annoy them or roast them the entire movie. Mom is usually a housewife and dad is a Businessman or Lawyer or cunning fellow like Valmiki.

Hero Introduction Song with Montage or Visiting all Hyderabad Tourist Attractions: After it's established is jobless, he must wander all around Hyderabad with his useless friends who always have the time and money to go to Prasadz, Tank Bund, Hyderabad Central, Manjeera, and the Charminar.

Comedian who gets slapped the entire movie despite knowing everything or is made a Bakra: Every Sreenu Vaitla movie has one character like this and is in confusion comedy movies. All of them have one thing is common. THEY'RE ALL PLAYED by Brahmanandham.

Comedian who just gets beat up the entire movie: There's always a separate comedy track for a comedian who's always getting into trouble and it always ends with him getting beaten up. 9/10 times this is the legend Venu Madhav himself.

Goons who always gets the living daylights kicked out of him: It's a never ending cycle. It's usually Subbaraju, and then Shravan. And then Supreeth. And recently Harish Uthaman.

A big house in a village which is always located in Ramoji Film City: The movie magic works and this is where the Art Director comes in. The houses in Srimanthudu, Mirchi, Dhammu, Namo Venkatesa, Vikramarkudu, Indra, Kalisundam Raa, and SVSC are all located in Ramoji Film City but are made to be shown that they're actually in a village.

Village movie automatically means Rayalaseema, Dont' even think twice: Village movie means factionism which means violence which means sickles and bloodthirsty villains and women usually played by Telangana Shakuntala. When in doubt, it's automatically Rayalaseema. No questions asked.

Hero's friend who's also jobless and just there to make you laugh: If you're jobless , chances are your friends are too and just hang around for moral support and comic relief. From Sunil, Ali, and Satyam Rajesh back in the 2000's and most recently Priyadarshi, Satya, and Rahul Ramakrishna in recent years, we've seen it all.

Bakra at the wedding venue in the climax: Only in Telugu movies do people have a change of heart before their wedding and decide that they actually love someone else. Either the hero comes and embarasses the would be groom or the heroine runs away to find the hero Arya style. From Siva Balaji, Jai Akash, Sreeram, Nara Rohit making someone a bakra in Solo and then becoming the Bakra himself in Sarocharu, and most recently Vennela Kishore in Geetha Govindam, we swear this kind of stuff only happens in Telugu movies.

Gravity Defying fights courtesy of Ram Lakshman: Telugu movies are known for the over the top fights and excessive heroism but twin brothers Ram Lakshman take over the top to a whole new level. From Mahesh Babu wearing a dude like a backpack in Bharat Ane Nenu, to people flying in and the ground breaking in Sarileru, and then Allu Arjun elbowing a dude and springing back up in Ala Vaikunthapurramlo, these stunts will have Isaac Newton spinning in his grave for sure.

One old man or woman to provide sentiment or elevations: It's usually the ever reliable LB Sriram garu for men and then a various number of women most recently Surekha Vani in Naayak and Srimanthudu.

A villain who's build up is like the final boss of a videogame but by the end they're begging for mercy: It's usually Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood. But basically Prakash Raj by the end of every movie.

No matter how implausible or sad the movie is, it's a always happily ever after ending: Cue the Subham text during the closing credits.

And lastly.....

The dude who's always the father of the groom or the police commissioner: Kudos to you sir for being stereotyped and type casted for over 20 years in Telugu cinema. We love you.

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Best Heroine Oriented Songs 1999- Present

In an industry that is so self obsessed with masculinity especially commercial Telugu movies, the heroine or the women in the movie usually take a backseat. But little do we forget that they play an important part in the movies success overall and are capable of performances as good or better than men and female singers whose songs last the test of time as long or even longer than some men.

Here's a list of the best heroine oriented songs that gave given us some classics in Telugu film industry since 2000.

Vachinde (2017): A classic song for literally every Indian girl. It's a fact that there's no Fidaa without Sai Pallavi, and no Vachinde without Sai Pallavi and she absolutely electrifies the dance floor with her moves in this iconic song.

Sye Raa (2019): You have seen hero intro song that give elevations, but have you ever seen an elevation song with two women give UNLIMITED GOOSEBUMPS? Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal take this song to the next level with their singing and a thumping beat that reverberates throughout your body. With a stunning on screen performance mainly from Tamannah, Amit Trivedi and R Rathanavelu made this song a classic for a long long time.

Mahanati Title Song (2018): Savitri Garu was the GOAT (Greatest of all Time). And it's only fitting that her biopic was also the GOAT biopic in South Indian cinema as a whole. Powered by the ever talented Anurag Kulkarni's vocals, Mahanati is a goosebumps filled song that speaks of the greatness of the stalwart actress that was Savitri Ganesan.

Sada Nannu (2018): Another instant classic from Mahanati, Sirivennela Sita Rama Sastry proves there's no better lyrics writer in present Telugu cinema when it comes to pure Telugu. Sung by an incredible Charulatha Mani in a beautiful rendition, Sada Nannu is sure to put you in the love feels.

Nuvvu Yemayo Chesavo Gaani (2003): Bhumika Chawla's character in Okkadu with Superstar Mahesh Babu was essential to the films story. In a movie that catapulted both Mahesh and Bhumika to greater heights, Nuvvuyemayo remains one of the most classic female introduction songs ever in modern Telugu cinema. Sung by the legendary Shreya Ghoshal and music by Mani Sharma.

Sogasuchuda (2006): Another classic by Harris Jayaraj in Sainikudu, Trisha's intro song is once again sung by Shreya Ghoshal and one the most soothing compositions and melodies.

Pillagaali (2005): Another Trisha firecracker from the all time classic Athadu by Trivikram Srinivas. The playful nature, peppy composition, amazing singing by Shreya Ghoshal and most of all Trisha's presence make this one of the best female intro songs ever in Telugu cinema.

