Rating: 10/10 (Nenu Okka Sari Cheppithe, Onda Saarilu Cheppinatte)

Superstar Rajinikanth is the biggest star in India. A simple, humble man who started his life as a bus conductor and is now a cultural icon. Known for his ridiculous mannerism and inimitable style, his most iconic film is arguably Baasha. Why is the movie worthy of a 10? Find out in my review.

Story: Manickyam (Rajini) is an auto driver living in Chennai. He lives with his family including his mother, sister, and brother who is a cop. Maickyam is mellow person and never gets into any types of quarrels or fights with anyone and will go to any length to help his family. When a loclal rowdy Indiran (Anandaraj) gets into a fight with Manickyam brother, Manickyam beats all of them up and sends them away. Surprised, his brother is shocked to see that Maickyam knows how to fight and asks who he really is. A huge flashback explain that he was once a dreaded don named Maanik Baasha but the left his violent life and is now living like this. What happened in the flashback and what happened to Baasha? Watch this epic film to film find out.

Performance: I don't even have to give someone a reason to watch the film. There is only 1 reason. One and only Thalaivar. Superstar Rajini. Rajini is a revelation in this movie and his dialogues are the best part. He is very good as Maickyam and world class as Baasha. The dialogues in this film will be remembered for a long, long time. Rajini's trademark mannerisms, fights, action, dances and everything else are on full display in this film. It is Rajini's show all the way.

Nagma is alright as Priya. Yuvarani is good as Rajini's sister and Shashikumar makes an impact as Rajini's brother. Anandaraj is good as one of the villains and Raghuvaran is excellent as the main villain.

Technicalities: Music and background score by Deva is excellent. The Baasha BGM whenever the flashback comes is classic. Lyrics by Vairamuthu are very good. Cinematography by P.S Prakash is ecellent. Dilaogues by Balakumaran are the highlight of the movie. When the film is over you will remember either naan oru dodave sonna or nenu oka saari chepithe. They are amazing. Editing by Ganesh Kumar is good. Direction by Suresh Krissna is incredible. Kudos to him for making such a classic film. Production Values by RM Veerappan are extravagant for the time when the film was made.

Analysis: The film starts off in a simple manner and introduces Rajini right away in an introduction song. The film really only takes off until Nagma starts to like Rajini and he has to deal with multiple problems. The interval bang is superb and the flashback is extraordinary. Rajini puts the film on his shoulders and he carries the film the whole way. Just everything about the film is awesome and it is one of Rajinikanth's greatest films of all time.

Whether you like him or hate him, one cannot deny that great person and star that he is. Baasha is more like a highlight reel of Thalaivar's dialogues and mannerisms, but if there's one man who can pull that stuff off and it a movie a blockbuster it's him. I'm sorry that the analysis isn't that descriptive as I really don;t know what to say about the film. It must be watched to appreciate it's greatness.

On a whole, Baasha is an absolute classic from Rajinikanth and ranks among his greatest films of all time. Rajinikanths performance, Suresh Krissna's story and direction, and the flashback episode makes this film a 10/10. Go and watch it. And just remember Nenu Oka Saari Chepithe, Onda Saarilu Chepinatte.