Rating: 7.5/10 (Wholesome Family Entertainer)

The last time Powerstar and Trivikram joined hands, they delivered Jalsa. After a gap of 5 years, they have arrived with a family entertainer called Attarintiki Daredi. Did I enjoy this industry hit? Yes I did. Find out why in this review.

Story: Raghu Nanda (Boman Irani) is the richest businessman in Milan, Italy. He lives there with his son Hari Nanda (Mukesh Rishi). He wants his grandson, Gautham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan) to take over his company when the time is right. Just before his 80th birthday, he recollects the pain of having exiled his daughter Sunanda (Nadiya) from his house and wants to have not only her, but all of his relatives back as his birthday gift. He asks his grandson to bring her back and Gautham hesitantly accepts his grandfathers wish. He travels to India and enters his aunts house as a cab driver named Siddhu. In the process he falls in love with Sashi (Samantha), Sunanda's second daughter. Whether or not Gautham manages to bring his aunt back home and fulfill his grandfathers wish forms the rest of this family entertainer.

Performances: Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is simply scintillating in this film. You will rarely see the star and you will mostly see the actor in Pawan Kalyan in this film. His energy, mannerisms, dialogues, dances, fights, just simply everything that he does in this film is incredible. Trivikram is one director who knows how to extract superb performances from Pawan Kalyan and this film is a testament to that. Gautham Nanda is easily the best character in his career and he looks uber stylish and suave. His performance in the climax scene speaks volumes of his performance in this film and it's Powerstar from start to finish. Whether you're a fan or not, you will like him in this movie.

Samantha and Praneetha as the female leads are alright.

Nadiya is so beautiful and gorgeous as Sunanda and gives an amazing performance as well. She is arguably the real heroine of the movie.

Rao Ramesh as Shekar is pretty good. Boman Irani is very good as Raghu Nanda and does well in his Telugu debut. Mukesh Rishi compliments him as Hari Nanda and he is fine.

Raghubabu is nice as the secretary to Nadiya.

Ali is entertaining but it's Bhramanandham that steals the show as Bhaskar. His spoof on the Oscars and Gladiator is hilarious. The Ahalya scene is overdone but is extremely funny.

Pradeep Machiraju has a brief role. Kota has a nice role as Siddhappa.

Srinivas Reddy is entertaining as Bhaskars secretary. Posani also has an entertaining role as Raja Ratnam.

Direction: Direction by Trivikram is the highlight for the film. Despite having an age old story, his dialogues and taking of the film has made the difference. He made sure that there is no room for boredom and has written an entertaining screenplay from start to finish that you are hooked throughout the film with the entertaining narrative. He has extracted the best performances from his cast especially from Pawan Kalyan and has delivered an emotional climax which helps boosts the film unlike many big films in the past where the climax has been the Achilles heel despite good presentation from the opening scene to pre climax. His dialogues are fabulous as usual and he has hit the jackpot this time

Technicalities: Music and BGM by DSP are superb. Every song is beautifully shot and the background score complements each scene and even elevates some in some instances. Cinematography by Prasad Murella is excellent and flawless. Every frame is nice to watch with beautiful camerawork. Editing by Prawin Pudi is ok as the films is nearly 3 hours which is too long for today's standards. Art by Ravinder is scintillating. The house sets in the film secpially Nadiya's are excellent and appear so real as if they were actually real houses in Hyderabad. Dialogues by Trivikram are flawless as usual. Fights by Peter Heins are ok as they are not realistic whatsoever and extremely over the top especially the sunglasses fight in the village. Production Values by Bogul Prasad are grand and marvelous. His supposed 55 crores he has spent on this film reflect in each and every frame.

Verdict: Forget about the piracy leak. If you're looking for entertainment, look no further. If you're looking for some good old family fun with your friends and relatives, look no further. Trivikram Srinivas has made a film which has something for everyone and ensured that the entertainment is 100% clean and there are no double entendre that the family audience might object. Similar to how Brindavanam was made a few years ago, Attarintiki Daredi is a family film that something for everyone.

Be it action, romance, comedy, sentiment, and good music, the film has it all. The first half proceeds in a breezy manner and the comedy takes the icing here and the interval is nice. Post the interval, the real story starts and the climax scene is highly sentimental and you are bound to get connected with it and is a superb way to end the film.

As with all family entertainer stories, this one also features a rich protagonist who has to come back to India to solve his family problem and ensures all ends happy so the air of predictability is always there. But for the Telugu audience if you give the same routine story but present it in an entertaining manner, folks could give a damn about the story. All they care about is entertainment and Attarintiki Daredi is the very definition of entertainment.

Overall, Attarintiki Daredi is a wholesome family entertainer that has something for everyone and will keep you laughing and entertained for the close to 3 hours it lasts. Take your family and friends and enjoy it. Powerstar is back with a roaring film.