Gopikamma (2014): Starring Pooja Hegde as the heroine, this all time classic from sung by KS Chitra from Mukunda showcases Telugu culture at it's best. Goosebumps song guaranteed and arguably the best song in Pooja's career.

Rangaamma Mangamma (2018): A song with more views than one could imagine, MM Manasi rocks this song from industry hit and Sukumar masterpiece Rangasthalam.

Kanna Nidurincha (2017): This song from All time industry hit Baahubali 2 is a soothing melody where Princess Devasena tries to put her prince to sleep in a visually stunning and amazingly choreographed song. Music by the Legend MM Keeravani.

Varsham Munduga (2011): This song from Sega features Nani and Nithya Menon in a forest and is beautifully sung by Sunith and Suzanne. A soothing melody.

Jejeamma (2009): Anushka's turn as the royal queen in Arundhati was her big breakthrough in TFI and also served as the big break for singer Kailash Kher as well in this song that talks about Jejeamma's valor.

Okkadante Okkade (2010): Filmed at the Petra in Jordan, Anuksha courts Nag in a desert wonderland captured beautifully by Sarvesh Murari and sung by Ramya NSK. Music by Thaman S

Kokilamma (2005): This super catchy song from Gopichand Andhrudu serves as Gowri Pandit's intro song. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, this underrated song was composed by Kalyani Malik.

Oye Meghamla (2016): This soothing melody from Majnu features Anu Emmanuel gushing over Nani in a beautiful village. Sung by Chinmayi Sripada, it's composed by Gopi Sundar.

Mandaara Mandaara (2018): Shreya Ghoshal is a legend and there's no doubting that and this melody from Bhagamathie won her best singer in 2018. Composed by Thaman S.

Naa Kosam Nuvvu (2009): Sung by Geetha Madhuri and Deepu, this song from industry hit Magadheera is irresistibly catchy and fun to watch. Composed by MM Keeravani.

Aww Tuza Morg Kotha (2014): This song from Mahesh Babu's 1 Nenokkadine featured Kriti Sanon. She and a host of others literally salivate over Mahesh Babu in a beach in Goa. For what it's worth, song is an earworm and insanely catchy.

Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana (2004): Contrary to the 2005 film that was made later, this song is actually from Prabhas starrer Varsham and serves as Trisha's opening song. Dancing in the rain in a railway station, it's sung by the evergreen KS Chitra and is a visual feast.

Chali Chali Gaa Allindi (2011): This classic from Prabhas's Mr. Perfect is sung once again by Shreya Ghoshal and is a visual feast throughout. Music by DSP.

Vache Vache Vaana (2008): This underrated gem is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and features Nayantara singing in the rain from Kathanayukudu starring Jagapathi Babu and Rajnikanth. Music by GV Prakash Kumar.

Aaradugula Vuntada (2013): This chirpy song from SVSC serves as Samantha's introduction as she and her sisters sing about their dream boy who must be 6 feet or more and possess the qualities in the lyrics. Music by Mickey J Meyer

Naidorintikada (2016): This 2.5 min song from worst movie ever Brahmotsavam is perhaps one of the only thongs to come from it. The lyrics are fun and song is catchy.

Choosa Choosa (2016): Rakul Preet Singh is clearly obsessed with Ram Charan in her intro song from Dhruva with the beautiful locales of Kashmir effectively captured by PS Vinod.

Ela Ela (2002): This evergreen song from Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu features Aarthi Agarwal and Tarun in tons of gorgeous locations with Aarthi trying to profess her love. Music by RP Patnaik

Neeve Neeve (2018): This song is sung by..... wait for it.... Shreya Ghoshal again and captures the pain of a young woman from Vijay Deverakonda's Taxiwaala

Yegirithe Pothe Yentha Baguntadi (2010): From the evergreen classic Vedam featuring Allu Arjun and Manchu Manoj, Anushka made headlines when she accepted the role of a prostitute in this groundbreaking drama. It's safe to say the movie and this song became iconic in the end.

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (2013): The title song from the Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh starrer is an instant classic that transports you into a different world once you hear it. Sung by KS Chitra, song is composed by Mickey J Meyer.

Em Sandeham Ledu (2014): Oohalu Gusagusalade is one of the breeziest movies made in recent times and so were the songs by Kalyani Malik. Features Naga Shourya and Raashi Khanna.

Emiti Hadividi (2014): Another fun song from Oohalu Gusagusalade.

Idi Kalala Vunnade (2018): Kiara Advani finally gets a chance to break character and sing and dance cause her new boyfriend is the new CM of Andhra in Bharat played by Mahesh Babu. This song from Bharat Ane Nenu is sung by actress and singer Andrea Jeremiah.

Kanulu Teliyani (2017): This irresistibly catchy song from Sreenu Vaitla rod Mister is perhaps the only good thing to come of it. Lavanya Tripathi's presence coupled with the visuals of Chikmagalur makes for a visual delight.

Rang De (2016): Another classic from Trivikram's A Aa, Samantha finally realizes her love and wants to be with her lover played by Nithin. Sung by Ramya Behara, Rahul Nambiar, Sai Shivani, it's instantly catchy and visually pleasing with lots of colors hence the title.

Pranamlo Pranamga (2005): Another underrated gem from Andhrudu, KS Chitra captures the heroines pain effectively.

Mellaga Mellaga (2018): This soothing melody from Chi La Sow is sung by director Rahul Ravindran's wife Chinmayi and was easily one of the best songs of 2018.

Nalona (2019): Once again sung by Chinmayi, this song from Manmadhudu 2 was pleasing to the ears.

Priyathama Priyathama (2019): This song from Majili showcases a wife's love towards her husband or rather her falling for him. Chinmayi once again with music by Gopi Sundar.

Nee Tolisariga (2002): A classic from Santosham, Usha beatifully sings this song which has Shreya in her feels.

