A quick little article to just sum up the peaks of observation I've had over the years watching Telugu movies. You've probably heard of Telugu songs being copied from English or Spanish or French songs but you ever seen Telugu songs being copied from other songs?

In this article I'll show you 4 examples in modern Telugu cinema.

1) Hello Miss from Souryam and BGM in Gabbar Singh: listen to the beginning of the song and observe the Guitar strings.

And now listen to the Gabbar Singh BGM.

2) Choopultho from Radha and Aravinda Sametha Pooja Hegde intro BGM

Listen to the beginning of Choopultho

Now listen to the BGM from Aravinda Sametha

3) Oh Baby from AMAV and Vasthava Vasthava from Munna: Both songs are by different music composers. But both tunes are exactly the same with Oh Baby being slightly slower than Vasthava Vasthava.

Listen from 0:26

4) Cinema Choopistha Mama: Thaman has reused the tune so many times that people caught on and noticed the similarities in so many movies.



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