Hello everyone, I know it's a bit late but thank you for visiting my site once again and if you're a fan then thank you as well. This page will be dedicated to the results of Telugu films that have released in 2018 featuring known stars. 

* Note: These results are derived from AndhraBoxOffice, a website which is notorious for inflating box office collections of NTR movies and Mega family films and the decreasing the collections for Mahesh Babu films. Therefore, the results listed here cannot be proved since there is no sufficient evidence or official tracking site for Telugu movie collections. 

1) Agnythaavasi- Biggest Disaster in Telugu Film Industry History

2) Jai Simha- Hit

3) Rangula Ratnam- Flop

4) Bhagamathie- Super Hit

5) Chalo- Blockbuster

6) Touch Chesi Choodu- Disaster

7) Howrah Bridge- Disaster

8) Intelligent- Massive Disaster

9) Gayatri- Flop

10) Tholi Prema- Hit

11) Awe- Hit

12) Manuski Nachindi- Disaster

13) Idi Naa Love Story- Disaster

14) Juvva- Flop

15) Rajaratham- Flop

16) MLA- Flop

17) Needi Naadi Oke Katha- Hit 

18) Rangasthalam- All time Industry non Baahubali Blockbuster Hit 

19) Chal Mohan Ranga- Disaster

20) Krishnarjuna Yuddham- Disaster

21) Bharat Ane Nenu- Hit 

22) Kaala- Disaster 

23) Naa Peru Surya- Disaster

24) Mahanati- Blockbuster

25) Saakshyam- Disaster

26) Rajugadu- Disaster

27) Mehabooba- Disaster

28) Taxiwala- N/A

29) Nela Ticket- Disaster

30) Officer- Biggest Disaster

31) Savyasachi- Disaster

32) Samohanam- Above Average

33) Naa Nuvve- Disaster

34) Sambho Sankara- Disaster/ Utter Flop

35) Abhimanyudu- Super Hit

36) RX100- Blockbuster

37) Vijetha- Disaster

38) Lover- Flop

39) Happy Wedding- Disaster

40) Chi La Sow- Hit

41) Goodachari- Blockbuster

42) Geetha Govindam- Blockbuster 

43) Sailaja Reddy Alludu- Disaster 

44) Devadas- Flop  

45) ARAVINDA SAMETHA Veera Raghava- Above Average 


47) PANDEM KODI 2- Hit 

48) 2.0- Above Average 

50) Sarkar (Telugu)- Hit 

51) Next Enti- Disaster 

52) Subramanyapuram- Disaster 

53) Srinivasa Kalyanam- Disaster 

54) Narthanasala- Disaster 

55) Veera Bhoga Vasatha Rayulu- Disaster 

56) NOTA- Disaster 

57) Taxiwaala- Hit 

58) Amar Akbar Anthony- Disaster

59) Kavacham- Disaster 

60) Padi Padi Leche Manasu- 

61) Antariksham-