Mogini Jai Ganta (2010: An underrated gem by Mani Sharma, this song from Baanam is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and is soothing to the ears.

Pataka Pallakivai (2000): This classic from Nuvvu Vasthavani is sung by KS Chitra. Features Simran.

Oka Devata (2000): Another classic from KS Chitra, this song from Ninne Premistha features Soundarya.

Kshaminchu (2006): This song from Devadasu featuring Ram and Ileana is captured on the latter and masterfully composed by Chakri and sung by Kousalya.

Edo Oka Raagam (1999): This all time classic is sung once again by KS Chitra from Venkatesh and Soundarya's Raja. Composed by SA Rajkumar.

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Best Telugu Hero Introduction Songs from 1999-Present

The commercial Telugu movie formula has been around for ages and doesn't seem to be dying. But there's something about the opening song of a movie revolving around the hero that always had hype and left you on a high.

The director's taking, cinematography, dance master, music director and actor's screen presence made these songs a true treat to watch. They are missing big time nowadays in Telugu film industry. Here's a list of the best intro songs of my lifetime in no particular order.

Aagadu (2014): Shankar Mahadevan and intro songs are a match made in heaven. The taking by KV Guhan and Sreenu Vaitla made Aagadu the greatest opening 20 mins of a movie in my opinion given the hype. The song is a sheer delight and arguably the greatest opening in Mahesh Babu's career.

Saahore Baahubali (2017): Daler Mehendi and Keeravani's compostion coupled with Heysa Rudrasasa, Heysara Bhadra Samudrasa and Rajamouli's taking made this song pure goosebumps of the biggest movie in India's history.

Thakadimithom (2004): Allu Arjun's Aarya is a true classic and Allu Arjun's first true hero introduction scene is a feast to watch with his flawless dance moves.

Naluguriki (2002): Shankar Mahadevan and Mahesh Babu dancing all over the Grand Canyon and Arizona is a visual feast for the eyes. Mani Sharma's music only adds to the energy.

Nee Dookudu (2011): The opening song from classic Dookudu was Thaman's rise to the big league. An absolute banger of an opening number, Shankar Mahadevan once again propels this song to the next level with Mahesh Babu's incredible screen presence giving you goosebumps.

Hare Rama (2003): A musical masterpiece combining classical music into a funky beat, this song is like is being in heaven. Shankar Mahadevan and Mahesh Babu once again combine for an all time classic for this banger in Okkadu.

Okka Maata (2004): Shankar Mahadevan's vocals and meaningful lyrics give this opening number from Arjun an amazing feel. Mahesh Babu's screen presence once adds so much value to it.

Adharaku (2005): Viswa's singing and lyrics are incredible and KV Guhan's lens takes this song to heaven and back in this Mani Sharma masterpience from Athadu in what some consider the greatest opening song ever in Telugu cinema.

Jagadame (2006): Kunal Jangawala's singing and Shyam K Naidu combined for an absolute firecracker that will have lighting coursing through through your viens in the classic opening from Pokiri by Mani Sharma.

Go Go Adhigo (2006): Yes they did copy a Michael Jackson song, but Harris Jayaraj's music is the only thing people remember about this Mahesh Babu starrer. KK's vocal's and Mahesh's screen presence carry the song to the next level as usual.

Kodithe Kottali (2004): The classic opening number from Tagore, Shankar Mahadevan and Chrianjeevi are a match made in heaven. With Shankar's powerful vocals and Megastar's dancing grace, sky is the limit. Another Mani Sharma wonder.

Maro Maro (2004): The opening song from Bunny, Tippu and Allu Arjun's dance moves make it a joy to watch. Music by DSP

Made in Andhra Student (1999): The iconic and might I add influential number of Thammudu, this song is Pawan Kalyan at his peak. The suits, the dance moves, the swag, literally everything about it has made it a timeless classic. Music by the great Raman Gogula who made so many classics with PK.

I'm an Indian (2000): The opening song from Badri, Ramana Gogula and Pawan Kalyan combined are always magic together. Need I say anymore?

Inthe Inthe (2005): Another Mani Sharma classic, KK and PK combine once again for another masterpiece in Inthe Inthe in Balu ABCDEFG.

Ye Mara Jahan (2001): KK, Pawan Kalyan, Kushi. That's all you need. Real Telugu fans know the hype and craze for this song and any song in the album. Mani Sharma mass.

Le Le Le Le (2004): The opening number from Gudumba Shankar, PK's relentless energy and screen presence and KK's voice have made another classic in their combo.

You and I (2008): The classic opening number from Jalsa, this song, the movie and the songs have a different fanbase. DSP at his peak.

Dekho Dekho Gabbar Singh: Baba Seghal hit it out of the park for the riveting opening number from blcokbuster Gabbar Singh. PK's mannerisms and energy make it a delight to watch over and over again.

Aaruaadugula Bullet (2013): The philosophical opening number from Industry Hit Attarintiki Daredi, Pawan Kalyan's screen presence and the lyrics make this a sureshot winner with vocals from Vijay Prakash.

Kadhulu Kadhulu (2007): The opening number from Munna, Harris Jayaraj delivered a blood rushing song powered by KK and Prabhas on screen. A rocking intro to a stylish movie.

Lucky Lucky (2001): The energetic opening number from Daddy, Shankar Mahadevan and Chiru combine once again with a beat that sure to get you and dancing in no time.

Bham Bham Bhole (2002): Chiranjeevi, Varanasi, his dance moves and Mani Sharma's music. Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan combine to give one of the best opening songs ever for Megastar in Industry hit Indra.

Jai Jai Ganesha (2004): SB Balasubramanyam and Chiranjeevi propel this opening number fron Jai Chiranjeevi amidst a massive Ganesh statue to visual delight status. Music by Mani Sharma.

Mamatalla Talli (2015): yeah I know what you're saying. Idi introduction number aah? You may not like the movie, but you can't deny you got goosenumps when Amarendra Baahubali finally made his entry with Prabhas's regal screen presence fit for a king.

