Rating: 7/10 (Chari steals the show)

Cast: Jr.NTR, Nayantara, Sheela, Bramanandham, Nasser, Mahesh Manjrekar, MS Narayana, Fish Venkat, Raghu, Raja Ravindra, Mukul Dev, Sayaji Shinde, Ashish Vidyarthi, Raghubabu, Supreet, Vinaya Prasad, Tanikella Bharani,

Screenplay-Direction: VV Vinayak

Producer: Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan

Banner: Vaishnavi Arts Pvt Ltd

Plot: Identical twins are separated by birth and one grows up to be a police informer named Narasimha (NTR) and another grows up to be a Bhramin priest named Chari (NTR). What happens in their respective lives and how they eventually meet each other forms the rest of Adhurs.

Performances: Jr. NTR is his usual gruff self as Narasimha but it's as Chari he steals the show. He is simply hilarious as the Bhramin priest and his command and diction on Telugu makes him the ideal actor to pull off the role. His naakesaru mannerism brings the house down and Chari will go down as one of the best characters in his career.

After NTR, the next hero of the film is Bramanandham. He is a laugh riot as Bhattacharya and he and NTR carry the film from start to finish with their hilarious antics. His romance track with Nayantara is outright hysterical. He is world class in this film.

Nayantara and Sheela look sensuous as the female leads.

MS Narayana, Raghubabu and Fish Venkat chip in the comedy department with some hilarious stuff in the 2nd half.

Mahesh Manjrekar, Mukul Dev, Supreet, and Ashish Vidyarthi as the villains are adequate. Manjrekar  makes you laugh cause of the funny characterization.

Nasser and the rest of the cast are adequate.

Direction: After making blood rushing mass masala films, VV Vinayak has once again shown his grip on comedy after Krishna. His direction is very good until the last 15 minutes. Overall, he has done a fine job as the film is entertaining due to the highly entertaining screenplay he has written.

Technicalities: Music and BGM by DSP is pretty good. The songs are nice to watch on screen especially the last song. Cinematography by Chota K. Naidu is excellent. Editing by Gowtham Raju is ok as the film is a tad too long. Dialogues by Kona Venkat are superb and hilarious. Art by Anand Sai is good especially for the villains house which looks lavish and stylish. Fights by Stun Siva and Ram-Lakshman are excellent and not over the top for once. Production Values are good as the movie looks grand and well shot. The graphics however are questionable and look amateurish.


+ NTR as Chari

+ Brahmanandham

+ Comedy

+ Music

+ Direction


- Villains

- Story

- Climax

Analysis and Verdict: Adhurs is an extremely entertaining film but it has one big problem, predictability.

The concept of twins separated at birth and then finding each other later on life is nothing new in Telugu cinema. We have seen it multiple times in Jackie Chan's Twins Dragons and Nagarjuna's super hit Hello Brother.

The films starts off with the separation of the twins and then introduces both of the heroes characters. After NTR enters as Chari the film becomes a laugh riot with him and Bramanandham hogging the limelight with some hilarious comedy in their combination scenes. The interval twist is a nice one and leaves all the threads hanging on for the 2nd half.

But the beginning of the 2nd half is hugely reminiscent of Krrish with a father being alienated on a secret island. There are too many villains in the movie and I'm not entirely sure all the subplots involving each one gets solved. And the movie has an utterly terrible climax marred by poor execution and dreadful graphics.

Despite these shortcomings, Adhurs works due to the entertainment factor. VV Vinayak has come up with a highly entertaining screenplay that will have you laughing more often than not and it has good performances and catchy music.

Overall, Adhurs is a entertaining film in which the Chari character steals the show. Watch it for the hilarious comedy and get ready to be entertained