Rating: 1/10 (Just for Pawan Kalyan)
Pawan Kalyan is a massive star. No doubt about it. Just the sheer sound of his name brings about the loudest cheers. He commands a legion of fans and his mannerisms are unmatched. His films, much like Mahesh Babu's, are met with hysteria and hype and are eagerly awaited. His latest movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh, a sequel to Gabbar Singh hit the screen on April 8th, 2016. Does it live up the sky high expectations? Read my review to find out
Story: Bairav Singh (Sharad Khelkar) runs illegal coal mining operations in Rattanpur and terrorizes the village with his acts. He also sets his eyes on Harshi( Kajal Aggarwal) who is the heir to millions of dollars and he wants to marry her and take her wealth so he can become double as rich. Her uncle(Mukesh Rishi) asks for a powerful police officer to be sent so that she can be saved. And so enters our hero Gabbar Singh(Powerstar Pawan Kalyan) riding his horse and gets transferred to Rattanpur. He dances, sings, and horses around(literally) when he gets there and falls in love with Harshi and also unknowingly stops some of Bhairav's illegal activities. The villagers think he's their savior sent from God who will stop and end the tryant reign of Bhairav. The rest of the story is how he saves Harshi and defeats Bhairav.
Performances: As expected, the film is a one man show by Pawan Kalyan. He sings, dances, plays on a wooden horse, kills, and mouths punch dialogues all for the sake of satisfying his fans and boosting his political career in the future. But to be honest, the Powerstar has aged and he does look clueless in this film in an effort to do everything to save it from sinking. Kajal Aggarwal looks prety as Harshi but as usual she can't act so it doesn't matter. Sharad Khelkar is fantastic as the villain tho one does wonder why he's always screaming his lungs out. Mukesh Rishi is ok. Most of the cast from Gabbar Singh is back in the film but none of them make you laugh like they did in that movie.
Technicalities: Music by DSP is disappointing. Background score is not good either. Editing is bad. Many scenes could have been chopped off. Cinematography is nice. Art is outstanding in terms of the Rattanpur sets. Dialogues are good in parts. Fights are over the top. Production values by Sharath Marar are excellent. This movie is technically rich except for the direction and screenplay.
Analysis: Pawan Kalyan has stated this film is not a continuation to Gabbar Singh but a stand alone sequel. Right from the word go, this movie is predictable. The blame this time is the Powerstar himself because he wrote the story and screenplay. If his story is as old as the Himalayas, then his screenplay is from before the beginning of time.
The story about a village terrorized by some guy and someone coming to rescue them has been done to death many times and specifically in Mahesh Babu movies such as Khaleja and Srimanthudu. But those films had half a decent script. Sardaar contains neither. In the first half nothing happens and there's no connection from scene to scene. When Pawan is not doing something work related, he is dancing to old songs in a ridiculous manner, riding a wooden horse for 5 year old kids, or just doing something stupid. No scene has any correlation in the film and Brahmanandham makes the proceedings even worse with his outdated comedy.
This film is so bad it makes Aagadu look like a good movie and we all know how that turned out. The interval bang is nice and leaves you on a high but the 2nd half tests your patience with nonsense infused into the script. Literally nothing made sense in the 2nd half and there's a wedding dance sequence similar to the Antyakshari scene in Gabbar SIngh but this scene is executed so poorly it doesn't even make you laugh. I don't think I even laughed once during this film and I enjoy some stupid comedy at times.
Pawan Kalyan and Bobby have to be blamed for this borefest tho I think Pawan really ghost directed this movie and we all know how that ended last time(Johnny). All in all, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is one of the worst movies in recent times in TFI. Nonsense scenes, old story, nonexistent screenplay, poor direction and songs, are the spoilsport of this action entertainer. Even if you are a die hard fan of Pawan Kalyan, I'd recommend missing it to save your time and brain for the nonsense you're about to watch.