Yamaho Yama (2007): The greatest opening number for a debutante, this song is all the evidence you needed to know Ram Charan was going to be the next Megastar. An absolute home run from Tippu, Mani Sharma brought out the best for this one along with Charan's FLAWLESS Dance moves.

Chal Chal (2008): The fun opening number from Allu Arjun;s Parugu, it's a very enjoyable song featuring Arjun moving from place to place dancing around town.

Sattey (2007): The opening number from Desamuduru, the fun lyrics and Allu Arjun's incredible dance moves make this song a true delight from Chakri and Puri Jagan and co.

Dam Dam Damare (2004): Don't worry Tarak fans I didn't forget about you. Shankar Mahadevan's vocals power the opening song from Samba to make it highly energetic. NTR's dance moves and energy make it even better.

Nairey Nairey (2004): Chakri and NTR combined for Nairey Nairey from Andhrawala. The energy and Tarak's moves make this one a very fun song.

123 Nenoka Kantri (2008): This banger of a song sung by NTR and Karunya makes for a thumping opening to Kantri. Music by Mani Sharma and the taking is excellent.

Sairo Sairo (2013): The opening number from Baadhsah, NTR dancing around in Italy while random people watch in awe? Sign me up anyday. A highly energetic and catchy song by Thaman S and captured brillaintly by KV Guhan.

Pandaga Chesko (2013): KK's last well known Telugu song, NTR rocked this opening number from Ramayya Vasthayya. Music by Thaman S

Pranaamam (2016): Shankar Mahadevan and NTR combine once again for the irresistibly catchy Pranaanam from Janathag Garade. NTR and Mumbai are gloriously captured by Thiru's lens.

Barse Barse (2006): DSP, NTR and Holi made this an insanely catchy number from Rakhi. NTR's energy and dancing took care of the rest.

Mr. Perfect (2009): The insanely brilliant opening number from Aarya 2, Allu Arjun and Baba Sehgal's vocals have made this song last the test along with DSP's incredible composition.

Laila O Laila (2013): SOme 6 singers combined for the intro song from Naayak. Charan dancing is like music to the ears and flows like liquid. Very smooth.

Racha (2012): Charan, Mani Sharma, and an opening song. Dance moves galore in this one as Charan knocked this one out of the park.

Run (2015): A brilliant composition that literally compliments Charan;s dance moves, Charan once again obliterates the dance floor with his steps. Music by Thaman.

Dhruva Dhruva (2016): Charan in a six pack avatar for the first time, PS Vinod's visual and Hip Hop Tamizha's composition have made this a Telugu workout song classic.

Ranga Rangasthalana (2018): The opening number from Rangasthalam, Ram Charan once again kills it in a lungi and glorious visuals of West Godavari under Rathnavale's masterful lens.

Ee Jenda (2002): Mahesh Babu and Shankar Mahadevan combine once again for the patriotic and inspirational opening number from Bobby.

Khabaddarani (2007): Mahesh Babu, a yellow haze, a black suit, shotgun, and Mani Sharma's music. The intro song from Athidhi is truly underrated and absolute classic on screen and audio wise.

Aamchi Mumbai (2012): The insanely energetic intro song from Businessman, this was probably Mahesh Babu at this peak. With a scintillating composition by Thaman, this song will literally have your blood coursing through your veins at 2x speed.

Parare Parare (2006): Chiranjeevi and Shankar Mahadevan have never failed and the intro song from Stalin isn't their best, but it's still peak Chiranjeevi with his dance moves and screen presence. Music by Mani Sharma.

Good Morning (2007): Chiru and Shankar Mahadevan combine once again for the energetic opening number from Shankar Dada Zindabad. Perhaps this and Aakalesthey were the only good things to come from the movie.

Sydney Nagaram (2010): Wouldn't be a list without this classic. The opening song from Orange, Charan and Karunya's voice take on a glorious tour of Australia from a masterpiece album from Harris Jayaraj.

Boochade Boochade (2014): The opening song from Race Gurram., this song is pure goosebumps as soon as the beat drops. Everybody's vocals along with the visuals and Allu Arjun make it a true classic.

Get Ready (2008): the opening number from Sreenu Vaitla's Ready, Ram's smooth dance moves and Karthik's dance moves are sure to bring your nostalgia back with this energetic song by DSP.

Ek Niranjan (2009): Def an underrated movie and another masterful song by Mani Sharma, if you haven't seen the movie you definitely know this song. Prabhas's screen presence and energy can never go wrong in this song by Ranjith.


Any Rajini and SP Balasubramanyam song. Rest in Peace to the legend, We miss you and your energetic voice and songs sir.

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Dearth of Writers? Analyzing Telugu Film Industry’s Writer Problem

Every story starts with a writer whether it be a novel, article, or movie. When it comes to the Telugu Film industry everybody knows that we are the most commercial industry in India and make the best masala and commercial movies in India. But of late, the ideas seem to have dropped and there's no room for innovation.

Is it due to director writer burnout or the fact that all the good writers have gone to the shed? Let's find out in this analysis of directors and writers.

1) Directors- In this case definition is directors who only write the screenplay and direct their own movies but DO NOT WRITE THE STORY. Max number is 3 or 4 for them

SS Rajamouli, Sreenu Vaitla, K Vijaya Bhaskar

SS Rajamouli: He doesn't need an introduction. The biggest star in Telugu cinema more than any hero and the top director of India, Rajamouli has never written a single story of his and has instead given that responsibility to his father. The result is solely focusing on direction and knowing when to elevate what point of the story when and 3 industry hits and 11 straight hit movies.

Sreenu Vaitla: Once the comedy king of TFI, Vaitla's success began when he hired the team of Gopimohan for story and Kona Venkat for dialogues and focused on his direction and scored blockbuster after blockbuster.

K Vijaya Bhaskar: The director made 4 classics in Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Manmadhudu and Malliswari. But it was writer Trivikram Srinivas who take away all the credit and has since became an iconic figure in Telugu cinema. Those films success were as much Bhaskar's as they were Trivikram's.

2) The All Rounders - Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction

Row 1: Trivikram, Boyapati Sreenu, Koratala Siva, Anil Ravipudi| Row 2: Vamshi Paidipally, Sampath Nandi, Parasuram, VV Vinayak| Row 3: Puri jagannadh, Bobby, Chandrashekar Yeleti, Srinivas Avasarala| Row 4: Vivek Athreya, Veeru Potla, Tharun Bhascker, Shiva Nirvana

Trivikram: Known for his witty dialogues and razor sharp writing, Trivikram has lasted the test of time due to movies like Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Manmadhudu, Malliwasi, Nuvve Nuvve, Athadu, Jalsa and Khaleja. Since 2012, he has changed gears and become more successful but delivering movies of less quality with each passing year.

Boyapati: He's closer to the shed than doing anything big. Is known for making senseless mass entertainers and track record is hit or miss. Story writing skills are very outdated.

Koratala Siva: The writer for movies like Simha, Bhadra, and Brindavanam, Siva made the jump from writer to director with Mirchi in 2013 and has 1 industry hit to his name and 4 consecutive hits. One of the best writers in the industry, his movies are known for blending social problem with commercial elements.

Anil Ravipudi: A discount Sreenu Vaitla, Ravipudi wrote movies like Souryam and Aagadu before also making the jump to director and has 5 straight commercially successful movies to his name.

Vamshi Paidipally: Known for making stylish movies, he's a very average writer. Koratala Siva helped write his first two movies. Was also helped by 2 extra writers for Maharshi and the film still struggled mightily narratively.

Sampath Nandi: Best known for Ram Charan's Racha, Sampath Nandi knows the mass pulse but for some reason seems to be struggling.

Parasuram: A protege of Puri Jagan, Parasuram is known for great dialogue writing and has a good grip on comedy. But he lacks solid story writing skills as all his movies have the most basic and routine plots.

VV Vinayak: He's basically gone to shed at this point. The most outdated director working today. The difference between Tagore and Khaidi 150 is very evident on screen. Lucifer remake with Chiru is his last hope.

Puri Jagan: Puri can make as many rods as he wants but truth is he's still the same guy who made Pokiri, Desamuduru, Idiot, Neninthe, Chirutha, and Businessman. However his story writing skills are either completely absurd or it works. His last successful movie with a star was Temper which HE DID NOT WRITE.

Bobby: Rod director. Power was decent but other than he's complete scrap. Worst writer as well.

Chandrashekar Yeleti: Most underrated director in TFI. Known for his different stories and screenplays. Excellent director and writer. Needs more recognition for sure.

Srinivas Avasarala: Another great writer and director. Oohalu Gusagusalade is one of the best rom coms in modern Telugu cinema. His direction and writing were on point in that movie.

Vivek Athreya: Made Mental Madhilo and Brochevaruevarura. Known for his new age stories and seems to be promising.

Veeru Potla: Gone to the shed. Known for movies like Bindaas and Temper, also has Doosukeltha to his name and then made Eedu Gold Ehe with Sunil and never returned. Claims writers are treated like trash.

Tharun Bhascker: Known for Pellichoopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. Also known for his outspoken attitude which doesn't go well with most people. Such as calling out critics for trashing ENE or trashing Mahesh Babu movies and calling out commercial cinema. Pellichoopulu was good and fresh, but he has a lot to learn.

Shiva Nirvana: Seems to understand mature love stories the best. Known for Ninnu Kori and Majili. Has solid writing skills and is a good director as well.

3) Actual Writers: The real story writers

Row 1: KV Vijayendra Prasad, Parachuri Brothers, Posani Murali Krishna, Kona Venkat| Row 2: Gopimohan, Abburi Ravi, Vakkantham Vamsi, Chinni Krishna| Row 3: Bhoopathi Raja, BVS Ravi, Veligonda Srinivas, Chintapalli Ramana| Row 4: Sai Madhav Burra, Akula Shiva, Sreedhar Seepana, Prasanna Kumar Bezawada

KV Vijayendra Prasad: Arguably the most successful writer of our generation, Vijayendra Prasad has written the story for all of Rajamouli's movies and understands writing better than most people. He has provided the story upcoming RRR as well which is geared for a blockbuster.

Parachuri Brothers: The most successful story writers and screen writers ever in TFI, they have delivered countless hits. Most recently wrote Sye Raa.

Posani: The OG writer, every single star director and writer now started off as his apprentice which are not limited to Trivikram, Koratala Siva, and Boyapati Sreenu. He has not written a film in a long time and is also a director and has become a full time actor.

Kona Venkat: Best known for his bakra formula hatched by him, Gopimihan and Sreenu Vaitla, Kona Venkat seems to be stuck in a never ending time machine where the Gundamma formula still works. Most recently wrote Nishabdam and is among the worst movies ever made. He's lost his touch heavily.

Gopimohan: The other half of Kona Venkat, Gopimohan wrote the story for all Vaitla movies from Venky to Baadshah. And then came Mister. How he could even think of something so bad is beyond me. Gone to the shed.

Abburi Ravi: Best known as a dialogue writer for movies like Kick, Goodachari, Evaru, Panjaa, Yevadu, Mr. Perfect and Oopiri.

Vakkantham Vamsi: Wrote the story for blockbusters such as Kick and Race Gurram and provided the story for Temper. Made the leap to director with Naa Peru Surya and proved every writer SHOULD NOT BECOME A DIRECTOR.

Chinni Krishna: Best known as the writer behind industry hits Indra and Narasimha Naidu, god knows what he's upto now. Probably still stuck in faction era of TFI. Gone to the shed.

Bhoopathy Raja: Provided the story for Chiranjeevi starrers Annayya and Andarivaadu. Also known for Veeram in Tamil.

BVS Ravi: Dialogue writer for Munna, Parugu and Athidi. ALso made two movies in Wanted and Jawaan. Both are disasters.

Veligonda Srinivas: Wrote the story for Akhil and Winner. Gone to the shed. Worst writer.

Chintapalli Ramana: Dialogue writer for Tholi Prema, Namo Venkatesa, Dil, and Arundhati.

Sai Madhav Burra: Wrote the dialogues for Gautimiputra and Khaidi150 and is also writing the dialogues for RRR. He's a solid dialogue writers whos also making waves in the industry right now.

Akula Shiva: Best known for movies like Lakshmi and Krishna with Raviteja, recently wrote Intelligent and went to the freaking shed and never came back. One of the most outdated writers at the moment. How could someone even think of something so unbelievably dumb? Worst.

Sreedhar Seepana: Rose to fame with Loukyam and then wrote Aatakundam Raa with Sushanth. How absurd is that movie. Read this review to find out. He should never get another offer again either. Outdated and childish.

Prasanna Kumar Bezwada: Known for his association with Trinadh Rao Nakkina and wrote movies such as Cinema Choopistha Mava, Nenu Local, and Hello Guru Prema Kosame. Stories are very routine but have engaging moments to make them work.

Conclusion: Does the Telugu Film Industry have a dearth of writers. The answer is yes and no.

The problem is that every writer enters the industry to become a director. And only a handful of them can make it big. And a bigger problem arises when you try to wear too many hats at once.

Trying to do the story, screenplay, dialogues and then direct a movie on top of it is a task in itself. In short, if directors can start encouraging and giving preference to more talented writers and lessen the burden on themselves, then I think we are bound to see new and fresh ideas in the industry.

It's just that too directors try to do too much and that usually results in a product that not executed well.

Here's hoping that the industry will spring some new writers and send all the outdated writers and directors to the shed in the coming years. The industry is right there for breaking the door and making different cinema and it's only a matter before we start making amazing movies with unique concepts.

Signing off

- Teja Rao

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4 Times Telugu Movies Copied their Own Music

A quick little article to just sum up the peaks of observation I've had over the years watching Telugu movies. You've probably heard of Telugu songs being copied from English or Spanish or French songs but you ever seen Telugu songs being copied from other songs?

In this article I'll show you 4 examples in modern Telugu cinema.

1) Hello Miss from Souryam and BGM in Gabbar Singh: listen to the beginning of the song and observe the Guitar strings.

And now listen to the Gabbar Singh BGM.

2) Choopultho from Radha and Aravinda Sametha Pooja Hegde intro BGM

Listen to the beginning of Choopultho

Now listen to the BGM from Aravinda Sametha

3) Oh Baby from AMAV and Vasthava Vasthava from Munna: Both songs are by different music composers. But both tunes are exactly the same with Oh Baby being slightly slower than Vasthava Vasthava.

Listen from 0:26

4) Cinema Choopistha Mama: Thaman has reused the tune so many times that people caught on and noticed the similarities in so many movies.



4 Times

5 Times

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Most Overrated Telugu Movies of the Last Decade 2010-2019

There are good Telugu movies and then rod Telugu movies and then everything in between. But sometimes the public often overhypes and speaks volume of a movie that is not as good as people claim in common percection.

In this article, let's take a look at the most overrated movies from the last decade.

**WARNING**: If you feel this article is gonna trigger you, then stop reading right now.

Ye Maya Chesave (2010): Ee cinema chudaniki try chesa and 30 mins taravatha aapesa. Motham cinema I love you Jessie nannu preminchu ani visigisthe, almost 3 hours deggara lo inka sodhi appu raa babu anukunevallu lo nenu okkadine. Cult cinema ki definition ante idhe but songs valla inka hype vundi.

100% Love (2011): Another one of Sukumar's "cult" movies, ego meeda teesina oka point meeda the entire romantic track between Chay and Tamannah seemed so illogical. Malli deeniki 3.5 star rating okkati.

Solo (2011): Parasuram manchi dialogue writer but stories mathram parama routine gaa vuntadi. Routine story lo idi oka bhagame. Nara Rohit tries to prove to Prakash Raj that he is the right girl for his daughter and typical Bakra formula in climax where selected groom sacrifices his love for hero and all ends happy. Janali ki yem nachindo telidu gaani, Marumallala Vaana paata thappa cinema waste

Life Is Beautiful (2012): Ee cinema oka vyedha. Yedupu, Gold Phase Middle Phase in some weird colony set, and a poor remake of Happy Days by Kammula himself. Deeniki mari 3.5 star ratings. Songs and Shreya thappa, rod movie.

Damarukam (2012): One of the highest budget movies ever in TFI, all due to hype and reviews for the movie. Cinema content ki budget asalu sambandam ledu. Big misfire. Yem nachindo yento janalu ki.

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manusu (2012): GVM gaadu love story teesthe anthe. Andaru pani kattukuni choostaru. Kontha mandi ni what is the most boring Telugu movie you've seen ani adigithe, chala mandi ide chepparu. Boring rod from GVM. And once again positive reviews.

Rowdy Fellow (2014): Nara Rohit different cinemalu attempt and try chestadu ani nizam. But execution lekapothe, ye concept yekkadu. Ego ani point meeda teesina inko oka cinema and starting lo baguntadi but final gaa it's a disappointment. Malli deeniki meme pages okkati. Bad movie and def NOT UNDERRATED.

Asura (2015): Ippudu cheppa kadhaa Nara Rohit gaadu different movies teesthadu ani. Asura ki proper ga yemi ledu. Rohit is out of shape in this movie and execution once again misfires. Meme pages ee cinema ki kuda pandaga. But ichina racha lo yemi ledu. Disappointing movie. Nara Rohit slowly gaa oka sontha cult form chesinattu vundi with all his flop movies.

Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju (2015): Ee cinema Twitter lo aithe oka animuthyam. Deeniki mamulu racha cheyaru. Cult movie ki definition ante idhe. But naaku telisina matuka oka pedda ROD. And once again positive reviews for this again. Most boring movie. Yentha slow ga vuntadi ante snail deenikana fast ga velthadi.

Pataas (2015): Anil Ravipudi first cinema script lekunda direct chesina oka lekki comedy cinema. Deeniki malli 3.25 ratings from all sites. Dabbulu petti reviews konagalavu gaani, content mathram konalevu. One of the most overrated movies in recent years ante idhe. Parthaya bus comedy thappa, yemi ledu.

Temper (2015): Rabhasa tarvatha Tarak ki one of the best movies anta. Mallu Puri Jagan tho chethulu kalipi, Pataas movie ee cinema story exactly the same. Difference is Pataas handled with more comedy, and Temper tries with more emotion. Naaku mathram yekkale. Maali deeniki 3.5 star ratings from most sites and chance to break records anta. BReakeven kuda raaledu anukunta. Besides Tarak performance, interval, and climax twist, overrated movie to the core. Most disappointing movie for me in 2015 ante idhe.

Temper ULTRA HD Release Date Posters

Srimanthudu (2015): Nenu kuda oka die hard Mahesh Babu fan nee since Pokiri. But andaru ee cinema meeda ooresu kuntaru and overhype chestaru. Kontha mandiki artificial anipisthadi and for others it is good, but TFI lo message oriented cinema trend start chesina oka cinema Srimanthudu. Appudu nundi Babu has been doing continuous social service. Srimanthudu is perfect mix of class and mass and industry hit avochu. But I personally feel as a die hard of Mahesh Babu, it is one of the most overrated movies in general.

Raju Gari Gadhi (2015): Horror comedy movies trend poyindi ani time lo Raju Garu Gadi 1 release ayyi blockbuster ayyindi. Deentlo Rajeev Kanakala oka scientist and as expected chacihpothadu yendukante vaadiki ade pani. But vaalu iche hype and reviews ki, min average kante mundu velladu cinema. Overrated.

Nannaku Prematho (2016): Sukumar and NTR first combo ante minimum expectations vuntayyi but naaku aithe chala chala overrated anipisthadi. Deentlo Tarak butterfly theory gurunchi oka 100 saarlu cheppathadu and he's basically Chitti from Robot as he can pinpoint exactly when and where Rakul got kidnapped when he was not there. Add to the fact that he can avoid a scorpion bite and survive. Kaanisam strong mind game kuda ledu as Tarak is always one step ahead of Jagapathi Babu. Overrated stuff besides Tarak's look and songs.

A Aa (2016): Ee list lo ee cinema overrated ani top cheyadam chala chala kashtam. In 2016, all the star hero movies were unsatisfying for the audience from Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Brahmotsavam, and Sarrainodu which naaku personal ga nachindi. Guruji gaadu disappointed with SOSM and came back with A Aa and deeniki iche reviews and talk aithe 3.25 ratings in all websites and full positive talk with superb album by Mickey J Meyer. Theater ki velli full crowd tho choosthe, full cringe moments, Samantha uncomfortable exposing in Pellichoopulu scene when watching a family with my family, Hariteja overaction and dialogues and rod 2nd half that drags and drags. Perfect release timing ane padam ki C/O address A Aa. Guruji comedy standards and Telugu movie comedy standards lower chesina oka cinema A Aa. Rao Ramesh dialogues thappa, THE MOST OVERRATED movie in recent times. Easy gaa number 1 or 2 vundachu in last decade pakka.

Jyo Achtyutananda (2016): Srinivas Avasarala oka modern day Jandhyala annaru Oohalu Gusagusalade taravatha. Jyo Achtyunanda was the next multi starrer in recent times after SVSC and Masala and Avasarala dialogues ki andaru Fidaa ayypoyaru and they gave good ratings and said "Avasarala dares to open the movie up with married heroes"? Wtf? Hero first scene lo pelli ayypothe antha pedda problem ah? Mothaniki SVSC malli teesadu Avasarala. Fun first half, boring 2nd half. And Nara Rohit and Shourya aren't Venky or MB so yeah.

Majnu (2016): Nenu okkappudu What'sApp group lo vunte, Majnu bagunda ani presna vesa. Nice feel good movie annaru. Deentlo Nani oka ammayi ni dhaarunamga stalk chesthadu. And cinema motham bore. If not for Vennela Kishore in 2nd half, movie would be unbearable. One of the most useless love stories ever made in TFI. Artificial.

Premam (2016): Naaku general gaa Malayalam movies ante istham ledu and Premam Nivin Pauly di choosa. Most boring movie. So slow. Ade cinema Telugu lo Chay tho teesaru. It's one of those "feel" movies that you need to connect to. Maaku love failures vunnayi but maaku sync avale ee cinema. Another cult movie hyped up by the meme pages.

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada (2016): Demonetization taravatha first ayyina cinema idhe. Super comedy andaru annaru. Teera choosthe antha ledu. Antha overhype. And cinema kuda yemi goppam yemi kaadhu. AVerage stuff. Anduke reviews and janalu overhype nammakudadu for ilanti movies.

Shamanthakamani (2017): Sriram Aditya is one of the worst directors in TFI. Because atfer watching Devdas and this movie, you can clearly tell he cant write an engaging story in multistarrer. Yedo car kosam story vuntai and inni notable actors pettukuni, cinema is neither exciting or interesting, Last lo oka chinna twist kuda kaadhu ends very normally. Badly executed and overhyped.

Sathamanam Bhavati (2017): Class peekadam lo Dil Raju expert. Ee cinema yentha overrated ante antha overrated. Bava maradalu disgusting romance, pointless scenes in between and just overall vilavalu meeda teesina oka "Oscar Library" worthy cinema idi. Last climax thappa, cinema lo yemi ledu. Worst and overhyped. Ee cinema ki bad reviews iccharu but audience ne leparu deeni and made it a blockbuster.

Fidaa (2017): A Aa and Fidaa. Most overrated of the decade lo iddaru heavy competition vuntadi. Fidaa yentha overrated ante deeniki 3.25 ratings from all sites with a ROD 2nd half. Worst direction by Kammula and story is so weird. Varun Tej falls in love with his own sister in law. Sai Pallavi family varsa gaa pelli koothurulu inchinattu vuntadi Varun Tej ki ee cinema lo. Vaaliki ade paani. Sai Pallavi carried this movie from start to finish. Without her, it's nothing. Either way, most overrated movie. Another film that benefited from release timing.

Jai Lava Kusa (2017): Tigers ee cinema Tarak ki Filmfare ravali ani annaru. Far from his best performance. Bobby mark worst direction vuntadi ee cinema lo. I think Tigers ki thappa yevaru nachaledu ee cinema. It's all their overhype and fantasy world they live in where Temper to Aravinda Sametha are industry hits.

Mahanubhavudu (2017): Dasara 2017 winner ee cinema. Sharwanand has beaten Mahesh Babu, NTR, Chiranjeevi, and Balakrishna in clashes but ee cinema kuda release timing ki paga pani chesindi and variety of factors. Spyder and Jai Lava Kusa balekapovadam valla, ee cinema aadindi and once again 3.25 reviews from all sites. Songs and 2nd half lo okka river bath scene thappa, yemi ledu. Overrated and bad comedy.

Raja The Great (2017): Anil Ravipudi most leki comedy movie ante ide. Raviteja andariki telusu oka sincere actor ani and aina performance movie carry chesthadi. But adhi thappa, LEKI ANTE LEKI COMEDY. Especially Gunna Gunna Mamidi bit which is the worst comedy in last decade by far. Overrated movie with 0 ante 0 logic. Would put this closer to a rod than anything.

Malli Raava (2017): Sumanth ki Golconda HS taravatha hit ledu. ANd malli love failure batch ee cinema li leparu. Most boring and patience testing movie with worst screenplay. Moves from timeline to timeline with no proper conclusion. Thankfully Gowtha Tinnaruri learned and delivered Jersey after.

Tholi Prema (2018): Kontha mandi rod chepparu, kontha mandi best love story annaru. Kani nizam yenti ante, Thaman music lekapothe ee cinema ki dikku ey ledu. Idhi fact.

Ee Nagariniki Emaindi (2018): ENE cults are among the worst in TFI. Ee movie yentha boring ante antha boring. For some who drink and smoke they can relate, but for others it's a rod. Can't tell you how many people love this movie to the core and yentha elevation iccharu ante Dil Chatha Hai tho compare chesaru. GreatAndhra deeni "Extended Short Film" annadu. Most yapt description for this overrated movie.

RX100 (2018): Yedo intense love story janalu ni leparu and andulo oka rakam gaa nizam ayyundachu. Bollywood lo remake teestunnaru and kachitanga the streets of Delhi will go up in flames after it releases as Peyusdo feminists won't be able to handle the truth in the movie. But that being said, with worst production values, a dude named Daddy, 0 logic when they burn a bike and it doesn't explode, okka last 30 mins thappa, movie is a tough task to sit through. Not worth the hype and success it got.

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava (2018): One of the NTR's best performances OK. Adhi pakkana pettu. In recent times, I think A Aa taravatha nenu most disappoint ayyina oka cinema ante ide. Chala mandi deentlo oka deep philisophy kanipisthadi. Buddi thakku mandi idi Mirchi ki oka poor sequel ani deny chestaru. Because movie is exactly that.Difference yenti ante ee cinema lo hero ki villain telusu and Mirchi lo telidu. They gave positive reviews and movie had blockbuster talk because of Trivikram advantage. Take it or leave it but opening fight is the most overhyped and overrated fight of all time in TFI. Andaru oka high vasthadi ani annaru. Naaku cinema starting nundi last varaku okka saari kuda goosebumps raaledu. Boring movie with no highlight scenes. Inkoka movie for meme pages and Trivikram cults to praise and defend but fun fact: This movie was a loss venture. Tigers claim it was industry hit but 2/9 areas lo breakeven ayyina okka cinema and 5 crores loss vunna cinema industry hit yela ayyindi? Only Tigers have the answers for that. Most overrated movie of Trivikram and NTR's career by far.

Majili (2019): 13 Years love failure vunna okka manishi choopinchu and ee movie realistic ani cheptha. Most artificial and unbelievable stuff. Another movie hyped up by love failure batch in TFI.

Chitralahari (2019): Dharam Babu performance was refreshing, but director Kishore Tirumala ki kuda cults vunnayi anukunta. Most unconvincing movie. Hero is a loser in this movie and India lo chala mandi daaniki relate ayyaru ankunta. Funny fact yentante ee cinema content vushyam lo kuda oka loser. Overrated.

Brochevaruevarura (2019): Nenu okkadu tho maladithe, ee cinema ki 10/10 icchadu. Ee cinema average kante paniki raadu. Yedo goppa screenplay ani andaru antaru gaani naaku telisi commercial star hero movies yevadu aina hate chestadu ante, kanchitange ee cinema ni lepi okka masterpiece ani antadu. Doubt ey ledu.

Ismart Shankar (2019): First time choosina appudu nachindi, but PostMortem video choosina taravatha this is easily one of the most overrated movies. Weird romantic track and tons of just absurd moments made me realize Ismart Shankar isn't worth the hype anymore. Mani Sharma comeback and uri Jagannadh comeback valla hype vachi blockbuster ayyindi. Reviews baga raayaledu but cinema result was Ram's career highest grosser.